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Maternity Fashion Advice – The Best Maternity Sweater Dresses

If you’re now eating for two, you should dress for two as well. Don’t embarrass your future son or daughter just because it’s getting cold. With so many cute sweater dresses on the market, you have no excuse not to be cozy and stylish.

Maternity Screen Shot 2014 01 09 at 4.05.01 PM 173x300 womens fashion maternity fashion

A scoop neck fitted sweater dress is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. It’s simple and effortless; just throw it on and head out the door. We love the olive green Long Sleeve Maternity Sweater Dress available at A Pea in the Pod.

ash plantine boots 300x300 womens fashion maternity fashion

Furthermore, make it a mixed and playful ensemble with a pair of shoes from Ash Footwear, something like these plantine ankle boots!

Materniy Screen Shot 2014 01 09 at 4.12.39 PM 179x300 womens fashion maternity fashion

A soft luxurious cashmere dress feels great when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Mallory Cashmere Maternity Sweater Dress by Maternal America is a great option for meeting some friends for lunch or a day running errands. Featuring a flared skirt and long sleeves, this dress is great for all pregnant ladies, no matter your body type.

Maternity Screen Shot 2014 01 09 at 3.55.16 PM 186x300 womens fashion maternity fashion

Loft’s Maternity Pearlized Collar Sleeveless Sweater Dress may not be the warmest option but it’s a great knit for any occasion. Make it warmer by adding a great structured jacket and some super soft tights.

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Men’s Sweaters for the Fall: Macy’s is the Place to Shop

When the weather starts turning cooler, it’s time to break out the sweaters. For your wardrobe, sweaters are versatile as layering pieces or to stand alone. At Macy’s they have a great selection of different sweaters that include: turtlenecks, full and half zip, cable, argyle, vintage, cashmere, ribbed, cardigan, slim-fitting, and chunky knit styles. For around $29.99 to $329.99, the choices are endless.

weatherproof sherpa lined hoodie sweater mens fashion


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Men’s Accessories Advice – Selection of Men’s Neckties for Fall

As the Summer starts to fade, the clothing colors become richer and the fabrics become a little weightier. In the magazines and on the street, you begin to see more of the greys, chocolate browns, navy blues, and deep burgundy hues in suits, sports jackets, trousers, and shirts. One way to keep your darker colored clothing from becoming drab, is to dress them up with interesting ties for Fall 2012. All across the Web are huge selections of designer ties in many different fabrics, patterns, and colors.

roberto cavalli reptile tie 233x300 mens fashion


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Lesson 114: Cashmere coats

Yeah, summer’s over – sucks, I know – so it’s about time you start thinking about scarves and the like, but not before you figure out your coat situation. Now, like I’ve said before, just because you’re wearing something made of cashmere, doesn’t mean you’re looking dapper – quite to the contrary in some cases. Let’s talk a little bit more about cashmere coats and figure out what works.

cashmerejacket mens fashion

Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere Cardigan Coat
INFEASIBLE: Confusingly short cashmere coats
This piece from Brunello makes me scratch my head. Is it a cardigan? Is it a light, summertime jacket? Why is cashmere then? And what’s with all the buttons? Color me confused…and therefore unamused.
allegrif mens fashion
Allegri Rain cashmere coat
Feasible: Long and functional cashmere coats
No problem understanding and appreciating what’s going on with this Allegri. Long, comfy, and elegant, this is the type of thing you need to brave the cold wind gusts characteristic of the coming months. That and this piece somehow manages to be water-resistant – what can’t science do these days? Design a experiment which results in Kanye West looking respectable, that’s what.
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36. Cashmere sweaters

INFEASIBLE: Cashmere sweaters with silly designs on them
 mens fashion
(From Bluefly.com
Just because you’re rocking a cashmere (oooh, ahhh) sweater doesn’t mean you have style. No fabric could save a sweater like this one; I mean, there are stars on the friggin’ sleeves. What the hell were they thinking??

Feasible: Cashmere sweaters with dark trims
 mens fashion
(Brought to you by Bluefly)

Bon Vivant tipped me off to this fabulous piece. Love the color, love the trim, love the price (under $100). I’m friggin’ buying it, why not YOU?

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22. Cardigans

INFEASIBLE: Cardigans with “attitude”
126CDE mens fashion
(From Attitude Clothing)

Cardigans are a simple, comfortable and refined clothing. Cardigans, like the one above, with red and black stripes shit on this notion. Unless you’re going to a punk concert or looking for a new way to lash out against your ascot-wearing parents, don’t even think about buying something like this.

Feasible: Cashmere cardigans
 5392421 mens fashion
(Brought you by Nordstrom’s)

Soft, stylish, and a color that complements any t-shirts you could think to wear under it, this is one of the best cardigans I’ve come across. Bravo Theory.

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