Men’s Quilted Vests – A Nice Jacket Alternative for the Fall/Winter

As the weather begins to change, begin to think about outerwear. One great transitional piece of clothing is the down vest. It offers the chest warmth when the temperature gets cooler, but without the sleeves it gives you the option of what to wear underneath. You may be someone who only needs a short sleeve shirt, or if you like to keep warmer, then a long sleeve shirt or sweater may do.

Another advantage of the vest vs. the jacket can be the increased mobility since it is sleeveless. A jacket can be restricting as far as your arm movements, but with the vest you have no restrictions at all. Most vests are filled with down feathers or polyester fiberfill. It has been said that the down filling is warmer and holds onto your body temperature better than its polyester counterpart, but I have found that a good fiberfill and it is easier to care for.

The style of the vest is varied, depending on the designer. Barbour makes a diamond stitched, blue quilted vest that has front flap pockets and a button-up neck. It is a little thinner and slightly more fitted style vest. Rocky Mountain makes blue best for Fall 2012 that has slightly more fill, a dropped hemline, and a plush grey collar. The shoulders are done in a darker blue, which gives it a tonal color color-block appeal. The snaps make it easy on and off.

The third design of vest that I came by is by Dolce & Gabbana. It is a sleek black vest that has more of a “city look” to me. It is detailed with a front- zip closure, two side zip pockets, and horizontal stitched channels that keep the fill separated. A perfect piece of outerwear for strolling through the Boston Common or down 5th Avenue in NYC.

Whether you are looking for a more “country” or “urban” style, there are many vests out there to complete your Fall/Winter look.

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