Men’s Fashion Advice – Must-Have Accessories for the Fall Season

Trying to figure out which accessories “make the man” this fall doesn’t have to be difficult. The structural elements (wallet, watch, etc) are the same. The materials and colors used have only been updated to keep with the current fashionable climate.

One of the best ways to show that you are accessorizing for fall is to change your color palette. The warmer seasons demanded some bright blues, some crazy patterns and even a little tribal influence here and there. As you transition into fall, you want to wear less of these things and take on a more somber and structured look.

You don’t have to dress like you’re going to a funeral every day. Far from it. The look, however, is a lot of darker colors. Blue-black is perhaps the most popular color being used by designers. Ask your wife or girlfriend to help you with the important elements of your wardrobe so that you’ll be sure to look as good as possible.

Metals are being highlighted, particularly in your wearable accessories, like your watch, and metal accents on your bag or wallet. This adds some shine and spark to an otherwise.

Unsurprisingly, leather is another major player this fall. Simple, dark colored leather wallets (with the metal accent somewhere), leather jackets and leather gloves are the way to go. Keep the colors dark and make sure that the gloves are well fitted.

Fall is a tricky time for hats. It’s too early to wear the beanie that you love to wear in the winter. At the same time the ball caps and fisherman’s hats you wore during the summer aren’t going to work with any of your fall wardrobe choices. A leather newsboy’s hat is a good compromise.

If you want to save some time, narrow your choices and score some points with the lady in your life, you can plan out your accessories so that they match. This is especially fun when it comes to your choice of bags. Finding a masculine looking bag that still manages to compliment the style of bag that your wife or girlfriend is carrying around will help you feel stylish while also helping to endear you to her. You’ll get even more points if you help her pick them out.

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