How to accessorise the shirts in your closet

Menswear can appear as a tedious affair to beginners, what with so many decisions focused around which suit or shirt a man should wear that day. Fortunately, there are accessories to help spice up the sartorial lives of men. While many think of accessories as appropriate for only a full suit, believe it or not, your collared shirt can break old orders with some subtle additions. Noose and Monkey’s provided us with the following advice points to highlight ways you can make your shirt pop:



Cufflinks can be a grown man’s BFF. Designed as simple devices to keep the cuffs of your shirt together, they are a classy alternative to buttons. There are lots of styles of cufflink which have different fastening methods, from a bullet back styles to chain links, and, depending on your position at the office or in the marital entourage, cufflinks can be a symbol of relative authority. Cufflinks designed to be worn to more “flexible” social events are versatile, coming in a huge range of shapes and motifs.


While more and more people seem to be ditching the tie, the classic accessory is timeless and should always be available in any fashion-minded man’s closet. The essential accessory for formal events, ties help to break up the assumed block colour of your shirt. Give yourself some attention by choosing a tie that is bright and a shirt that is not so much and try to match the tie to other accessories (shoes anyone?). Unless you’re wearing a short suit, wear your tie so that its tip stays at about your beltline and opt for a slim tie to match more modern cuts of suit and shirt.

Tie Bar

Like a tie, your tie bar should be narrow. Sure, it clasps your tie to your shirt and keeps everything suave – but that doesn’t mean it should be overbearing. Silver and gold tie bars are your only choices really and, whatever of the two you choose, match it to your watch and belt buckle. Line up the bar with where a pocket square normally sits and never wear a tie bar with a waistcoat.

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Review of Luxury Ties at David Fin

A necktie is one of the accessories that kind of takes a back seat when you are looking for that perfect business suit or sports coat, but it is actually very important in creating your total look.  The accessories that you choose like the button-down shirt, shoes, and neckties can “make or break” the look that you are trying to achieve.  If you have spent the money on a quality fabric, well designed suit, than you want to also choose the same quality ties and accessories to create your style.


At David Fin, you will find a collection of men’s luxury ties that give you the quality that you want, at a price that you can afford.  David Fin is a brand that prides itself in selecting the finest luxury fabrics from prestigious textile mills in Como, Italy.  They then take these silk and wool fabrics and bring them to New York City, where each ties is individually handmade.  Because these neckties are exclusive to David Fin, they are able to achieve the quality that they want for their customers, without having to charge the same prices as their competitors.  At the David Fin tie shop, they offer free shipping and the chance for their customers to shop with a purpose because they have an alliance with the charity “Hiring Our Heroes” and with each tie that is sold, a veteran benefits.

navy blue grenadine tie

One of my favorite ties is the Navy and Blue Striped Grenadine Tie.  Stripes are one of those patterns that never really go out of style.  The fabric composition is 100% Italian silk with a length of 58 inches and a medium with of 3.25 inches.  The diagonal navy and sky blue stripes are combined with contrasted stitching to give the tie added interest and would make a nice colorful accessory for a navy suit or sports jacket.

skinny red heringbone tie

Another one is the Skinny Red Herringbone Wool and Silk Tie.  This particular tie is hand-cut, folded and lined with luxury Italian wool for structure, and then finished with David Fin’s signature silk tipping.  The herringbone pattern is composed of a rich merlot red and medium blue weave to give it that classic pattern and the width is a little smaller at 2.75 inches.

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Win a chic blue tie, a taupe pocket square, and a slick tie bar!

Welcome to this week’s CEFashion contest! This time, courtesy of, we’re giving away a blue skinny tie, a taupe pocket square, and a tie bar! Here’s what you get:


Entering is mad easy – just follow them on Twitter via the Rafflecopter widget below! Better yet, use the widget to visit their Facebook page too and get an extra entry.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This men’s ties holiday contest ends November at 14th at 12:00am EST. Good luck everyone, and thanks to!

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Eddie Edwards and S!r Mens Wear

Fashion designers are inspired by many things. Some are inspired by where they live, people they admire, or sometimes just an innate need to create. Eddie Edwards, the dress shirt designer for S!r Mens Wear is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met.

eddie edwards

From our short meeting, I learned so much from a man who looked deep into his soul and left a promising career in the medical field to follow his childhood dream of designing men’s fashion. Eddie is obviously a passionate man, whose passion lives through his creation of men’s shirts and accessories. He prides himself in his craftsmanship, fabric selections, and overall quality of his garments. Eddie Edwards has a little saying that cropped up in our conversation and probably every other substantive exchange he had that day: “Every man should stand out in style.”

sir_menswear_originals black on black pinstripes and embroidery

One product of his passion in menswear found at that stands out is the Black on Black Stripes Detailing with Black Embroidery dress shirt. Floral patterns have made their way from other areas of fashion to menswear lately. The trick for adding the floral trend into menswear is to incorporate it in a way that doesn’t make the item look too feminine. This black embroidered shirt from Eddie Edwards is made of 100% cotton, has an underlying micro-pattern of a tonal pinstripe, as well as a tapered fit and straight cuffs. The inclusion of the floral trend comes in the tonal embroidery that is up and down the shoulders and chest of the dress shirt.

purple grey tie and pocket square

As mentioned, Eddie doesn’t restrict himself to designing just clothing, but also the accessories to enrich his pieces. S!r also has the perfect ties and pocket squares to compliment a new dress shirt and complete the look. This “Multicolor Art-Deco” set in grey, orchid, and ivory will help you to dress up any neutral colored suit jacket. Made from 100% silk, this tie and pocket square gives the consumer a luxury fabric and combines polka dots and stripes in a way that is fresh in color and style.

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Men’s Accessories Advice – Selection of Men’s Neckties for Fall

As the Summer starts to fade, the clothing colors become richer and the fabrics become a little weightier. In the magazines and on the street, you begin to see more of the greys, chocolate browns, navy blues, and deep burgundy hues in suits, sports jackets, trousers, and shirts. One way to keep your darker colored clothing from becoming drab, is to dress them up with interesting ties for Fall 2012. All across the Web are huge selections of designer ties in many different fabrics, patterns, and colors.

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Men’s Fashion Review: Mitchell Roberts Black Textured Silk Tie

When you think of luxury fabrics, silk is always at the top of the list. At Mitchell Roberts they design and manufacture their own line of men’s silk ties, which gives the customer the opportunity to have superior quality items at a substantial savings. We got the chance to review one such item from their collection.

This particular tie is the Black Textured Slim Silk Tie which is, well, noticeably textured. The silk is woven in a diagonal pattern, which creates a heathered fabric that allows it to have more dimension and texture than a traditional silk necktie. Also, the slim design of this Mitchell Roberts tie gives it a distinctively modern appeal. Comparable silk neck ties can run anywhere from $79.00 to over $200. At $34.95 for this luxury item, you certainly cannot beat the price! That said, there is an almost rough feel to it because of the design lifting.

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