Men’s Fashion Advice: Men’s ties aren’t the boring accessory any more

While searching out what was going on with men’s ties this year, I noticed that they incorporated the same trends as clothing: plaids, bold patterns, and plenty of color. As well as the slim and regular width ties, there has also been a resurgence of bow ties on the fashion scene, more so than years past. As we’ve pointed out before about ties, they’re cool again.

In the plaid category, the tie designers have been creating ties with more color and also a variety of pattern sizes. They even have been infusing unusual colors like pink, purple and orange. Ted Baker London has a “Contemporary Plaid” silk tie for $85, which is more of an abstract plaid with the unlikely combination of purple, blue, green, navy, and white.

When talking about the bold patterns that are seen in men’s ties this year, “Retro” plays a huge part. The patterns and color combinations are reminiscent of years past. The “Retro” influence is even seen in the classic paisley pattern with its bolder look and vamped up hues. One example of this is a woven silk tie by Robert Talbott with a multi-striped background of different shades of blue that are overlaid with a bold pink and green paisley. The other example is the “Sensor Spot” silk tie by Duchamp that was designed with a light purple background and combines red, navy, taupe, and blue disks that contain a stripe pattern, which are collaged over each other. Both can be purchased at for $150 and under. Surprisingly though, the at one time trendy use of extra long ties hasn’t reappeared just yet.

Bow ties have also made a return to the men’s fashion seen and they have been colorized. As an alternative to the plain solid color bow tie, bright fabrics and patterns have emerged in the collections of many designers. Robert Talbott offers a bow tie with yellow background with red and blue circular flowers for $85 that would brighten up any old suit.

So, if you have been sticking to the usual boring suspects when it comes to choosing your ties, then this is the year to step out of the box. With the great choices in patterns, colors and styles you are bound to find something that suits you.

Forget how to tie a tie? You’ll pick it up again in no time.

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  1. Great article, thanks! Bow ties are definitely making a come back. Neckties have, on the other hand, always been around, with changing trends mainly in the width of the tie.