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Maternity Coats You’ll Love Even if You’re NOT Pregnant!

Keep that bun in the oven warm all winter long in these stylish coats, which maternity style mavens like Blake Lively and Kate Middleton would approve of.  From a fall breeze to those cold winter nights, you can still look oh so chic while keeping cozy.

Screen Shot 2014 10 28 at 8.58.00 PM 239x300 maternity fashion

The sophisticated MAMA Wool-blend Bouclé Coat from H&M is for the downtown cool mom-to-be. With a tie belt waist and concealed fasteners, this coat is able to cover your expanding baby bump from 12 weeks to nine months.

Screen Shot 2014 10 28 at 9.05.23 PM 209x300 maternity fashion

Blank NYC Zipper Detail Faux Leather Maternity Jacket will be your favorite “throw over everything” piece this fall.  This motorcycle style jacket with silver hardware is edgy and tough, but can be softened when paired with a flowy dress.  Or add some great boots for the perfect fall ensemble.

Screen Shot 2014 10 28 at 8.50.48 PM 292x300 maternity fashion

Punch up your prenatal wardrobe with some color! This wool maternity coat with a high collar and a bubble hem will lend sophistication to any outfit.  At under $50, this fun coat will infuse a little extra fun and the elegant shape you’ll want to wear again, well after your child is born!

maternity parka 200x300 maternity fashion

When the chill in the air turns icy, MAMA Padded Parka with a detachable faux fur trimmed hood will keep you nice and warm, while looking cool.  The drawstring waist and side pockets give some shape to the coat and make it a great option for the woman who’s too hip for regular old, oversized maternity wear.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – How To Survive The Cold In Style

They say the best way to keep warm during below zero temperatures is to layer. The first step is to keep your body heat in. Take a tip from dancers who always use thick tights to keep their muscles warm. Make sure to wear something light but that’s fitted. We recommend tights, leggings, and much of what Under Armor has to offer.

Ralph Lauren sweater winter whites 292x300 womens fashion

Your next layer needs to help block out the wind and still keep you comfy and cozy. We love big chunky sweaters like Lauren Ralph Lauren’s Long-Sleeve Ombre Cable-Knit Turtleneck for those freezing winter days. These extra large knits look great with a skirt but when it’s Polar Vortex cold make sure to layer pants over your tights or leggings. If you can’t afford the RL look right now, check out Brand Boudoir for equally fashionable yet discounted winter tops.

Another amazing trick to keep heat in is doubling up on your socks. There are few things worse on a fridgid winter day than cold feet. Adding an extra pair before slipping on your boots may make all the difference!

Lastly, you need a great all weather coat. A coat lined with goose feathers will help you brave the sub-zero temperatures. Add your favorite winter accessories; scarf, gloves, and hat and you’re ready to take on the streets (or at least the 15 feet between your car and your front door).

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Men’s Fashion Advice – What Exactly is “Festive Attire”?

‘Tis the Holiday season rolls around, the question that has always plagued people who receive the Holiday party invitations is, “What exactly is festive attire?” Some invites may hint at a casual or formal type of affair, but others are wide open for interpretation.

My first point for any occasion is to wear whatever makes you feel good. If you are going to be uncomfortable in the style of clothing that you choose or have to try to suck in your gut the entire time, then either way, you won’t be enjoying the party. Everybody basically knows what they like, so all you have to do I to transform it into “festive party wear”.

Aldo Holiday 2012 Men Shoewear 1 600x393 300x196 mens fashion


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Men’s Fashion Advice: The Emulation of Men’s Fashion Trends from Catwalk to High Street

As the imminence of autumn is upon us we are beginning to witness the bright bold hues of summer transist into those honeyed autumnal shades within shop forefronts. Key colours emerging for this season are rusty reds, flame yellows and burnt oranges, complimented by shades such as petrol blue, forest green and charcoal grey.

asos1 mens fashion

Casual Tailoring

In the catwalks representing autumn, we have seen histrionic sweeping coats, cosy sweaters, prodigious layered collars, luxurious shearling and a profusion of iridescent hues. These looks have been combined with the pervasive tailoring trend which indubitably appears on the catwalks each year. However, this year tailoring has transmuted into a more trendy and casual panache. Casual tailoring creates a more relaxed guise allowing for the tailoring trend to diversify and amalgamate with other trends.

When we think of tailoring, certain stereotypes come to mind; smart, straight, fitted, uniform, etc. But for this AW’11/12 season, the couturiers have upturned traditional conventions to create casual, asymmetric, loose and unique pieces of tailoring. This upsurge and rise from the habitual precepts of traditional tailoring certainly brings a contemporary edge to couture.

Modern Military

The reappearing military style can also be seen entwined within the tailoring trend this equinox. The martial tailoring style has made regular appearances on the catwalks and continues to evolve each year. Referred to as ‘modern military’, this style pervades through a number of collections and can be considered as the vanguard of present fashion. External pockets and bravura buttons are key components to complete the military look.

asos2 mens fashion

Fur Fantasy

As the air turns cold, we need something to compensate for that ephemeral wintry chill that pervades the airstream. What better to do this than an oversized shearling collar? Collars are not only fashionable, but can also act as a windbreak to the elements and provide warmth.

Sports Heritage

Aside from the quintessential English romance trend, we have seen the English sports heritage look bowl over the catwalks this season. This look is comprised of luxurious, sporty, casual and elegant pieces. Both modern and retro, this look successfully combines both sport and class.

Virile Iridescence

Glitter and metallics have previously been prominent in women’s fashion, but this autumn sci-fi shimmer has landed on the male runways. Clothes and accessories that shimmer and shine have become androgynous, so don’t be afraid to shine on!

asos3 mens fashion

Decorative Knits

When it comes to winter, everyone’s best companion is a chunky knitted cardigan or jumper. Bold shots of concise bright colours are on trend this season – mustard yellow, crimson red and sky blue, to name a few. As are patterned Nordic knits, Fairisle jumpers and Aztec prints.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Men’s Winter Coats

The trends for winter coats this year are either oversized and a little boxy or tailored, fitted military style coats that emphasise a trim waist and broad shoulders. Check out the online stores such as www.superdry.com for the latest trends in men’s jackets.

leatherjacket mens fashion

Military styles are for work or dressy nights out, they’ll keep the heat in as the cold days and nights begin again. For the oversized trend, there are a variety of material and cuts available, ranging from wool to tweed and the colours of the season are anything from grey to duck egg blue. Go for a high cut, a stiff collar or funnel neck for an up to date look. Single or double breasted styles are available and they will keep you warm as well as looking good this winter. Herringbone and houndstooth prints are becoming popular, but if you think they’re a little overwhelming, stick to plain finishes.

Military styles are very popular and khaki and grey are the key colours for these flatteringly cut coats. A trench coat style is very practical for both work and casual days and why not invest in a waterproof one to make sure you’re ready for anything. Keep it subtle and simple and add colour with a bright scarf, or even a colourful sweater, underneath and leave the neck open a little on milder days.

Not your style? Not a problem. Aviator jackets and mens leather jackets are another big trend for this season. These are based on the forties style pilot jackets which were worn simply to keep warm, so these jackets are ideal for the frigid British winters. Dressed casually in jeans, boots and a warm sweater, these will work and look great, but they lend themselves equally well to be being worn over a suit for work. If you’ve always fancied being a pilot, give this look a go. Leather or sheepskin materials are bang on trend this season and it will keep you warm as toast all the way through autumn and winter.

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Lesson 114: Cashmere coats

Yeah, summer’s over – sucks, I know – so it’s about time you start thinking about scarves and the like, but not before you figure out your coat situation. Now, like I’ve said before, just because you’re wearing something made of cashmere, doesn’t mean you’re looking dapper – quite to the contrary in some cases. Let’s talk a little bit more about cashmere coats and figure out what works.

cashmerejacket mens fashion

Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere Cardigan Coat
INFEASIBLE: Confusingly short cashmere coats
This piece from Brunello makes me scratch my head. Is it a cardigan? Is it a light, summertime jacket? Why is cashmere then? And what’s with all the buttons? Color me confused…and therefore unamused.
allegrif mens fashion
Allegri Rain cashmere coat
Feasible: Long and functional cashmere coats
No problem understanding and appreciating what’s going on with this Allegri. Long, comfy, and elegant, this is the type of thing you need to brave the cold wind gusts characteristic of the coming months. That and this piece somehow manages to be water-resistant – what can’t science do these days? Design a experiment which results in Kanye West looking respectable, that’s what.
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