Review of Rustic Dime Denim Jeans

In 2009, the Rustic Dime Denim Co. launched their made in LA brand of denim-wear that was inspired by the street-style and skateboarder scenes. Since LA remains one of the fashion forefronts, it was a great place for The Rustic Dime Co. to bring their young men inspired line of clothing that provided a modern fit, quality denim fabrics, and a price tag that that would not break the bank.


One example of their stylish jeans is the Charcoal Skinny Fit Denims. They are constructed of raw denim that is not prewashed, which gives them a little more substance, but the trousers have the perfect mix of 98% cotton denim and 2% spandex that will allow the jeans to move with you and keep you comfortable no matter what you are doing. The charcoal color is right on trend with what is happening in fashion this Fall and it is also a color that has more versatility for dressing it up, as opposed to the lighter blue denims. The price tag of $42, instead of the hundreds of dollars that stylish denims can cost is a huge plus for the consumer.


If you are not into a skinny fit jean, but still want to be on-trend, then at you will find the Rustic Indigo Slim Fit denims. These trousers are not as fitted to the body as the skinny fit ones, giving you a little more room for movement and come in a color denim that is not as dark as the usual indigo, but still has a deep enough hue to wear it with a button-down shirt and a sports coat if you choose. These trousers can also be purchased for $42.


The Rustic Dime Co. not only specializes in denim jeans, but they have a selection of joggers, sweatpants, chinos, shorts, and denim tops that you can add to your wardrobe. Some of the items have have the same mix of cotton and spandex fabric, while others use 100% cotton or a poly mix.

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Review of SWIG Executive Flask

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The development of the “flask” as a beverage carrier is thought to be the brain-child of the Norwegians, who needed to carry their drinks with them for long distances because of their nomadic existence.  The flask itself was made from many different materials throughout the years like leather canteens, glass, pewter, silver, and even plastic.  Today, however, the flask has been transformed from drink carrier into a luxury accessory.

swig 1

At SWIG Flasks, one such example of a flask that is a luxury accessory is the “Swig Executive Molded Blue Flask”.  The shiny stainless steel housing is seamless in order to prevent leaks and has a sexy, molded shape that is just the right size for the modern consumer.  What is different about the flask’s leather pouch is that it is hand-molded with wet leather, in order for the casing to have a custom fit.  Then, the leather is stitched along the top, side, and bottom edges to highlight the handmade construction.  The leather pouches are available in other colors like black, brown, orange, and Union Jack, which is representative of the British flag.  Each one is embossed with the SWIG logo.  The regular price of this particular flask at Swig Amazing Hip Flasks is 89 Euros, but even better is the sale price of 69 GBP.

swig 2

The Swig Flask is nice- looking enough to display in a home or office, but the maker’s intention is for it to be loved and used when the need arises in your everyday life.  It is as much a luxury accessory as an Italian leather wallet or a handmade leather briefcase, making the Swig Flask a great gift for yourself or someone special.  If this particular one is not the style you are looking for, their flask store has a selection of ones with differently styles leather pouches or even a flask that is sans the leather pouch all together.
swig 3

I know I’ll be using mine for the weekend!

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Review: The Producer Bow Tie by Threads for Gents

When it comes items that a man need to complete a suit, ties are the first thing to come to mind. Sometimes, the bow tie is a forgotten accessory, unless it is a black tie affair and it actually can be a stylish addition to any suited look. Even though a form of bow ties has been around since they were used by the Croatian Mercenaries during the 17th century Prussian Wars to hold the neckline of the shirt together, the bow tie has managed to remain in fashion. However, it definitely has gone through some changes through the years.

At Threads for Gents, they are dedicated to having a selection of the best accessories for men, at affordable prices. Neck ties, bow ties, and pocket squares are the essential finishing touches when it comes to your suit, but they can be extremely pricey when luxury materials are being used. For example, one of the bow ties at Threads for Gents is The Producer.

man in bow tie-min

It is a 100% tightly woven silk and is fabricated in a multi-tonal blue and brown plaid. The tans and grayish-taupes are the neutrals to the plaid pattern, while the blues make the bow tie pop. It really allows you so many color choices with your dress shirt and suit, so you can choose a combination that is on the demure side or something a little bolder.


The other great reason to get The Producer and other suit accessories at Threads for Gents is the price. A pure silk, plaid bow tie like The Producer, which for similar ones can run hundreds of dollars in upscale department stores, is at the unbelievable price of $19! Even their selection of long neck ties, made of a silk/linen blend are also $19 each. Threads for Gents is a place where you can get luxury accessories at bargain prices.

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Vierra White Sports Watch

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The story of Vierra watches begins with two college friends, Eric and Jeremy, who live their lives inspired by the phrase, “Time is always ticking, so do what excites you.” The brand that they created was meant to inspire others to live a more adventurous existence and enjoy all that life has to offer. This particular line of watches that Eric and Jeremy started is meant to be the perfect accessory for whatever road you travel.


The White/Gold Vierra silicone watch is the epitome of both trend and durability. White watches were originally thought to be only for Spring and Summer wear, but in today’s fashion scene they are a color for all year round. The crisp white silicone will give you a contrast to any outfit that you own and be a durable companion on your life’s adventures. The gold-tone bezel and linear numeral markers are simplistic and modern enough to be able to cross over the “completely casual” line to be worn with a dressier look. It also contains a quality Miyota Japanese movement with a low-drain battery and is safe to wear while swimming and surfing.


Silicone watches have been an ongoing trend and is popular with both women and men alike. The Vierra White/Gold watch is substantial enough in size to be able to be worn by a man, but is not so overwhelming that it cannot be worn by a woman and with the price of $59, a very popular range to be afforded by all. However, if white is not your style, then they also have a black/yellow and black/blue version for the same price.

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Mizzen + Main Button-down Shirts

When it comes to finding the perfect button-down shirt, the qualities that every man is looking for are a great fit and easy care. However, at Mizzen + Main they not only take the time to make sure that you can get the fit that you are looking for off the rack and produce shirts that require no ironing or dry cleaning, but Mizzen + Main also uses a fabric that wicks away moisture and gives a lot of room for movement with a 4-way stretch. They have developed a men’s button shirt where performance meets style.


For example, the Frost Light Blue Button-down Oxford takes a traditional pique texture and combines it with body-flattering seaming across the shoulders and down the back to create a stylish, easy care button-down. Mizzen + Main also pays attention to the shirts detailing with the button-down collar, one-button sleeves, and double-button cuffs. Their shirts give you the ability to stay cooler, be more comfortable, and look great without a lot of fuss. At $125, it may seem a little pricey, but think of how much time and money you will save without needing to iron or take it to the dry cleaners for care.


The next one is the Bradbury Dark Plum Gingham Spread Collar dress shirt. As well as having the same cooling/comfort technology fabric and tailored fit, this dress shirt takes on the classic look of Gingham, modernizing it with a dark plum color. Micro-patterns have been around a long time and are a great alternative to a plain shirt when it comes to layering them under a sweater, sports jacket, or suit.

Ordering a few of these shirts will give you the ability to freshen up some of your older items in your closet with a button-down that has a modern style and fabric that you will appreciate for years to come. Also, Mizzen + Main makes that very easy with discounting a pack of 3 or 6 dress shirts for your purchasing.

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Spotlight: Georges Marciano Denim Shirts

If you are a lover of denim, then there’s a chance that you have heard of Georges Marciano.  He is a designer that has been creating quality, timeless, and impeccably tailored denim garments since 1978, but has now launched a new line of apparel for both men and women that takes classic styles and gives them a modern twist.


One of Georges Marciano’s new men’s designs that are available on is the GM- Sutter Western Shirt.  For years, it seems that the prominent colors of denim were all about the darker shades like indigo and ink, but the lighter shades have now re-immerged on the fashion scene.  This western style shirt has a mix of lighter and darker bleached denim tones, as well as the pointed detailed stitching along the shoulders that mirrors the flap button pockets.  Created in 100% lightweight cotton, it will not be stiff and will move with you.


Another take on the same style of men’s shirts is the GM- Shutter Western Shirt.  This one has similar stitching details as the lighter denim one, but they are more muted with the richness of the indigo and medium, splashed-on looking denim wash.  I also like the details of the rounded hemline and the ability to roll up the sleeves in both fabrics.  Either can be purchased for $175, which may sound a little pricey, but not when they are from an iconic denim designer like Georges Marciano, who creates items that reflect the past with a cutting-edge appeal.

Polo_Black_F_5-minIf you are not a denim person, but love traditional designs like the Polo shirt, then the GM- Polo may be for you.  This shirt is constructed of 100% quality cotton, has a nicely tailored it with the point collar, button-down neckline, and perfect sleeve/body length.  This would be fantastic with a pair of jeans or khakis and can be purchased for $85, in a myriad of colors to fit your style.

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