Review of Rockport XCS Step Boldly Active Sport Slip-on

When it is time to put away the flip flops, sandals, and summer shoes, you need to have a closed shoe that is comfortable and ready for the wet weather that comes with the change of season. Rockport had that exact thought in mind when they produced the “XCS Boldly Active Sport Slip-on”. The Rockport Shoe Company has always been known for quality constructed leather shoes that have both comfort and function in mind, which are both evident in the XCS Active Slip-on shoe.

rockport-side The upper of these particular Rockport men’s shoes are fabricated in soft, Nubuck brown leather that has a nice wide toe-box to keep your toes comfortable while walking. The leather extends higher up on the foot and to keep the fit snug, but allows for flexibility with the goring on either side of the upper. Rockport also gives you a generous amount padding around the heel and ankle area, as well as a leather loop on the back to make it easier to slip on.


With the XCS Active Slip-on, Rockport not only has given you a great leather upper, but also put the newest of technology into their foot-bed.  They have incorporated material called ADIPRENE by Adidas that allows more shock absorption to your heels, a dual-density EVA midsole for reducing foot and leg fatigue, and a combination of a sponge EVA and memory foam foot-bed to make your shoe fit to your own feet. The outsole of the XCS shoe is constructed of molded rubber pads that will give you the traction that you need in rain, sleet, and even snow.


You will find the XCS by Rockport online for the fantastic price of $79, marked down from $120. Also, if you are not a fan of the color brown, you can find the XCS in a black Nubuck with grey accents. At the price of $79 for a pair of all-weather leather shoes, you might even be able to get both and still be saving money.

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Review of Buffalo Leather Mode Wallet

In the world of men’s wallets, there are many choices and designs. There are ones that are geared toward the outdoor guy with a more casual feel and those that are more of a luxury accessory. Men’s wallets come in tri-fold and bi-fold and can be stacked with many card pockets and compartments. Sometimes, shopping for a great men’s wallet can be daunting, if you are not quite sure what you are looking for. Fortunately, there’s brands like Mode Wallets to help!


When the founder of Mode Wallet, Alfred Hacopian, was unable to find a wallet that suited his taste for luxurious leather and a compact, efficient size that was not overloaded with extra compartments and excess bulk, he decided to have one made. That is how the Mode Wallet came to be.


This slim, bi-fold wallet is designed from luxurious Italian leather in Glendale, CA and gives the discerning man the quality leather and minimalistic design that he seeks for an everyday wallet.


One of the Mode Wallets is the Lorem-Adirondack, which is constructed of Italian buffalo leather, instead of calf skin. This type of leather has thicker fibers than the calf leather and the ability to conform to the body and pockets compactly, which is great for easy carrying. The outer portion of this wallet has a great pebbled texture, which will be easy to care for and show less wear.


The open length of the Lorem-Adirondack wallet is 7.5 inches, which will accommodate bills easily and has the ability to accommodate up to 12 cards. When folded, this wallet compacts to 3.5 inches by 2.9 inches. The buffalo leather Mode Wallet will cost you $140 at, as opposed to the calf skin version for $120. The shipping will be free and comes with a 90 day money back guarantee, so, you can see if the practical luxury of the Mode Wallet is right for you.

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Lacoste L!VE + ASOS Team Up to Bring Baller Sneakers!

Attention gents, got some colorful and “lively” sneakers in the spotlight this week. Lacoste L!VE has teamed up with ASOS to launch an exclusive collection of multi-varied color camo trainers:

rene - lacoste

The “Rene” pair from this chic collection of sneakers consists of half leather in the upper portions with tonal laces, liberal swaths of muted colors, and the premium crocodile branding.


My favorite entry, the Wytham, rocks 100% leather up top, darker colors, and a chunky sole to boot. And since it’s only $195 at ASOS, these won’t leave you too broke for a couple of mixed drinks at your local W hotel.

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CONTEST: Win a $225 Pair Of Men’s Leather Winter Gloves!

Time for another contest! This time around, the prize is an exquisite $225 pair of men’s leather gloves from FitzGerald Morrell! The pair for the prize are the Broughton winter gloves, which are “crafted with durable and stylish Pittards leather” and ensure a close yet comfortable fit to your wrist regardless of the temperature outside.

broughton - mens gloves - fitzgerald morrell

Best part? The winner gets to choose the gloves’ color from over 20 different shades! Awesome!!

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Spotlight on FitzGerald Morrell Tailored Leather Gloves

When it comes to thinking about must-have cold weather accessories for men and women, leather gloves and on the top of the list. They not only are needed to keep your hands protected from the elements, but leather gloves are also can be a stylish fashion accessory. The tricky part about leather gloves is finding ones that are made with supple, quality leather and have a fit that is not too snug or loose, while also providing a process for sizing and orders. I think everyone has been in the position of trying on an endless number of gloves until you can find a pair that has the fit and style that you are looking for.

broughton mens gloves-min

At their online glove shop, Fitzgerald Morrell have taken the guess-work out of finding a great fitting glove by following their company mission of: To custom-craft bespoke men’s and woman’s leather gloves that fit and last. The founder of the company, Pat Morrell, believes that men’s and woman’s gloves should be finely tailored from quality leather and have the durability to last through the years.

bennet ladies winter gloves-min

One popular men’s winter glove from FitzGerald Morrell is called the Broughton is a classic style of glove with the sleek-looking leather hand that has the triple pleats for interest. The soft fabric interior of the gloves will keep your hand toasty warm and the interior elastic cuff will ensure a better fit for keeping out the cold. The Broughton glove cuff is trimmed in a lighter brown tone to add a little fashion flair. This men’s glove has a woman’s counterpart called the Bennett, which also has similar detailing and also offers the contrasting trim as an option. Both the men’s and woman’s gloves in this style run $225.

adelaide two tone gloves-min

FitzGerald Morrell delves a little further into the fashion accessory leather gloves with these next 2 items. One is the Adelaide woman’s leather glove that has the notched, roll-back cuff that seems to channel the vintage look of movie stars past with its sophistication and elegance. For $250, you can use a pop of color in the cuff of a neutral leather to elevate your look or stick to the more muted tones.

goodspeed men's driving gloves-min

The second fashion accessory glove that is very popular with men of all ages is the Goodspeed men’s driving glove. The cut out knuckle areas, exposed wrist, trim, and over-sized snap make it a sporty, fun driving accessory for any man. This style is also a little more at $250, but definitely worth the investment.

Be sure to take the photo tour of “Inside the Workshop” at FitzGerald Morrell for an even closer look at this great accessories! Also, check out our FitzGerald Morrell contest!!

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Tips for Wearing Leather During Summer


With summer on in full swing, most men and women wouldn’t dare go out wearing winter fabrics. But when it comes to leather, it certainly is hard to keep away!

If you would love to sport your trendy leather pieces this season despite the fact that just reading the words summer and leather in one sentence makes you sweat bullets, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some top tips to help you look trendy without sweating it out.


Choose the Right Leather For You

While leather apparel is designed to be effortlessly chic for winter, thanks to designer upgrades, wearing leather in summer is no longer a problem. Simply look for light-weight hides that are lined with silk or other breathable fabrics to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Whether you intend to show off a pair of leather gloves or a pair of leather shorts, be sure to pay attention to this little detail.

Go for Accents

If you’re not very confident of sporting leather in summer, just go for accents instead of the real deal. Wearing clothes with leather accents will help you step out in the sun confidently and is sure to get you approving nods.

Go for a cotton jacket with leather accents, a skirt with leather pocket flaps, or a dress with leather panels and you can have your cake and eat it too!

Don’t Go All out with Leather

As much as you love leather, you can’t go all out and dress in it from head to toe. Even if you’re comfortable doing so, you don’t want others to look at you and feel suffocated by the heat! Moreover, maintaining balance is important no matter what fashion trend you follow, so when draping yourself in a second skin, make sure you’re doing it in small doses.

Pair leather shorts or trousers with simple, summery tops or shirts or wear a leather vest over your regular summer ensemble. With summer sandals or loafers to match, you’re definitely going to look smart.

Allow Skin to Breathe

Taking care of your skin is a must whether you spend generously on creams and lotions or are thrifty and prefer availing beauty sample freebies. So even if you wear leather that is lined with breathable fabric, you don’t want to wear anything that is skin-tight. Opt for jackets or vests that fit loosely, shorts that are roomy, and wrap or A-line skirts.

Also, summer is the season to bare some skin, so don’t cover yourself up in leather trousers and full-sleeved jackets. Choose shorts or vests and don’t be afraid to try on leather clothes with slits or interesting laser cutouts.


Pick Lighter Colors

When you think of leather, you’re bound to think of black. But in the middle of summer when you want to feel cool as well as look cool, you certainly don’t want to go out wearing black as it can absorb more heat!

Leather wear in white, brown or camel, and other light shades are your best bet in summer. Don’t shy away from bright colors like red and yellow. Oxblood and pastel shades are a hit too!

Accessorize with Leather

If wearing leather is too much for you, accessorize your summer look with leather. After all, you don’t always have to wear leather to show it off!

You can use leather accessories like belts, wallets, satchels, handbags, and more to your advantage. You can also consider donning a pair of leather shoes! Women should stick to open-toed heels and sandals for office or evening wear, and men should remember to wear socks made of natural fabrics to help absorb sweat.

In addition to this, women can wear a leather choker or necklace with beads to accessorize their ensemble with leather.

Fake It

Natural leather can be quite heavy and if you want to enjoy summer without the added bulk, opting for pleather or faux leather can be the best thing to do. Not only is faux leather light-weight and stylish, it is also inexpensive and cruelty-free.


Dressing comfortably is as important as dressing fashionably, and if comfort is more important to you than fashion, wearing leather in the hot months may not be something you look forward to.

However, wearing a second skin in the sweltering heat doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds, so there’s no reason for you to stash away your much loved gear. Sure leather looks like a winter-perfect fabric, but using it this season can be a great way to refresh your summer wardrobe.

With the tips given here, you now know all about using your leather clothing and accessories to make heads turn. So don’t worry about the heat, just put on what you love and head out!

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