The Most Stylish Celebrity Kids!

Celebrity kids grow up in the limelight, which means that they need to look great every time they step out of their homes. They never know when a photographer might be right around the corner with his or her camera ready. While some parents go to great lengths to keep the paparazzi away from their children, others embrace those photographers and keep their kids red carpet worthy every hour of the day. After looking at some of the most stylish celebrity kids, you might find that you feel a little jealous of their looks.


Kingston Rossdale

Though rocker Gwen Stefani and her former husband Gavin Rossdale split up in the past, their sons are still the apples of the public eye. Though Zuma is still a little young and prone to wearing outfits that are more basic in nature, Kingston is a trend setter just like his parents. Even when he wears something basic like a pair of khakis and a polo shirt or MLB baby clothes to match his younger brother, he knows that accessories make the man. You’ll often spot young Kingston wearing a funky leather necklace, a studded bracelet or a pair of bold and colorful shoes.

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise, the daughter of actress Katie Holmes and actor Tom Cruise, is also on the forefront of the fashion world. Occasionally spotted sitting from and center next to her celebrity mom at red carpet runway shoes, she seldom steps out of the house without the perfect outfit. Cruise is a little more traditional than other celebrity kids. She favors classic trench coats, tasteful yet elegant jewelry and A-line skirts and dresses. The accessories that she wears really adds to her outfits. She often rocks a pair of age-appropriate wedge heels or a colorful headband.

North West

Though still just a toddler, North West has more style than trend setters 10 times her age. The daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North often makes appearances on her mother’s Instagram account. Kardashian frequently dresses her little bundle of joy in monochromatic looks that draw attention to her dark skin and hair. North occasionally rocks looks that are more appropriate for kids older than her like fur coats and diamond jewelry, but she manages to pull off all those styles and look great. Draw inspiration for yourself or your kids from some of the most stylish celebrity kids.

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Celebrity Couples Fashion “Twinning”!

Fashion “twinning” is a phenomenon where couples dress alike. The there are several theories of why it happens. Some like to dress alike to show that they are a couple. Other couples may have similar taste in fashion and like the way that the outfits look on each other. Or, maybe, they have spent so much time together that they begin to think alike! You tend to see the “twinning” phenomenon a lot in the celebrity world on the red carpet and on the street. Don’t expect any of those the likes of Brad Pitt going out dresses because their partner wishes to glam up!

will ferrell and kristen wiig sweatshirts

The “twinning” effect can be exhibited through identical outfits, coordinating colors, or just in the feel of the fashion look. For example, actor Will Ferrell and his wife Kristen Wiig were spotted in the Tribecca neighborhood of Manhattan in their matching navy hoodies with “WILLSTEN” in white letters across the chest, which is a combination of both their first names, put together for a wearable couple nickname. Will and Kristen completed their couple’s vibe with blue jeans, casual shoes, and of course some complimentary shades – nothing too fancy here like you’d expect from Quiz Clothing’s #getglamorous campaign.

jason stratham and fiancee twinning

Actor Jason Statham and his Victoria Secret angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are nicely coordinated in their street looks while traveling and strolling outside.  Jason is in medium wash jeans, optic white t-shirt with matching tennis shoes, and British tan leather jacket with his luggage in tow, while Rosie picks up on the tone of his jacket with her heathered tan sweater, leather tote bag, and matching pumps. They are also looking chic and casual while strolling the streets in tonal blue jeans and neutral sweatshirts. They break off the twinning in sneakers vs. boots, however.

britney spears and justin timberlake in 2001 denim

Extreme “twinning” is seen in a photo of singers Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in 2001 with their explosion of denim on the red carpet. Britney strapless denim dress has a cute upper bodice to compliment her figure, but the bottom looks like a patchwork nightmare. Justin’s head to toe blue jean ensemble is probably a look that he would like to forget, since he has become quite a fashion icon is his own right. To the question, “Can you wear too much denim?” The answer is definitely yes!

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Time to Purge Your Wardrobe for Spring

Keep your boxes at the ready as it is the while to get up and be prepared for a major wardrobe cleanup. We have discussed the tips with Lyst and now, it is the perfect time to share them with you. It is better for you to bring out your inner-minimalist approach and thoroughly purge your closet for the summer ahead. We believe in the summer season, you won’t have the courage to scuttle off towards your wardrobe for once, so it’s best to do things when you have the mood and energy as well.


This benign guide only wishes to motivate you to spring up and clean your closet. This is not only for an aesthetic approach but a clean ambience inside and out helps to cleanse the mind and purify the soul. This assists you to refocus on your life and discard the fragments which you aren’t a great fan of. We’ll take you through the basics and in the end; you will thank us for the inspiration. So, fashion buddies, here’s the list of points you need to act upon!

Pull Out All the Clothes from Your Wardrobe

You might be wondering why we are ordering you to clutter an already messy room. Well dearie, so you can assess the contents of your closet through a trained and practiced eye. Scan each item individually and start to keep aside those pieces which are beloved to you and you even so enjoy slipping them on. Keep aside the ones that are off-season, ones that you are in doubt about and ones that are just too worn out to be sported again. Once a category is formed in front of you, you will easily be able to gauge what needs to be kept and what not.

Don’t Make Lame Excuses

Now, there are clothes which you fall in love with again and again but never wear them anywhere. Rather than keeping such decade’s old clothes in your stowage, give them away to charities where they will be of double value. Stop encouraging yourself to wear the pieces you’ve never worn because it simply implies that you never wish to do so. It is a prodigious thing if you cast them aside to some charitable institution.

Only think of the space these pieces take and you will save yourself from the tons of clothes you’ll have to hang and fold each time you clean your closet. Also, there are some pieces that are of sentimental value and you should store them somewhere else because you know that they are just keepsakes.

Have Your Clothes Repaired

There might be some pieces in your wardrobe that are still wearable but the lost button or a few loose threads hinder you to pull it on. You should sort out these gears and once you have amassed all of them, it is time to call a mender and have them dealt with because a few adjustments can make a big impact on a solo piece of clothing.

Sell the Pieces You Wish To Throw Out

Just because you are no longer in love with some of your clothing, doesn’t indicate someone else wouldn’t be either. Yes, certain second-hand devotees will be pleased as punch to acquire your pieces even if they have misplaced their wow factor. At this period, these shops can be of importance to you and you must make use of them. If a website services you to sell your old clothing, there is no harm in that. Instead of chucking the clothes out, try to make some dosh, which will be advantageous later on.

Re-Process Your Closet into Something Refined

There should be stability in your closet because if you are a working woman, having decent clothes to wear daily is very crucial. Keep fit and solid clothes in your closet and after so much eradication, you will realize what you must buy as soon as possible. You should categorize your clothes according to your work life, party life and your simple home life. Let this statement get to your mind and you will comprehend what we are talking about.

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How to Wear Sheepskin with Style!

Sheepskin has been around for as long as man has been able to catch a sheep. For the record, catching sheep has never been easy as they can move surprisingly fast for creatures with relatively short legs. Anyway, we digress so back to the benefits of sheep and their skin:


Yes, sheep are very useful in many ways. Sheep meat is tasty, nutritious, and a staple on many menus. Sheep’s wool is used to make wool, which in turn is woven into fabric and used to make sweaters. Lastly, sheepskin is used to create garments and soft furnishings for the home.

The Benefits of Sheepskin

Genuine sheepskin is warm, waterproof, and easy to work with, which is why it is a perennially popular fabric for coats, jackets, gloves, and boots. The history of sheepskin as a garment is long. Shepherds once used sheepskin to keep warm at night and the use of sheepskin for boots has been traced back to 500BC.

For much of history, sheepskin has been viewed as a utilitarian material, used for its insulating qualities. Working men used sheepskin to protect their bodies and extremities from the cold and a pair of sheepskin lined boots was essential for anyone toiling away in sub-zero temperatures.

Sheepskin in Fashion

Today, things are a bit different and although sheepskin is still an important material for working people, it is increasingly becoming a fashion accessory for the rich and famous. It became popular in the 60s, with a sheepskin coat essential wear for the Beatnik Generation. Fast-forward to the 80s, Vivienne Westwood used sheepskin in her collections and sheepskin rocketed into the mainstream.

Today, sheepskin is still as popular as it ever was, but if you want to be a trendsetter and wear sheepskin in style, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear this amazing fabric.

Sheepskin coats are an enduring trend and 2015 saw a revival of long, floor length coats that were so popular in the 1970s. On the Chloe catwalk, models wore long sheepskin coats over floaty dresses, accessories with thin belts. Burberry took a slightly different approach – their designers gave traditional brown sheepskin a new look with navy blue and grey dye.

Classic Sheepskin

Today there are lots of ways to wear sheepskin. A classic sheepskin coat is the perfect accompaniment to skinny jeans and a cute woollen sweater, especially on a cold winter’s day. These make a great date outfit, or why not throw on a sheepskin coat if you are heading out for a walk in the park with the kids?

Belted sheepskin coats can be dressed up with a belt and stylish knee-length boots. There are also some seriously trendy biker-style sheepskin jackets for those of you who want to rock the biker chick look.

How Not to Wear Sheepskin

Sheepskin is eminently wearable, but for the record, sheepskin Ugg boots are no longer a good look. D-List celebrities have killed off Ugg boots completely. Wear them at your peril.

You can’t go wrong with sheepskin. It looks great on and it also looks great in the home, so check out sheepskin rugs by Sheep Skin Town if your home needs a makeover.

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2016 MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Fashion

On April 9th, the MTV Movie Awards was aired from a previous taping at The Warner Brother Studios in Burbank CA.   Most people remember when MTV hit the TV channels, because you could binge watch or dance to all of your favorite bands’ music videos.  Since that time, MTV has expanded to reality shows, sitcoms, and movies too.  They also have their own ceremonies to celebrate excellence in those categories.  For the MTV Movie Awards, it is only fitting that the award itself is a golden popcorn statue.

Model Kendall Jenner attends the 2016 MTV Movie Awards in Burbank, California, on April 9, 2016.  / AFP / JEAN BAPTISTE LACROIX        (Photo credit should read JEAN BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP/Getty Images)

As compared to some of the other award ceremonies, the MTV Movie Awards is like the cooler cousin.  On the red carpet, you will see fashion that is on the daring side and also looks that are right on trend.  In the daring category for the MTV red carpet you will find model and Reality TV personality Kendall Jenner, who is channeling a little Goth and Elvira in this lace-up, halter top gown with lace trim, and an asymmetric hemline of sheer black ruffles.  Kendall’s thigh-high, banded stilettos air on the side of danger and must have taken a village to achieve the perfect placement.

halsey-mtv-movie-awards-2016 (1)

Also among the daring fashion is American singer and song writer Halsey.  She one-ups any of the Victoria Secret models in this peachy silver glitter studded bra and boy- short outfit.  Halsey’s long legs are accentuated by the metallic platform sandals and the matching hip-length jacket keeps it from looking too much like a bathing suit.


For the guys, Comedian Lil Rel Howery looks sharp in his printed button-down shirt, casual black pants, with the finishing touch of a classic navy trench.  It is really the focal point of the outfit with its crisp lines, but Lil Rel’s red high-tops add just the right punch.

chris pratt in john varvatos jacket

Another guy who is right on trend at the MTV Movie Awards is actor Chris Pratt, who arrived on the red carpet in a fabulous, slate blue leather jacket by designer John Varvatos.   This year, colored leather is all the rage and Chris rocks it with a pair of distressed blue jeans and burnished brown leather oxfords.

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