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Women’s Beauty Advice – Keep Up Your Makeup Throughout The Day (Infographic)

Ladies, ever have any doubts about how to commit to a full day’s worth of differing makeup? This handy infographic might very well be your visual ticket to makeup mastery!

Makeup infogrpahic by Macy’s

(This post is sponsored by Macy’s. I was invited to this opportunity by Blue Polo Interactive and received a Macy’s gift card for my time. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.)

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Black Friday at Macy’s? You Bet!

The phrase Black Friday was originally coined from a financial crisis that occurred in the US, in 1869. Its reference to the “kick-off” to the holiday shopping season frenzy didn’t come about until the 1960’s in Philadelphia. Now, everyone knows that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and usually bedlam is let loose. Some associate it with excitement of hunting down the best bargains of the Holiday season and some see it as something to avoid like the Flu. Not this intrepid blogger – my primary destination?, Macy’s men’s department.


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Men’s Sweaters for the Fall: Macy’s is the Place to Shop

When the weather starts turning cooler, it’s time to break out the sweaters. For your wardrobe, sweaters are versatile as layering pieces or to stand alone. At Macy’s they have a great selection of different sweaters that include: turtlenecks, full and half zip, cable, argyle, vintage, cashmere, ribbed, cardigan, slim-fitting, and chunky knit styles. For around $29.99 to $329.99, the choices are endless.


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37. Flat-front shorts

INFEASIBLE: Pink shorts

(From Macys)

No. Just no.

Feasible: Simple dark gray shorts

(Brought to you by Macy’s)

Nothing fancy here, but they fit snuggly and look posh enough.

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34. Caps go on the head

INFEASIBLE: Driving caps with *crazy* colors

(From J.Crew
No one, including models, should ever wear something like this. Driving (or “cabby”) caps are silly to begin with, but then to go and make one consisting of a patchwork of a nauseating designs? The horror, J. Crew, THE HORROR.

Feasible: Corduroy hats

(Brought to you by Macy’s)

If you’re going to wear a cap, go corduroy. This one in particular looks good even on this android-looking fellow. And hell, if you’re feeling frisky, you could even throw a pin advertising your favorite band* on it. Totally ill, son.

*Weezer’s ok, but I do like the pin.

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28. Let’s talk wallets

INFEASIBLE: Wallet + Money Clip + Credit Card case +…

There is this phenomenon in fashion called the Will to Over-Accessorize, and none of you should get pulled into it. This warning extends to even your wallet. Don’t have, on top of a three fold wallet, a credit card case, a business card case, a money clip and photo insert with pictures of your dog or, heaven-forbid, your grandchildren. Not only does it make you look like a fool when you have to cycle through all that shit to get to get your coin purse, it makes your pants pockets swell and look lumpy.

Feasible: Just a wallet and money clip

(Brought you by Lord and Taylor and Macy’s)

Keep it simple (my usual advice). These two items aren’t exactly high-class merchandise, but they look nice and they won’t break the bank. And seriously guys, what’s the point in buying a really expensive wallet with a gigantic gay logo on it? How often does one see someone else’s wallet and form strong impressions about the person as a result of what they keep their money in?

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NEW FEATURE: Do You Up Nice (7/27/07)

Here comes a new feature us crackheads here at CE came up with, Do You Up Nice (DYUR). In it’s essence, the purpose of DYUR is to give personalized assistance to fashion-trodden men, one mook at a time. If this piques your interest, feel free to submit your info to the form which will available on the sidebar within the next few days.

Today’s subject: Cam

Height: Tall
Build: Muscular, fringing on explosive
Self-identified personality traits: Driven, boyish, habitual
Notable features: One nosy nose
Price range: Upwards of $160.00 USD

Cam is my good bud, so if I go a little hard on him all is good. That being said, Cam really needs some fucking help.

Being tall, he more options than if he were short, so that’s good. But he is freakishly muscular, which might be a problem with some more elegant (read: dainty) clothing. Finally, he considers himself to be driven yet a boy at heart but nonetheless a creature of habit. What I prescribe for Cam, then, is a CHEAP POWER SUIT and a BEACH OUTFIT, all of which will only put him back ~$160. NOTE: Not included in this getup is shoes – I’m assuming that this mook has a pair of decent, black oxfords (which I know he does from prior experience).

Power suit:
The bulk of his money, of course, is going to have to go towards the suit and the tie. Fortunately, Perry Ellis (yes, we can’t talk Arnold Brants) is having a sale with “Cam” written all over it:

Charcoal subtle stripe jacket: $49.99
Charcoal subtle strip pants: $19.99
Sage colored Alfani silk shirt (Macy’s): $14.99
English Repp Solid Tie (Ralph Lauren): $49.99

Beach Outfit
This one’s easy and dirt cheap, but it’ll work flawlessly.

Coving trunks: $12.00
Nat biege A-shirt 3-pack (Jockey): $17


Went a little over budget there, but only by a hair. There you go; go get sexified Cam.

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