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Going On a Winter Getaway? We’ve Got You Covered

Sara from Mindful Travel Blog has received her fair share of requests when it comes to packing. Let’s face it, traveling is fun, but planning can be a pain!  From how to organize your toiletries to figuring out how many pairs of shoes you really need, the day before a vacation is well… work.

travel style 1

Sara’s newest venture, Women Travel in Style includes travel tips, tricks, and even a place to buy some of her globetrotting essentials, like this Merrivale Tote by Hawthorn & Co. This ethically sourced roomy bag comes in this gorgeous tan shade and is big enough to fit your tablet, chargers, camera, and all of your essentials.


For a glitzy way to store your cosmetics, the Avion Cosmetic Case by Hudson and Bleecker is a very stylish place to stash your glosses, powders, and pencils. Inspired by the City of Lights, this silver glitter case with black faux leather trim is perfect for a trip to Paris… or just to put in your purse for your daily commute.


Another great travel must, Sara recommends Hudson and Bleecker’s Packing Cubes.  The Labyrinth Onyx Packing Cube is a traveler’s best friend. Fill it with a change of clothes (don’t forget socks and delicates) and even after a long day of flying you can arrive and look your best. These stylish cubes fit in most carry-ons, but with its fashionable design, you may want to show it off.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1.52.56 PM

It’s hard to catch some zzz’s when you’re on a crowded flight or a noisy train, but an old fashioned eye mask can make it much easier. We love this Metallic Silver Leather Eye Mask by Perpetual Shade. These limited edition masks are filed with 100% lamb wool and come presented in a black silver travel bag. Never has going to bed felt so luxurious!


Shop all of Sara’s faves and learn more at www.womentravelinstyle.com. Sponsored by Women Travel inStyle.

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Maternity Coats You’ll Love Even if You’re NOT Pregnant!

Keep that bun in the oven warm all winter long in these stylish coats, which maternity style mavens like Blake Lively and Kate Middleton would approve of.  From a fall breeze to those cold winter nights, you can still look oh so chic while keeping cozy.

maternity coat 1

The sophisticated MAMA Wool-blend Bouclé Coat from H&M is for the downtown cool mom-to-be. With a tie belt waist and concealed fasteners, this coat is able to cover your expanding baby bump from 12 weeks to nine months.

maternity jacket

Blank NYC Zipper Detail Faux Leather Maternity Jacket will be your favorite “throw over everything” piece this fall.  This motorcycle style jacket with silver hardware is edgy and tough, but can be softened when paired with a flowy dress.  Or add some great boots for the perfect fall ensemble.

maternity coat 2

Punch up your prenatal wardrobe with some color! This wool maternity coat with a high collar and a bubble hem will lend sophistication to any outfit.  At under $50, this fun coat will infuse a little extra fun and the elegant shape you’ll want to wear again, well after your child is born!

maternity parka

When the chill in the air turns icy, MAMA Padded Parka with a detachable faux fur trimmed hood will keep you nice and warm, while looking cool.  The drawstring waist and side pockets give some shape to the coat and make it a great option for the woman who’s too hip for regular old, oversized maternity wear.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Brave The Cold With Accessories

Winter tends to be every fashion-minded person’s least favorite season. Fall has great leather boots and jackets, spring has all the rich colors, and summer has sizzling swimwear. Sure winter has it’s limitations; mostly that clothes need to be functional and not just pretty, but here are 3 winter accessories worth getting excited over:


1. Scarves: Whether you love a classic Burberry Check scarf or a wool infinity scarf you can’t go wrong with adding a little something extra around your neck (especially when the temperature drops). Check out iConsume for a whole bevy of scarves of various colors.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.38.04 PM


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Women’s Fashion Advice – How To Survive The Cold In Style

They say the best way to keep warm during below zero temperatures is to layer. The first step is to keep your body heat in. Take a tip from dancers who always use thick tights to keep their muscles warm. Make sure to wear something light but that’s fitted. We recommend tights, leggings, and much of what Under Armor has to offer.


Your next layer needs to help block out the wind and still keep you comfy and cozy. We love big chunky sweaters like Lauren Ralph Lauren’s Long-Sleeve Ombre Cable-Knit Turtleneck for those freezing winter days. These extra large knits look great with a skirt but when it’s Polar Vortex cold make sure to layer pants over your tights or leggings. If you can’t afford the RL look right now, check out Brand Boudoir for equally fashionable yet discounted winter tops.

Another amazing trick to keep heat in is doubling up on your socks. There are few things worse on a fridgid winter day than cold feet. Adding an extra pair before slipping on your boots may make all the difference!

Lastly, you need a great all weather coat. A coat lined with goose feathers will help you brave the sub-zero temperatures. Add your favorite winter accessories; scarf, gloves, and hat and you’re ready to take on the streets (or at least the 15 feet between your car and your front door).

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Women’s Fashion Advice – Be Playful This Winter!

Unless you’re still in your pre-teens you’ve probably outgrown cartoon animal t-shirts and playful jewelry. There’s good news though for those who are still a kid at heart: You can keep the whimsy alive without slipping back into your childhood!

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 4.27.39 PM

For instance, Lanvin’s 10th Anniversary Cartoon Inlay Sunglasses look sleek when on but they hold a little surprise inside, a fun cartoon pattern! You won’t find them just anywhere – unfortunately you won’t find them on the likes of Yoox – but they’re definitely worth the search! Never let your eyes weather the low winter sun without protection again! (more…)

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Men’s & Women’s Fashion Advice – How To Keep Your Toes Nice And Toasty

With the temperatures rapidly dropping, holiday sales picking up momentum and, for some of us, snow accumulating on the ground, now is the time to prepare for winter. For many of us, this means investing in a warm winter coat, a pair of gloves and a stylish hat, but there is one important element that is often overlooked until you step outside. More often than not, it is your feet that is freezing! Below are tips on how to keep your toes nice and toasty this season.


1)      When you’re walking from points A-to-B through brutal weather conditions, consider waterproof boots. Yes, they tend to be a little heavier and allow less air flow, but this will be the furthest thing from your mind when you’re trouncing through a thick coat of snow.  However, once you’re indoors, consider switching to footwear that breaths and wicks moisture away from your skin, much like the Uggs found here. This will help keep your feet dry and toasty.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – Packing For A Winter Getaway

Over the years, we’ve heard a ton of different people giving advice on how to pack and yet it’s always a problem. Overpacking seems to me an unavoidable thing.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard (and promise next time we’re definitely going to listen to) would be…

1. Always pack a light cardigan and a bathing suit. No matter where you’re traveling to (a ski vacation in the alps or a tropical island getaway) a bathing suit takes up almost no space and there’s bound to be a hot tub or hotel pool. On the same note, even a warm climate may have chilly nights or over cranked air conditioners!



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