Super Cute Winter Outfit Ideas for Women

Winters add a lot of fun to the whole fashion statement. You get to choose from so many garment options.

So get the best look this winter with these simple and cute winter outfit ideas.

6 winter office outfits

1.    The Shopping Look

A day out shopping is definitely one of the best days and so you would want to have the best look on before you step out of the door. So here it goes. A personal favorite; denim mini skirt is the first choice. Choose a plaid shirt but don’t go for a worn-out one. You need to look fresh and super cute. Complete the look with fringe, knee length boots. For a purse, you can go with a shoulder strap bag. By the time you’re done, you’ll definitely look ravishing.

2.    The Playful Look

Planning a day out with some kids? Then you’ll need something comfortable yet cute at the same time. Go for overalls; denim ones will do perfectly well. A soft color tee shirt, with some cute pictures or phrase would add fun to the whole garment. Lastly, some matching sneakers will get you all ready for a playful day out with the kids.

3.    The Classy Look

A tweed skirt will always make a woman stand out and although it might be a bit cold, it will make you look fantastic. Next, a long sleeve crop top; not the same color let it compliment your skirt. Add a low lying necklace that goes with the whole combination and also a matching bag. Go classy with this one, going for subtle colors. Just add high heels and your look is complete.

4.    The Tomboy Look

Remember the good old days when you used to kick the ball around with other kids on the street? Well, bring back the memories with this simple look. Plain jeans will go perfectly well with a graphic tee shirt. A funny phrase tee would be perfect. Tie a plaid cardigan around your waist and add a matching set of sneakers. For accessories, just add a band watch or a cap and you’re done.

5.    The Cowgirl Look

Let’s first start with a Fringe Jacket that is sure to catch everyone’s eye as you walk down the street. Add a hat to match and Metallic Booties to go along with your metallic shirt. You can go for a pair of jeans that compliments your overall outfit. The overall combination will give the perfect cowgirl look. Don’t forget to add a handkerchief around your neck and you’ll be ready to step on the set of Back to the Future III. You can also try these other winter outfit ideas.

6.    The Workout Look

Of course you couldn’t just hit the gym with your summer gym clothes. For your gym tee, opt for a long sleeve workout tee that is cozy and warm. You can add a full zipper hoodie over it. This might be the right time to add leg warmers under your sweatpants.

Want to know more about winter workout clothes? Check out Kate Hudson’s workout clothing line and be inspired by the latest fashion trends.

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The Puffer Jacket:  A Winter Fashion Favorite

Even though many of us in the North East spent our holidays in short sleeve shirts, we knew that old man winter would eventually make an appearance. With the fresh blanket of snow on the ground, everyone is scrambling to keep warm and one of the favorite outerwear pieces of the season is the puffer jacket. The originator of today’s puffer jacket was one of the foremost creator of outdoor wear: Eddie Bauer. During the 1930’s, Bauer was on a fishing trip in Washington State and he was at real risk for hypothermia when his wool coat was saturated with water and the temperature was dropping with the sunset. He did manage to make his way back to civilization and his goal from that point on was to make a coat that would stay dry and be able to withstand the elements.

classic puffer jacket mens Today, the puffer jacket comes in many fabrics and fashions. Men and women alike have found it a necessary addition to any winter closet. The Classic Puffer is very full, like this jacket in blue, with wide pockets of down feathers that are stitched to keep them in place and cold weather chaser details like a filled detachable hood, a closure that is both zippered and snapped, and deep secured pockets to house your gloves and hats when you are not wearing them.

j crew lightweight puffer jacket

There is also a more lightweight version of the down puffer coat, like this metallic brown one from J. Crew, which has the smaller gussets of down that will keep things more compact, in order to get the same warmth in a less bulky jacket. This allows you to layer other items underneath without looking like the Michelin Man. They even have developed down jackets that are able to be rolled up into a ball or bag for easy packing like these from North Face.


The puffer jacket even has move onto the luxury category for men, like this one with the mixed media of a knit collar, a diamond-quilted navy fabric, vest-like body with leather pockets, trim, and sleeves. The mixed media coupled with the button down placket and bright suit jacket lining elevate this puffer jacket to a modern level.

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DIY Fashion – Trend That Can Save You Money

Halloween is usually that time of the year where we think to ourselves “I want to do something for Halloween but I don’t want to spend that much money on a costume”. That’s when one a little lamp lights up above your head saying “Let’s be creative and make some DIY costumes”. It’s interesting how we feel creative when it comes to creating our own costumes, but why should we restrict ourselves to only Halloween?

The holiday season can also be a good opportunity to exercise the right side of your brain by creating new clothes and accessories that will capture everybody’s attention. Usually during the holidays, many clothing retail stores hike up their prices in order to generate more sales during this period of the year where people spend the most. There is always a last minute gift for someone in the family to buy. But the truth is that although you feel as though you really need that new dress, is it really worth spending all your hard earned cash on it? Not only that, but sometimes we accumulate so many clothes in our closets that we have no idea that we actually have. So during this controversial time of the year, where some people claim to give more for the others and some others claim to have to buy more gifts, a good idea is to do some sort of recycling in your closet while revamping a few of you own looks.

white fabric

A good and classical example is the white dress that we would all like to wear for New Years Eve. You probably have no idea about how many white clothing items you might still have in your closet. You may have bought because it was a very good deal but you’ve only end up wearing once or twice. This is the perfect example of clothing that has great potential to become your brand new NYE look. With the help of some Pinterest images for inspiration and a few embellishments and craft supplies you can make a look that will rock the New Year’s party.

What about the ugly Christmas sweater? Most retail stores are transforming the classical ugly Christmas sweater in a trendier sweater by adding a few sequins to it. This little detail makes the whole difference and brings a more festive style to the original sweater.


Why not trying to do the same while saving some money?  If you master the art of sewing and quilting, this is the best time of the year to remember these skills that were perhaps forgotten in the past. You can easily find fashionable yarn that already comes with sequins so that you can have fun sewing your own DIY trendy Christmas sweater. What if you could do all that without leaving the comfort of your house during the holiday break? Isn’t it the perfect plan? You can easily shop and buy fabrics online and put your creativity to the test!

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Fashion Forward Colors for Your Winter Eyewear

For every season, there is a shift in colors for clothing and accessories. Certain colors trend throughout the year and just as we look forward to brighter, more vibrant colors in the Spring and Summer, we also gravitate towards richer, darker tones for the Fall and Winter. Even though clothing and accessories colors tend to be darker hues like black, charcoal, navy, and chocolate brown in the Winter, it doesn’t mean that they have to be drab or boring. There are some great prints, textures, patterns, and weaves in sweaters, shirts, and trousers that keep the darker hues of Winter from lacking panache.


One classic pattern that never seems to be out of style is tortoise. Accessories made out of tortoise shell since ancient times and have been coveted by men and women alike. The tortoise pattern is popular because it melds together blacks and browns and makes an interesting pattern out of basic colors. One great example of tortoise accessories are the wayfarer sunglasses found at  Ralph Lauren takes the elements of classic elegance that he embodies in his clothing line and translates it into eyewear. The Jerry Tortoise sunglasses are designed with the traditional gold and brown hues within the marbled acetate frame. The lenses are a modified rectangle shape with a lighter shade for sun protection.

4098-526087-8053672423501The Sunglasses Shop also has a pair of black tortoise sunglasses that is a little more demure when it comes to its tortoise pattern. You have to look at them more closely to see the marbling of the black and grey pattern that forms the tortoise look. These have the same great universal shape as the Jerry, but the lenses are more of a grey tone, which is still one of the most popular colors of the season.

If you are looking for some Winter friendly sunglasses, but the tortoise pattern may not be for you, then Polo also makes some quality Black Blue sunglasses. It is a contemporary take on sunglass style with the ombre black and blue acetate frames, along with the light navy rectangle lens. All of these Polo 4098 sunglasses are handcrafted in Italy and range in price from 94 to 95 Euros – not bad. It is a great place to get designer sunglasses that are both classic and modern in style.

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5 Accessories for Your Winter Wardrobe

Thinking far ahead to this winter, you do not have to transfer tones from the grey, miserable weather to your wardrobe! With some fabulous accessories, you can brighten up your wardrobe, remain warm and comfortable and stay on the cutting-edge of fashion despite the colder weather. Read on for some great ideas for accessorising your wardrobe this winter.


1. Ugg boots

Perennially popular, genuine, high quality ugg boots (such as emu uggs) are an essential in your winter wardrobe. Made from genuine sheepskin, ugg boots will keep your feet warm and, because they are now available in a great range of colours and styles, you are sure to find a pair that enhances your personal style and fashion preferences. Visit a reputable retailer, such as MiniJumbuk, to find a pair of Ugg boots that suits your personality.

No longer a fashion faux pas, ugg boots are internationally popular and worn by everyone from the person next door to high-end fashionistas. Without question, ugg boots are a key accessory and a fundamental inclusion for your winter wardrobe. They will keep your feet warm and on-trend and, when you invest in a high quality pair of ugg boots, there’s a good chance that you will be wearing them for many seasons to come.

2. Beanies

Not only are beanies cosy, they are also an important fashion accessory. Beanies in bright colours and patterns can instantly lift an outfit and add vibrancy to your look. In colours such as greys, blacks and navy, a beanie can add a sophisticated edge and complement or draw attention to particular aspects of your outfit.


3. Bags

Have you noticed that contemporary fashion is all about the bag? For winter, white accessories (such as handbags and satchels) can lighten up a dark ensemble. Even if you don’t want to do all white, think about bags and other accessories that feature a little white in patterns such as snakeskin or leopard print.

To accessorise well with bags, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. There are some amazing pieces available at very affordable prices that can strengthen and add interest to your overall look.

4. Scarfs and wraps

This winter, make sure you have a gorgeous scarf or wrap around your neck, keeping it warm and enhancing your look. You may be surprised by how much difference a gorgeous scarf or neck wrap can make to your outfit while keeping you warm and comfortable. Scarfs and wraps also offer the added benefit of being a simple, easy way to change up an outfit and add variety, while offering a unique take on an ensemble you may have already worn that week.

5. Sunglasses

It may be the winter we’re talking about, but it is still a perfect season to bring out some bold, fun sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses in a bold colour such as green, orange, red or purple can instantly add glamour and interest to your outfit. Consider sunglasses that feature an unusually shaped frame (such as geometric shapes) or that have an unusual, fun pattern.

Add these accessories to your winter wardrobe to not only be warm and well-protected for the season, but also to look on-trend while keeping your wardrobe interesting.

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Going On a Winter Getaway? We’ve Got You Covered

Sara from Mindful Travel Blog has received her fair share of requests when it comes to packing. Let’s face it, traveling is fun, but planning can be a pain!  From how to organize your toiletries to figuring out how many pairs of shoes you really need, the day before a vacation is well… work.

travel style 1

Sara’s newest venture, Women Travel in Style includes travel tips, tricks, and even a place to buy some of her globetrotting essentials, like this Merrivale Tote by Hawthorn & Co. This ethically sourced roomy bag comes in this gorgeous tan shade and is big enough to fit your tablet, chargers, camera, and all of your essentials.


For a glitzy way to store your cosmetics, the Avion Cosmetic Case by Hudson and Bleecker is a very stylish place to stash your glosses, powders, and pencils. Inspired by the City of Lights, this silver glitter case with black faux leather trim is perfect for a trip to Paris… or just to put in your purse for your daily commute.


Another great travel must, Sara recommends Hudson and Bleecker’s Packing Cubes.  The Labyrinth Onyx Packing Cube is a traveler’s best friend. Fill it with a change of clothes (don’t forget socks and delicates) and even after a long day of flying you can arrive and look your best. These stylish cubes fit in most carry-ons, but with its fashionable design, you may want to show it off.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1.52.56 PM

It’s hard to catch some zzz’s when you’re on a crowded flight or a noisy train, but an old fashioned eye mask can make it much easier. We love this Metallic Silver Leather Eye Mask by Perpetual Shade. These limited edition masks are filed with 100% lamb wool and come presented in a black silver travel bag. Never has going to bed felt so luxurious!


Shop all of Sara’s faves and learn more at Sponsored by Women Travel inStyle.

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