Review: Calendar Watch by What?

Finding the balance between your professional schedule and down time can be tough. What? Watch’s new Calendar Watch gives busy professionals an easy way to keep their schedule on track, without sacrificing their style integrity.


Calendar Watch, available at, was successfully launched and funded on Kickstarter in March and comes in three color options, including Polar White, Aqua Blue and Verdant Green, for $299— and a special edition Gunmetal Black for $329. The chic unisex watch is perfect for men and women who love the idea of a smartwatch, but don’t want to wear a clunky digital gadget.

With Scandinavian design and Swiss engineering, Calendar Watch transfers your digital calendar to your wrist, displaying blocked-out periods of time in pie-chart form. When paired with the app, available on both Google Play and the App Store, the analogue will show the next 12 hours or a pre-defined amount of time for your calendar at-a-glance.

Calendar Watch has a two-month battery life and only takes three hours to charge back up to full power. Additional features include two work modes, automatic time zone changing, tapping functionality, 48 hours of received data and a vibration function.

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How to accessorise the shirts in your closet

Menswear can appear as a tedious affair to beginners, what with so many decisions focused around which suit or shirt a man should wear that day. Fortunately, there are accessories to help spice up the sartorial lives of men. While many think of accessories as appropriate for only a full suit, believe it or not, your collared shirt can break old orders with some subtle additions. Noose and Monkey’s provided us with the following advice points to highlight ways you can make your shirt pop:



Cufflinks can be a grown man’s BFF. Designed as simple devices to keep the cuffs of your shirt together, they are a classy alternative to buttons. There are lots of styles of cufflink which have different fastening methods, from a bullet back styles to chain links, and, depending on your position at the office or in the marital entourage, cufflinks can be a symbol of relative authority. Cufflinks designed to be worn to more “flexible” social events are versatile, coming in a huge range of shapes and motifs.


While more and more people seem to be ditching the tie, the classic accessory is timeless and should always be available in any fashion-minded man’s closet. The essential accessory for formal events, ties help to break up the assumed block colour of your shirt. Give yourself some attention by choosing a tie that is bright and a shirt that is not so much and try to match the tie to other accessories (shoes anyone?). Unless you’re wearing a short suit, wear your tie so that its tip stays at about your beltline and opt for a slim tie to match more modern cuts of suit and shirt.

Tie Bar

Like a tie, your tie bar should be narrow. Sure, it clasps your tie to your shirt and keeps everything suave – but that doesn’t mean it should be overbearing. Silver and gold tie bars are your only choices really and, whatever of the two you choose, match it to your watch and belt buckle. Line up the bar with where a pocket square normally sits and never wear a tie bar with a waistcoat.

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CONTEST: Win a High Quality Pocket Square from Rampley & Co!

Hi all, time for another fabulous giveaway! And this month we’re partnering with Rampley and Co. to give away a free, splendid pocket square valued at over $100!!


Here are a couple examples of the dozens the winner gets to pick from! Each pocket square, designed in London, is not only dazzling and truly unique, but that also tells a story, be that of a depicted painting, or the artist or designer, or some concept behind the work. Also, the company is sure that each square comes with a hand-rolled edge to give each accessory a plumper, heavier feel and look.Orange_Hemmed_Herringbone_Tweed_Pocket_Square_grande

It’s easy to enter and win the square – fill out the form below and let it rip! Contest is open to US and Canadian residents, 18+ years. One entry per person please. End date is June 19, 2015 at 11:59pm. Entries may be added to the Rampley & Co. newsletter subscription list upon entry.


Good luck, everyone!

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How to Wear Sheepskin with Style!

Sheepskin has been around for as long as man has been able to catch a sheep. For the record, catching sheep has never been easy as they can move surprisingly fast for creatures with relatively short legs. Anyway, we digress so back to the benefits of sheep and their skin:


Yes, sheep are very useful in many ways. Sheep meat is tasty, nutritious, and a staple on many menus. Sheep’s wool is used to make wool, which in turn is woven into fabric and used to make sweaters. Lastly, sheepskin is used to create garments and soft furnishings for the home.

The Benefits of Sheepskin

Genuine sheepskin is warm, waterproof, and easy to work with, which is why it is a perennially popular fabric for coats, jackets, gloves, and boots. The history of sheepskin as a garment is long. Shepherds once used sheepskin to keep warm at night and the use of sheepskin for boots has been traced back to 500BC.

For much of history, sheepskin has been viewed as a utilitarian material, used for its insulating qualities. Working men used sheepskin to protect their bodies and extremities from the cold and a pair of sheepskin lined boots was essential for anyone toiling away in sub-zero temperatures.

Sheepskin in Fashion

Today, things are a bit different and although sheepskin is still an important material for working people, it is increasingly becoming a fashion accessory for the rich and famous. It became popular in the 60s, with a sheepskin coat essential wear for the Beatnik Generation. Fast-forward to the 80s, Vivienne Westwood used sheepskin in her collections and sheepskin rocketed into the mainstream.

Today, sheepskin is still as popular as it ever was, but if you want to be a trendsetter and wear sheepskin in style, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear this amazing fabric.

Sheepskin coats are an enduring trend and 2015 saw a revival of long, floor length coats that were so popular in the 1970s. On the Chloe catwalk, models wore long sheepskin coats over floaty dresses, accessories with thin belts. Burberry took a slightly different approach – their designers gave traditional brown sheepskin a new look with navy blue and grey dye.

Classic Sheepskin

Today there are lots of ways to wear sheepskin. A classic sheepskin coat is the perfect accompaniment to skinny jeans and a cute woollen sweater, especially on a cold winter’s day. These make a great date outfit, or why not throw on a sheepskin coat if you are heading out for a walk in the park with the kids?

Belted sheepskin coats can be dressed up with a belt and stylish knee-length boots. There are also some seriously trendy biker-style sheepskin jackets for those of you who want to rock the biker chick look.

How Not to Wear Sheepskin

Sheepskin is eminently wearable, but for the record, sheepskin Ugg boots are no longer a good look. D-List celebrities have killed off Ugg boots completely. Wear them at your peril.

You can’t go wrong with sheepskin. It looks great on and it also looks great in the home, so check out sheepskin rugs by Sheep Skin Town if your home needs a makeover.

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The Wristwatch: An Essential Fashion Accessory

Within our techno-savvy world of smart phones and watches, the simplistic ability to be able to tell the time has taken a back seat. Having been a “watch-wearer” for years, putting on a watch before leaving home has become routine, like brushing your teeth. If for some reason, my watch is forgotten, I feel the nakedness on my wrist all day.

2016-Richard-Mille-mens-watches-620x579 A watch will not only give you the time of day, but it is also considered an essential accessory to give any outfit a polished look. Even if your style is casual, a watch can be that focal point that pulls things all together. For example, Emporio Armani pairs a stainless-steel tone, bracelet link watch with a charcoal chronograph face and a great graphic t-shirt, to take a casual look to the next level.


Sometimes a wristwatch can be a conversation piece, as well as a time piece. For 2016, Richard Mille has given a luxury accessory a modern twist with an industrial-style, exposed mechanical movement wristwatch that has a rich copper color, modern hour markers, and a Croco-embossed leather band. The designer details catch your eye, then the exposed working gears draw you right in. It is an accessory that will definitely get a second look.


Even though you may have a favorite watch, it is nice to have a wardrobe of watches to be able to coordinate to the colors or style of your outfits. In this Coach Watch Collection you have your black and brown leather strap watches that have a clean-lined traditional face, which would look good with a sports coat or something a little more casual. The silver tone link and mesh band chronograph watches by Coach will give you that polished fashion accessory that you need to carry you from day to night.

emporio armani watches

So, instead of pulling out your phone to check the time or wearing your lap-top on your wrist with one of the new smart watches, try a classic fashion accessory, like a watch, that will never go out of style.

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Review of Hex Tie Black

With the necktie being one of men’s most-worn accessories, it is not hard to believe that its origin dates back to the Croatian Vallerists during the 30 Year War.  The decorative cloths worn around their necks made it easy to distinguish the officers, who wore silk wraps around their necks and the, while the regular soldiers wore less luxurious materials.  The necktie actually waxed and waned in fashion throughout history and came back into the spotlight with the popularity of The Beatles in the 1960’s.


For today’s man, there are many different choices in the world of neckties, but there are four main types:  The bowtie; the 4-in-hand necktie; the clip-on, and the 7 fold tie.  Each has its own characteristics and can be made out of materials like silk, cashmere wool, polyester, and cotton.  However, at Hex Tie, the necktie has been transformed into a space-age accessory for the modern man.


For-going the conventional fabrics for necktie manufacturing, Enrique Alejandro Peral decided to create a necktie that was totally different.  Hence, the Hex Tie was born.  Enrique constructed a necktie that was made out of acrylic shapes that laid flat against the body and had an intrinsic flexibility with the adjoining fabric.  Every tie is assembled by hand to give each customer a unique item and one that is definitely a conversation piece.  The Hex Tie comes in different designs, according to the shapes that make up the construction.  There are ties that are made out of acrylic slices of rectangles, which resemble a version of their striped counterparts, honeycomb pieces, and even triangle ones.  The prices range from $99 in the black acrylic to $1898 for the golden chrome edition.  The entire collection of Hex Ties can be found at their online tie store.


The concept of using a polymer to create a necktie may be an unusual idea for some traditional men, but they may be intrigued by the contemporary look of the Hex Tie and the lack of need to visit the dry cleaners.  The Hex Tie has the ability to be wiped clean without ever having to see the laundry room, which is a much easier to care for than most of the items in your closet.

The Skinny:

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Hex Tie Black” description=”The Hex Black tie is a bold new take on the classic men’s accessory by making their ties from a polymer instead of silk.” brand=”Hex” ]

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