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Spotlight on FitzGerald Morrell Tailored Leather Gloves

When it comes to thinking about must-have cold weather accessories for men and women, leather gloves and on the top of the list. They not only are needed to keep your hands protected from the elements, but leather gloves are also can be a stylish fashion accessory. The tricky part about leather gloves is finding ones that are made with supple, quality leather and have a fit that is not too snug or loose, while also providing a process for sizing and orders. I think everyone has been in the position of trying on an endless number of gloves until you can find a pair that has the fit and style that you are looking for.

broughton mens gloves-min

At their online glove shop, Fitzgerald Morrell have taken the guess-work out of finding a great fitting glove by following their company mission of: To custom-craft bespoke men’s and woman’s leather gloves that fit and last. The founder of the company, Pat Morrell, believes that men’s and woman’s gloves should be finely tailored from quality leather and have the durability to last through the years.

bennet ladies winter gloves-min

One popular men’s winter glove from FitzGerald Morrell is called the Broughton is a classic style of glove with the sleek-looking leather hand that has the triple pleats for interest. The soft fabric interior of the gloves will keep your hand toasty warm and the interior elastic cuff will ensure a better fit for keeping out the cold. The Broughton glove cuff is trimmed in a lighter brown tone to add a little fashion flair. This men’s glove has a woman’s counterpart called the Bennett, which also has similar detailing and also offers the contrasting trim as an option. Both the men’s and woman’s gloves in this style run $225.

adelaide two tone gloves-min

FitzGerald Morrell delves a little further into the fashion accessory leather gloves with these next 2 items. One is the Adelaide woman’s leather glove that has the notched, roll-back cuff that seems to channel the vintage look of movie stars past with its sophistication and elegance. For $250, you can use a pop of color in the cuff of a neutral leather to elevate your look or stick to the more muted tones.

goodspeed men's driving gloves-min

The second fashion accessory glove that is very popular with men of all ages is the Goodspeed men’s driving glove. The cut out knuckle areas, exposed wrist, trim, and over-sized snap make it a sporty, fun driving accessory for any man. This style is also a little more at $250, but definitely worth the investment.

Be sure to take the photo tour of “Inside the Workshop” at FitzGerald Morrell for an even closer look at this great accessories! Also, check out our FitzGerald Morrell contest!!

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Put a Ring on It!

Ladies, why not show off that fabulous manicure with a trendy new ring? Dainty little rings are nice, but big statement pieces are king of the scene these days. Get in on the fun with a few baubles to really dress up those Instagram shots. There’s something for everyone and at $30 and under, every budget too!

Silver-Tone Nugget and Tube Ring

Add a little personality with French Connection’s Silver-Tone Nugget and Tube Ring. This fashion forward ring features an open design and a majestic monarch blue faceted stone.

x gold ring

X marks the spot with BCBGengeration’s Gold-Tone X Ring. This popular ‘x’ shaped design is a favorite among fashion bloggers and nail art enthusiasts. This crossed ring is an easy way to add interest to any ensemble.

Lucky Brand Silver Tone Geometric Ring

Geometrical ancient designs are never a bad idea. Lucky Brand’s Silver-Tone Geometric Ring brings an Aztec-print straight to your finger tips. Perfect to pair with a boho sundress or the suedes of fall. This ring is the cool fashion girl’s new best friend.

INC International Concepts Gold-Tone Crystal Pave Bar Ring

INC International Concepts’ Gold-Tone Crystal Pavé Bar Ring is like modern elegance for your finger. The bold eye-catching design feels luxe and expensive when paired with rolled up jeans and a t-shirt and perfect with a sleek silhouettes for a night out.

With so many fancy designs (and 10 fingers), we don’t see a reason to stop at just one. So take advice from Beyonce and “put a ring on it.”

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Charriol Watches – A Spotlight Review

Stunning, classic Swiss-made watches crafted with unique design and high quality materials, introducing Charriol watches, a fine designer timepiece collection for any occasion.

Charriol watches was established in 1983 and have managed to build a successful brand amongst a highly saturated Swiss watch market. The recipe for Charriol watch success has been simple – use high quality materials, combined with beautiful unique design and moderately price the watches.

If you’re looking for a truly unique watch, that will suit any occasion, stand the test of time and attract a lot of compliments from your friends, you should definitely consider a Charriol for your next watch purchase.


High Quality Materials

Charriol watches are built with stainless steel, gold and quality ceramics. The quality of the watches are not compromised, they are designed to stand the test of time.

The stunning watch face is protected by a scratch resistant sapphire surface and is waterproof up to about 30 meters – I wouldn’t recommend taking these watches diving however a dip in a non chlorinated pool, or taking a shower shouldn’t pose any damage the watch.

Being a Swiss-made timepiece, you should expect to see the life of your Charriol watch last quite a long time providing you ensure proper care and maintenance. A routine clean, service and battery change will go well in the way of safeguarding your Charriol.

forever colors


Charriol / Cable Jewelry kept contemporary classic in mind when designing their collection and coupled this with a modern edge, if you’re in the market for a classy timepiece to accompany you on a night out then Charriol may be the perfect brand for you.

Charriol haven’t spared on the diamonds, gold or silver when designing their watches, meaning that a Charriol watch is perfect for formal occasions as well as everyday wear. There’s never a bad time for diamonds, right? Diamonds even figure into their other accessories, including their collection of cable jewelry, which includes some beautiful rings.


The Charriol line also has a couple of sport models, so there’s something here for everyone. The colors are also quite simple in style, usually combining black, silver and gold. The straps are available in leather, steel, gold or even rubber. Charriol similarly provides Cable Bangles for further wrist accessorizing.


Bearing in mind that Charriol are a luxury Swiss brand, their prices are moderate to expensive, although they are competitively priced in their market.

A starting price can set you back about $1,000 USD with other models topping around $12,000 per piece. Occasionally Charriol will release a limited edition watch, which can set you back anywhere up to $103,000.

In Conclusion

Charriol are an emerging brand, and can only be found at certain retailers, giving them a bespoke place in the market. If you haven’t heard of Charriol before, this is exactly what I mean, there’s few people who know about Charriol making these striking watches truly unique.

If you’re in the market for a stunning, high quality watch that will stand the test of time, look great on any occasion and be a cocktail party conversation starter, a Charriol watch might be the perfect timepiece for you.

FYI, I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine!

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How To Add Pops of Color Using Outfit Accessories

When you’re a busy man of the world, you don’t want to don just any boring old look or follow tacky trends. Men with true style are the ones who know how to take risks, and that can be as simple as adding a pop of unexpected color to your look. This is also a very simple way to take your work outfit from just another face in the crowd to the stylish man everyone on the street wants to emulate. The key thing to remember is that you should stay true to your own identity and remind yourself frequently exactly what type of aesthetic you want to put out to the people around you.

birdseye cottoncash socks

Don’t Ignore the Socks x

The first thing most people think of when color comes up is ties or shirts, but instead, trying starting from underneath. Socks can make a statement. Browsing VK Nagrani socks for men, for example, is a great way to sift through many different styles and see what strikes your ultra-luxury fancy. Wearing appropriate hosiery that suits the entire look you’re going for is a time honored tradition that goes back centuries with well dressed, worldly men. Chances are that your socks will indeed be seen with a lift of your foot or a crossed leg, and you want to make sure that every detail of your wardrobe you reveal is impeccable. If you want to play it safe, stick with solid colors in styles that match your shoe. For example, if you’re wearing a lace-up dress shoe, you need to stick with thin dress socks made of a fine fabric. If you’re wearing athletic shoes, you can go with a bulkier sock. Just don’t wear an athletic sock with dress shoes, because it will completely ruin your image. Getting this small but significant detail right helps to project a dignified image for the man who’s got it all together.


An Old-Fashioned Handkerchief

There’s a fine line between outdated versus classic. However, a handkerchief can be the perfect complement to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Men’s Journal describes a silk handkerchief as subtle and simple, but also practical. While you’re not going to wear a handkerchief visibly the way you would a tie, it will come out more frequently than you might first think. There’s usually an opportunity for a handkerchief to emerge, and only the most elegant gentlemen still carry a silk handkerchief around. It’s these little touches that speak to your refined taste. Just as colors themselves are details that can reveal small moments of individuality, carrying certain items like handkerchiefs that aren’t seen much anymore also makes you memorable. When you want to exude sophistication visually as well as in lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with a handkerchief.

Subtle Hues that Contrast

Sometimes, when you have a “pop” of color, it doesn’t actually mean that it has to be bright or garish. For example, Esquire points out that black shoes with brown soles not only give a snazzier aesthetic, but also go better with grey and blue suits. There are certain color combinations that are unexpected, but also complementary. Purple and green often go together, and can be extremely attractive in subdued hues when worn next to each other. Even wearing black and navy together, if done the right way, can look stylish instead of wrong. What you have to remember about unexpected color combinations, though, is that it’s all in the delivery and intent.

Taking Glasses to another Level

Whether you’re talking about the ones you wear in the sun, a pair used to read, or prescription lenses, it’s the frames on glasses are what make them a fashion statement. They also provide ample opportunity to ramp up your style presence. Men’s Journal advises that after properly fitting a pair of frames to your face, the next thing to consider is color, since it’s a great way to signal a creative, unique look. When you’re trying to choose an off-beat color for frames, consider going for something that’s bold, but can also be downplayed if needed. For example, donning a pair of blue frames that are dark enough in certain types of light they look neutral is a good way to straddle the line between too over the top and the need to remain classic. This is especially true if you frequently transition from business to social hours without changing your outfit.

Using color is a simple style hack that can take you surprisingly far. Not only does it make you seem like fashion forward, but also is capable of conveying your personality. Personal aesthetic is a very important statement about who you are to the world. Before you ever say a word, the first thing people respond to is the visual. Pick a favorite color and match it up with outfits either using style or complementary colors, and you’ll be able to establish your own unique brand of identity.

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5 Accessories for Your Winter Wardrobe

Thinking far ahead to this winter, you do not have to transfer tones from the grey, miserable weather to your wardrobe! With some fabulous accessories, you can brighten up your wardrobe, remain warm and comfortable and stay on the cutting-edge of fashion despite the colder weather. Read on for some great ideas for accessorising your wardrobe this winter.


1. Ugg boots

Perennially popular, genuine, high quality ugg boots (such as emu uggs) are an essential in your winter wardrobe. Made from genuine sheepskin, ugg boots will keep your feet warm and, because they are now available in a great range of colours and styles, you are sure to find a pair that enhances your personal style and fashion preferences. Visit a reputable retailer, such as MiniJumbuk, to find a pair of Ugg boots that suits your personality.

No longer a fashion faux pas, ugg boots are internationally popular and worn by everyone from the person next door to high-end fashionistas. Without question, ugg boots are a key accessory and a fundamental inclusion for your winter wardrobe. They will keep your feet warm and on-trend and, when you invest in a high quality pair of ugg boots, there’s a good chance that you will be wearing them for many seasons to come.

2. Beanies

Not only are beanies cosy, they are also an important fashion accessory. Beanies in bright colours and patterns can instantly lift an outfit and add vibrancy to your look. In colours such as greys, blacks and navy, a beanie can add a sophisticated edge and complement or draw attention to particular aspects of your outfit.


3. Bags

Have you noticed that contemporary fashion is all about the bag? For winter, white accessories (such as handbags and satchels) can lighten up a dark ensemble. Even if you don’t want to do all white, think about bags and other accessories that feature a little white in patterns such as snakeskin or leopard print.

To accessorise well with bags, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. There are some amazing pieces available at very affordable prices that can strengthen and add interest to your overall look.

4. Scarfs and wraps

This winter, make sure you have a gorgeous scarf or wrap around your neck, keeping it warm and enhancing your look. You may be surprised by how much difference a gorgeous scarf or neck wrap can make to your outfit while keeping you warm and comfortable. Scarfs and wraps also offer the added benefit of being a simple, easy way to change up an outfit and add variety, while offering a unique take on an ensemble you may have already worn that week.

5. Sunglasses

It may be the winter we’re talking about, but it is still a perfect season to bring out some bold, fun sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses in a bold colour such as green, orange, red or purple can instantly add glamour and interest to your outfit. Consider sunglasses that feature an unusually shaped frame (such as geometric shapes) or that have an unusual, fun pattern.

Add these accessories to your winter wardrobe to not only be warm and well-protected for the season, but also to look on-trend while keeping your wardrobe interesting.

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Trakline Belt Contest Winners…

… are DRU G. and CAM N.! They both get a KORE Essential Trakline belt.

kore-essentials intrepid-black-trakline-belt

Congrats to you two gents, and everyone be sure to stay tuned for the next great giveaway here at CEFashion!

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