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Last Minute 2015 Mother’s Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, wow mom with the perfect gift. Our gift guide is sure to put a smile on her face and let her know how much she means to you.

Draped DiamondGrouping

You can’t go wrong with a touch of sparkle. Golden Thread is an online jewelry story where you can personalize the perfect pendant, signet ring or bracelet. These custom-designed pieces start at only $40 and are sure to please. Add an initial or a meaningful name, so mom knows you’re always with her, or check out their other designs like these Diamond Bar Necklaces.

There’s no better way to thank her for raising you then with a day of pampering. Book mom a blow out or make-up session at StyleSeat. With over 250,000 stylists across the country you are sure to find one in your area!

Want to pamper mom without breaking the bank?  A set of rejuvenating face masks from nügg comes with soothing, hydrating, deep cleansing, and exfoliating masks to help mom look and feel her best. Sets range from $10-$15 for a relaxing day at home.

DrScholls-Scout-B7354L4902-black taupe-3rt

For the laid back mother or mommy-to-be, give her a dose of cool and comfort in the Original Collection by Dr. Scholl’s Scout Slip-On Sneakers. These easy to wear styles in black leather, leopard and polka dot have been favorited by celeb mothers such as Mila Kunis, Tori Spelling and Alessandra Ambrosio.

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Review: Trakline Intrepid Belt

For menswear.

When it comes to men’s belts everyone thinks that they are built basically the same, but Trakline has come up with an innovation in the closure system that makes it a unique alternative to the worn out holes in your leather belt. At KORE Essentials, they take a quality grain leather belt and sew in a track along the inside that allows the belt to be adjusted up to 40 positions, in ¼ inch increments, making it a sort of ratchet belt.

Intrepid & Eclipse gunmetal buckles-min
The belt buckles come in stylish, modern metals and have the ability to open quickly with a release tab underneath. At KORE Essentials, they make belts that will mesh with both casual and dress clothes, but have a “futuristic” technology that makes them just as much about function, as fashion.

Trakline Belt patented buckle technology-min

One of the biggest advantages of this automatic belt is that if you happen to gain a few pounds or lose some, then the Trakline Belt will adjust in seconds, as opposed to boring holes in the leather with a knife yourself. Everyone has had that expensive belt that you bought and find that at some time, it just doesn’t fit like it used to. Nothing is more frustrating to spend good money on luxury accessories and have to leave them hanging in the closet. At KORE, they have solved that problem for you.Intrepid nickel buckle, black belt-min

Trakline Belts give you the choice of white, brown, black, and gray leather ratchet belts and you are then able to pair them with modern belt buckles in stainless steel that come in sleek geometric cut outs, or if you prefer, you can have the solid belt buckle style. The prices range from $49.99 to $59.99, which is a great price for a belt that has the newest technology, as well as a great look.

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Spotlight: HURSY Premium Men’s Accessories and Jewelry

For menswear.

Women are not the only ones who should accessorize.  Men should also pay attention to adding in just the right fashion touches to make your look your own.  At HURSY, they have an interesting selection of necklaces, bracelets, phone covers, and money clips to suit men who are looking for luxury items that are not only in style, but also have a special meaning behind them.


For example, HURSY uses the “Hamsa” symbol, which is a palm-shaped amulet that has been recognized as a symbol of protection though out many cultures over the centuries, in some of their bracelets and necklaces.  With the Blue Agate Gold Hamsa Necklace from the Agate Precious Stone Necklaces collection, HURSY combines the legendary blue Agate rounded beads, which is thought to protect you from stress, with the 18kt gold Hamsa palm to protect you from the evils in life.  It gives a pop of color with the bright blue stones and some warm tones from the gold of the pendant.  Similarly, the Agate Precious Stone Bracelets can add a little excitement to your wrists.


Also at www.HURSY.com, they use the industrial look and strength of carbon fiber in a bracelet that is woven with steel for $89 and a stylish money clip with the “HURSY” name for $49, to bring those modern accent pieces into your wardrobe.

Finally, act now and get %10 off on every purchase when using coupon code “10OFF” at checkout!

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Spotlight On JJ Suspenders

When needing something to hold up your trousers, most people automatically think of belts as being the only choice for men, but actually suspenders have made it back onto the fashion scene. A version of them has been worn for centuries, but the more modern type that we know today was invented in 1820 by a man named Albert Thurston whose idea was a solution to the higher-cut trousers of the times. Today, they have joined the belt as an item that has the dual purpose of keeping your trousers on and being a fashion accessory.

blue jeans classic denim suspenders clip

At JJ suspenders, they have a selection of men’s suspenders that concentrate on manufacturing techniques that will provide the perfect look, feel, and fit. They make it easy to find leather suspenders that are stylish and possess the quality workmanship to last. One example of the selection of suspenders that they have at JJ Suspenders is a casual style Classic Denim Suspenders that has a denim-like fabric with brown leather detailing on the back-strap and tabs. The gold-tone clips make it easy to attach to your jeans or trousers for a stylish look. These ones are $39 and will fit up to a height of 6’2”.

chestnut java brown leather suspendersIf you like a more rugged leather look, then check out the Chestnut Java Brown Leather Suspenders which are suspenders with a classic y-back design, bold stitching, and burnished golden clip hardware, but is also offered in a button style. These suspenders have the great look of a handcrafted leather belt, with the uniqueness of the suspender style. These are also $39 and have a 15 day money back guarantee which owns.

alabaster lite classic white suspenders button-on

JJ Suspenders also makes a more formal style with the Alabaster Lite Classic White Suspenders that come in a wider material strap, sliding silver-tone adjusting hardware, and dual button attachments. This dressier, crisp white version of suspenders will run you a little more at $109, but you will get free shipping and an accessory that will blend well with your white dress shirts and more formal wear.

Want to leran more about to rock suspenders? Check out JJ’s how-to suspenders style guide.

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Vierra White Sports Watch

For reviews.

The story of Vierra watches begins with two college friends, Eric and Jeremy, who live their lives inspired by the phrase, “Time is always ticking, so do what excites you.” The brand that they created was meant to inspire others to live a more adventurous existence and enjoy all that life has to offer. This particular line of watches that Eric and Jeremy started is meant to be the perfect accessory for whatever road you travel.


The White/Gold Vierra silicone watch is the epitome of both trend and durability. White watches were originally thought to be only for Spring and Summer wear, but in today’s fashion scene they are a color for all year round. The crisp white silicone will give you a contrast to any outfit that you own and be a durable companion on your life’s adventures. The gold-tone bezel and linear numeral markers are simplistic and modern enough to be able to cross over the “completely casual” line to be worn with a dressier look. It also contains a quality Miyota Japanese movement with a low-drain battery and is safe to wear while swimming and surfing.


Silicone watches have been an ongoing trend and is popular with both women and men alike. The Vierra White/Gold watch is substantial enough in size to be able to be worn by a man, but is not so overwhelming that it cannot be worn by a woman and with the price of $59, a very popular range to be afforded by all. However, if white is not your style, then they also have a black/yellow and black/blue version for the same price.

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Belts: Necessity or Luxury Accessory?

For menswear.

When it comes to men’s accessories, the belt is one that is both functional and fashionable. On one hand it does the job of keeping your trousers in the right place, but on the other hand, it acts as a fashionable accessory to complete the look of an outfit. Even though a man may not use a belt every day, there is always an occasion when it is an integral part of his look. Belts come in all kinds of materials like, woven rope, nylon, and even elastic, but the most versatile belts are leather because they can be dressed up or down. Leather men’s belts can be worn with blue jeans, khakis, or even a dress pant.

reversible Kohl's belts

As far as pricing goes, men’s leather belts can be very reasonably priced to something more extravagant. The best buy for your money is a reversible leather belt because you get two looks in one. An example of a bargain-priced belt is the Croft & Barrow Feather-Edge Stitched Reversible Belt, that can be found at Kohls. This particular belt reverses has the ability to switch between brown and black, making it easy to coordinate either one with what you are wearing. The double-stitching gives it some interest and the clean lines of the silver-tone belt buckle give it a fresh, modern look. At $19.50, it is one of the less expensive men’s leather accessories.

black and white belt

Now, if you are a luxury loving guy, then the bi-color belt by Feit may be more up your alley. It is constructed of three separate pieces of sliced Italian leather and has eight hand applied stitches to connect the leather sections together. The anodized black hardware and the hand-crafted construction, give it more of a rustic look. This belt comes in a black/marine blue combination and also a black/white one. However, be prepared to make an investment with purchasing this bi-colored belt by Feit because it will set you back $200.

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Winter Gifts for the Guy Who is ALL About ACCESSORIES

For menswear.

Do you have a guy on your holiday list that loves to accessorize? Then, here are a few ideas that may help you cross them off your list and “wow” them in the process. For starters, just about every man has a few pieces of jewelry. They may have a dress watch and one for casual wear, perhaps a pair of cuff links or two, maybe a necklace or tie clip, or a few rings. Even some of the younger men may have a collection of earrings, if they happen to have a piercing or two.

silverofwestport.com mems access box

Some of these accessories may be on the expensive side or of sentimental value, so it is important to take care to store the pieces properly. One classy idea is a box designed specifically for storing men’s jewelry from www.silverofwestport.com; the container comes a deep, rich wood base, felted divided compartments of various sizes for housing all his accessories, and even watch pillows to keep his time pieces clean and protected. This particular one will run you about $130, but will last for years to come.

lanvin-men-cashmere-leather-gloves-1 (1)__1419002119_50.198.116.97

Is there a man on your gift list that is a lover of luxury mens gloves? Then, you may want to check out this pair of men’s black cashmere and leather gloves by Lanvin of Paris. They combine two of the most sought after luxury fabrics in their design with the supple leather palms and softness of the cashmere glove top and thumb. A selection of Lanvin accessories can be found at Nordstroms. This gift would definitely require professional cleaning, as opposed to something that you can take care of at home and be a little more expensive than the average pair of gloves.Fossil-Mens-FS4545-Black-Leather-Strap-Black-Analog-Dial-Chronograph-Watch1

Lastly, there is one accessory that not only serves the purpose of keeping time, but also is an integral part of completing your look: the watch. Even though it may not be an everyday accessory for all men, there is always a time when a watch is the perfect mens accessory to an outfit. For example, this Men’s Black Leather Strap Analogue Watch by Fossil combines gold and silver tone metals in the face and watch bezel, along with the black leather strap to make the perfect gift choice if you are not sure if they prefer white metals or more golden hues.

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