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Hem Tags:  An Alternative to Traditional Branding

When it comes to clothing, tags are the perfect way to advertise your brand. A custom created logo will make it easy for customers to recognize your designs and for you to keep your clothing distinctively different from other designers’ items. Clothing tags are woven from many different materials that include damask, taffeta, and satin. The traditional places that you will find clothing tags are on the inside of the neckline of a shirt, along a side seam on the inside of the item, or on the inside of the waistband. However, there is another place that brands have used to put their tags to gain the most exposure:  the hem!

hem tags shirts

Hem tags allow a designer to display their logo in a more visibly prominent place. The areas that are most commonly used for hem tags are the arm and bottom hem. The hem tag actually becomes part of the finishing process in the design and adds more interest, as well as advertising your brand. Another advantage that the hem tags have over the traditional neck and seam tags is that they are in a spot that will cause less irritation to the skin that the neck or seam tags. Sometimes the materials that are chosen to create the tags are picked for their durability and price, so they may not be the softest against the skin. Some designers have even chosen to go tag-less, using a printed or heat-set method of putting the logo and information directly on the fabric instead.

shirt hem tag man

If you do decide that hem tags are the way that you want to advertise your brand, then you want to make sure that it is the right tagging method for the type of material that it is. Hem tags wrap around the hem and follow the original hem stitches or are stitched directly onto the front of the hemline, so they would work best on a thicker material like cotton, wool, or a ponte knit that would be substantial enough to support the tag. Also, the hem tags would probably work better with fabric that does not have too much stretch-ability.

Thread-Wolf-Custom-Hem-Tags hats

No matter what type of tags that you choose to promote your clothing brand, you can count on to custom make a tag that is just right for you.

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Review of Jack Erwin Ellis Chelsea Boots

“Shoes speak louder than words” says Tribeca-based brand Jack Erwin. Wearing their Ellis Chelsea Boot from the Foster Collection, I’d have to agree. Available in calf-leather Arabica or Black, or the 100% suede Brown, I chose this final option. The suede exterior creates an understated masculine sensibility which transitions well between the office and the bar. I wore them with a granite colored suit, and they color blocked outstandingly. Similarly, I chose to pair them with a dark indigo wash skinny jean and they shined against the more casual attire.


In terms of comfort, the Ellis Chelsea Boot took under an hour to break in. At first I was worried about the inside architecture of the boot as it struck me as quite tough, yet as soon as it molded to my foot, these easily became the most comfortable footwear I own. All of Jack Erwin’s shoes are handcrafted in Spain, and this level of quality is apparent on both the interior and exterior. The rubber sole makes them resilient against the most treacherous of slushy, wintry conditions and the pull tab means you can easily remove them as soon as you return to the safety and warmth of the indoors.


All in all, the Ellis Chelsea boot more than fulfills the heritage of Chelsea-boot style footwear. It is versatile, uniquely inviting, and most importantly, a classically handsome item on trend, without being trendy. I also covet their Carter Wingtip Combat Boot, and after testing the Ellis, I will be ordering it ASAP.

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Why No Show Socks Are Perfect for Shorts

Whether you’re a bike courier or a beach bum, or you happen to be a stay-at-home dad or working from a home office, shorts and/or three-quarter length pants might be your go-to wardrobe option. And with great reason — shorts and short pants offer a kind of freedom some guys need to get things done around the house, on the go, in the yard, or while simply messing around out in the world.

And while shorts and three-quarter length pants offer the kind of versatility you may be looking for, there is a kind of cardinal rule about wearing them: you can’t rock socks. Ever. Shorts and socks together make it look like you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t care how you look, or just don’t know about a perfect little solution to your problem: no show socks.


When you couple a quality pair of no show socks with shorts or high-rise pants, you avoid having to make that awkward decision: “Do I just go full knee-high sock and own this look or ugly plain white ankle socks that make this whole outfit look a mess? Or worse — do I forego socks altogether and risk the discomfort, blisters, and odor?” Never again!

Instead of the above set of less than great choices, utilize no show socks in one of two varieties. Pick the shorts, three-quarter length, or high-hem utility pants for the day, choose the sneakers, boat shoes, or casual slip-ons you want to wear with them, and slide into a pair of no show socks.

For your everyday sneakers or regular ankle-height skate shoes, you’ll pick a pair of standard no show socks. If you plan on wearing slip-ons by Vans, Tom’s, or other similar brands, you’ll want to pick a pair of extra low no show socks so they stay completely out of sight.

With premium cotton, nylon, and spandex blended no show socks between you and your shoes, you’ll enjoy all the comfort any other standard length sock will bring you without broadcasting to the world that you’re wearing socks at all. So, the totally sockless look is completely attainable — without the discomfort of actually going sockless — which is a must when you’re wearing shorts or short pants. Enjoy cruising around in the style that suits you best; there’s no shame in wearing shorts, only in doing so with socks that disrupt your otherwise cool, laidback look.

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PROFILE by Rob Lowe: Men’s Skin Care and Grooming Products

If you have seen Rob Lowe at any point in time throughout his acting career in movie and TV, the one thing that stands out is that he seems to never age. Whether you recognize him from one of his earlier roles in “St. Elmo’s Fire”, “The West Wing”, or his current show “The Grinder”, you have to be wondering how he stays so young looking. In recent interviews, Rob has divulged his secret to “agelessness” to be attributed to a lifetime of great skincare. Now that he has two sons of his own, who have asked for his guidance when it comes to grooming and products, Rob has spent the last six year developing a skin care line for men that will help every man to have clean, healthy, younger looking skin.

rob lowe skin care photo

When Rob Lowe was developing his line of skincare, PROFILE, he took several factors into account about the difference between men’s and women’s skin, in order to specifically target a man’s needs. A man’s skin is 30% thicker and 20% oilier than a woman’s complexion because of larger pores, smaller oil glands, and the presence of testosterone. Therefore, in order to meet the skincare needs for grooming and anti-aging, the formulations of the products have to be different from any of the women’s products out there.
profile skin care by rob lowe

In his product line, Rob Lowe tries to address men’s skin issues with formulas that “rescue, restore, and renew” to keep skin healthy and fight the signs of aging. PROFILE is geared toward soothing skin from the harshness of shaving, hydrating to plump the skin for a more youthful appearance, and also lifting/firming/line reduction to combat the signs of aging.

Every great skin care system starts with a cleanser and PROFILE has “ACTION”, which will rehydrate as it cleanses. Following the cleansing step with a specially formulated shave gel like “PRO-COMFORT” will help to exfoliate and replenish skin with the vitamins that are needed for health. Rob Lowe also has targeted elements to his line that will improve the look of the skin around the eye area and overall face to keep those years at bay. At, you can shop for individual products or try the whole system for $187.50, which is a great price if you compare it to the prices that women can pay for their high-end skincare items.

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Catherines: One of the World’s Finest Shopping destinations for Plus Sized Women

Catherines is a specialty American retail chain which offers fashion clothing and accessories for plus sized women. With a history dating back more than 55 years, the brand has several retail outlets spread out across the US and also caters to global consumers via an online web store. Purchasing off the online store offers many benefits to consumers, especially if Catherines online discounts are made use of.


This specialty retailer caters to a niche market, offering high quality clothing and accessories in extended sizes. Merchandise to be offered is based on the latest fashion trends, while also featuring sizes and forms which are difficult to find elsewhere. The brand is extremely popular with plus sized women, with a wide range of beautiful clothing products and accessories being featured. Serving products with a proprietary fit, women all over the world have grown to recognize and acknowledge the retailer to be a premium brand.

The retail brand offers a full line of clothing for large sized women, including dresses, bottoms, tops, swimwear, intimate wear and active wear among others. Apart from clothing, the retailer also offers various accessories, such as jewelry, shoes, glasses, ponchos and scarves. Consumers can also find special designer collections, bestselling products and a range of black label clothing featured in stores. The retail chain features merchandise from a large number of top brand manufacturers – a definite sign that products will feature the best of quality.

While the brand specifically caters to large sized women, recently it has also introduced a special section of merchandise, catering to petite women. All products can be sourced from retail outlets, as well as from the online store. Consumers can also find a range of promotional offers, including clearance sales, cash redemption deals, free shipping and special rebates on the online store and also through Catherines promo codes.

Over the years, the retail brand has maintained the highest level in terms of quality of products and also in customer service. By serving a unique niche, the brand has also strengthened its customer base through various programs and perks, including gift cards. However, the retail brand proves to be much more than a simple shopping destination. The brand is actively involved with the plus sized women’s community, engaging, inspiring and informing women about the best trends in fashion. It is certainly no wonder that the brand has such a loyal base of followers worldwide. Canadian women can access merchandise in retail outlets and off the online store, they can also choose to make use of Catherines Canada coupons to earn some attractive cash back or rebates across their purchases. Plus sized women will not find any better shopping destination than this retail brand.

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Tips for Transitioning Your Fall and Winter Fashions

Do you have your fall-to-winter fashion transition down to a T? Have you planned your wardrobe around neutrals with season-appropriate colors ready to go? Maybe you have carefully built up a revolving collection of cardigans that can carry you from leaf-kicking autumn walks to the more serious business of building snowmen on a sunny winter day. Once you reach this point, you may be in a position to face each season confidently, but there is one wardrobe staple that is often overlooked, jewelry. Make sure you are ready for winter with a jewelry collection that can make any outfit sparkle!


Layering the Basics

One classic trend that has stood up to the passage of time is layering, whether that’s with sweaters, coats, or scarves. The shapes and colors may change, but the basics remain the same. Whatever your collection of staples looks like, it is time to add some brooches to your wardrobe. You can stick to the basics here and wear your heirloom pieces on your lapel or scarf or you could wear them on your cuff, mix up the look with several brooches, or choose a design that is completely modern.

Layering Is Here To Stay

Popular jewelry colors this year are found in the yellow, whites, and rose shades – of gold, that is. You can’t go wrong with a bold and beautiful white gold adornment at your shirt sleeve. You’ll be even more up-to-date if you layer together multiple necklaces and bracelets. One expert describes this look at “feminine and glorious”. Your fashion choices should be no less. Whatever your favorites are, get them the attention they deserve by going big and bold or by layering them to achieve more volume.

Go Intricate or Chunky

When you want to talk about wardrobe essentials this fall/winter, you have two great choices: intricate and delicate jewels with a lacy, royal feel or bold and chunky silver necklaces. Both of these styles were plentiful on this year’s runways. Add both to your collection, so whether you are attending a favorite holiday theater event or bundling up for an outside adventure, it will be easy to accessorize.

Wear Headpieces

If you love to embrace the newest fashion trends head on, then the headpiece may be your favorite accessory this year. It’s true that they’ve been around for many years, but this might be the year that this fashion piece really shines. Whether you wear one under a hat or abandon the hat altogether, this year’s vintage-inspired headband is all the rage. From fall and winter brides to college students and serious movie stars, you’ll see headbands with small flowers on a ribbon, delicate tiaras, and pearl ringlets. Choose something a little bit heavier to carry off your winter outfits.

One Single Earring

Another bold fashion move that was popular this year is the single earring. Make it big and dramatic, perhaps pair it with a smaller earring, and you’ll be ready to pull off this new winter trend.

Make It Over-sized and Dramatic

Finally, you’ll find that many of this year’s accessories are over-sized and chunky, like this ring from Milano. Whether you are wearing floral earrings or a chunky tanzanite ring, go big – very big. The rings, earrings, brooches, bracelets, and necklaces are making statements this season. So, go ahead and start with a simple pair of slacks and a basic sweater. Decide whether you need a coat and a scarf or not. Complete the look with your attention-grabbing, oversized, favorite piece of jewelry – and then make it all you.

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