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Review of The Drake by VIVOBAREFOOT

Going barefoot has always been a very popular option for a lot of people. On softer surfaces like sand, it was exactly the way that feet are supposed to function. The problem with that is the modern world that we live in is made of hard surfaces like concrete and pavement that we were not meant to walk on barefoot, even though being barefoot gives you a better feel for your terrain than a standard shoe with layers of padding.

drake shoes 1VIVOBAREFOOT was developed from the need to find a shoe that would offer you maximum feedback when it comes to your own body’s position in reference to your walking environment, but also is able to provide you with a protective sole to keep your feet safe in the modern world. It had been noted throughout the decades that a number of the injuries to feet and ankles was caused by the type of footwear that was selected.

drake - model shot

The Drake by VIVOBAREFOOT is the perfect example of an everyday sneaker, but with the barefoot attitude. It all starts with the white, puncture-resistant sole that has no padding or artificial arch support to mask your feet from feeling your walking or running terrain. It is a minimalistic design and a barefoot-lover’s dream. The upper is crafted of supple grey suede that has a low profile toe box and also is a mid-length shoe height, which is the ultimate in a casual and comfortable shoe. The toe box stitching is reminiscent of moccasin style shoes, but the upper ankle part of the shoe is fashioned more like a sneaker with the padded Achilles, pull-on red strap, and lace-up closure. For extra comfort, this leather shoe has perforations around the ankle and tongue area of the shoe.

drake shoes 2

In the flexibility department, the Drake can be rolled up almost into a ball, which shows off the thinness of the sole and quality of the suede used. At VIVOBAREFOOT, the Drake will cost you $150, but will be different from any of the shoes that are probably in your closet already – it really is that unique! As for style, it is right on trend for wearing with a nice t-shirt and your favorite jeans. VIVOBAREFOOT shoes are comfort and style all rolled into one!

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Early Fall 2015 Fashion Trends for Men

It is hard to think about summer ending, but one of the things that is always something that people look forward to is fall fashions. It is a time when the fabrics are more substantial, the colors are saturated, and texture is taken to the next level. When you are looking to see what is trending in men’s fashion, you only have to look at the runway shows for the current year.


One perfect example of color saturation for the fall is a London runway look that is created by Richard James. The peacock teal suit jacket, dress shirt, tie and matching shoes is a rich, deep tone that goes well with the dark black trousers. Richard James also added the flecks of orange/red to the jacket, shoes, and tie to keep the teal color from looking too flat and being too overwhelming.

paris-mens street fashion fall 2015

A trend that never seems to go out of style is the baseball jacket. Designers just keep reinventing it with different colors, fabrics, and details. For example, on the streets of Paris for this fall are looks like this satiny fabric baseball jacket that is done a great olive green, which is considered the black of the season. The jacket is detailed with a ribbed collar, sleeves, and waistband, as well as some strategically placed zippers. Another thing that is really fresh about this look is how it is paired with a classic tunic length, black top, skinny leg trousers, and a snazzy pair of black and white oxfords.

calvin-klein-close-ups fall 2015

Lastly, who can discuss Fall trends without talking about accessories. The design house of Calvin Klein is right on top of things with these metallic blue looking sunglasses to shade your eyes from the sun, as well as be the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. Also, they kick up the work boot a notch by using a textured ankle piece and ski boot-like, striped piece in addition to the laced leather upper and lug sole, which gives them added interest. Lastly, Calvin Klein shows us a car length coat that has the luxuriousness of black patent leather, seaming details, and the usefulness of large flap pockets.

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maharishi Displays Militaristic Fall/Winter 2015 collection

Recently, British label maharishi displayed its Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The brand, founded in 1994, is unlike most because of its ideals, as well as the stories and unique processes behind the materials it uses. In Sanskrit, “maharishi” means great spiritual leader or Hindu sage. Founder Hardy Blechman started the label with the goal to create environmentally-friendly and reusable clothing, as well as to integrate pacifist Hindu ideals in the way his clothes were made.

Maharishi collection


Much of the materials used in these autumnal maharishi pieces come from disposed military garments, which are sent to India to be washed in saffron water, smudged in herb, and blessed to remove military association. This gives a sense of purity to the wearer, knowing the clothing was made with the environment in mind and with the idea of peace in mind.

The collection itself is rugged, dark, and earthy due to the nature of the former military garments primarily featured. Despite the pacifist ethos, the styling and utilitarian clothing sends off a very intimidating and militant feel. A heavy utilization of facial coverings and ski masks give an insurgent or covert operations vibe on top. Technical fleece, camouflage, black combat boots, and gleaming black leathers, matched with intimidating stares from the models did good to conceal the peaceful ideals behind the collection.

Maharishi 2

The show did follow the current trend of flowing and looseness in its sweaters, jackets, and parkas, which were often open and left to billow behind. A huge, long, flowing, knit vest that looked almost like a blanket and a high-collar reflective windbreaker were the largest standout pieces of the collection, with a fur-lined parka carrying a generous amount of fur following close behind. Although the collection was cleansed of all combat-ready association, it still showed heavy military influence in its presentation on the runway, utilizing the “upcycled” former military garments to do what they do best.

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Review of SWIG Executive Flask

For reviews.

The development of the “flask” as a beverage carrier is thought to be the brain-child of the Norwegians, who needed to carry their drinks with them for long distances because of their nomadic existence.  The flask itself was made from many different materials throughout the years like leather canteens, glass, pewter, silver, and even plastic.  Today, however, the flask has been transformed from drink carrier into a luxury accessory.

swig 1

At SWIG Flasks, one such example of a flask that is a luxury accessory is the “Swig Executive Molded Blue Flask”.  The shiny stainless steel housing is seamless in order to prevent leaks and has a sexy, molded shape that is just the right size for the modern consumer.  What is different about the flask’s leather pouch is that it is hand-molded with wet leather, in order for the casing to have a custom fit.  Then, the leather is stitched along the top, side, and bottom edges to highlight the handmade construction.  The leather pouches are available in other colors like black, brown, orange, and Union Jack, which is representative of the British flag.  Each one is embossed with the SWIG logo.  The regular price of this particular flask at Swig Amazing Hip Flasks is 89 Euros, but even better is the sale price of 69 GBP.

swig 2

The Swig Flask is nice- looking enough to display in a home or office, but the maker’s intention is for it to be loved and used when the need arises in your everyday life.  It is as much a luxury accessory as an Italian leather wallet or a handmade leather briefcase, making the Swig Flask a great gift for yourself or someone special.  If this particular one is not the style you are looking for, their flask store has a selection of ones with differently styles leather pouches or even a flask that is sans the leather pouch all together.
swig 3

I know I’ll be using mine for the weekend!

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6 Tips To Help You Buy Shoes Online

Till a few years ago, buying a pair of shoe meant going to a shop or a mall, trying many pairs of shoes and then making a purchase. But in today’s date and time, all you need to do to buy shoes is to click a few keys on your computer or phone and your pair will be delivered to you. Online shopping has made things very easy for shoppers and especially shoe lovers. However, you need to be a little careful while buying shoes online.


The following are the top 6 tips to help you buy shoes online:

  1. Take your correct measurements-one of the things that you need to focus upon while buying shoes online is to take your correct measurements. Remember that different shoe manufacturers may have different shoe sizes. Always refer to the size guide and size chart given on the retailer’s website.
  2. Browse on different platforms-always browse through the shoe range of different manufacturers and only then shortlist the ones you think are the best. Never finalize a shoe without enough comparison since there are loads of options out there for you.
  3. Check the shipping rates and timings-it is important to know how much you will be charged for shipping and how much time will it take for the product to reach you. The shipping details are always mentioned on all online shopping sites.
  4. Shop from a reputed website -make sure you shop from only a reputed and well known online store to assure that the quality of the shoes is high and that you get to avail the best customer service possible.
  5. Always check for returns and refund options-when it comes to shopping for shoes, always check the returns and refunds policy of the seller. It is always better to shop from one which offers you easy and convenient refunds and returns options.
  6. Check for possible offers and discounts-in order to make the most of your experience, always check for ongoing discounts, offers and sales. If you have a coupon, do make use of it at the time of checkout to get the best rates possible.

There are many good online stores that gives you reliability, offers and meet all of the above points. One such website is This online retailer offers you a wide collection of not just shoes but also handbags, jewellery, denims and much more. In order to make the best of your experience of shopping at, you must become a VIP member and avail the fabulous discounts the retailer offers. In order to become VIP member of this site, you will need to take the style quiz, get a personalized boutique and then save loads of your money while shopping. There are innumerable benefits of becoming a VIP member of and some of them include getting monthly personalized boutique with items especially for you, exclusive deals, amazing VIP member credits and option of free shipping/free exchanges.

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Close look at the recent Nike Air Huarache range

The Nike Air Huarache was first released in 1991 and enjoyed huge success due to its stylish and futuristic looks.  The sneaker was also made popular for its high comfort levels thanks to the use of a revolutionary neoprene sock lining. Nike ran with the now famous advertising slogan “Have you hugged your foot today?” the shoe was also in TV commercials featuring running star Michael Johnson. The last few years saw a massive comeback for the Huarache with the general public once again embracing the unique style. The now retro look is more popular than ever and Nike set work on re-releaseing some of the original colourways as well as many brand new designs. Here’s a closer look at a few of the recent stand out releases. If you love the retro style checkout this impressive range of Nike Huarache. Enjoy.

nike-sneakers-1 Nike Air Huarache – White / Sport Turquoise / University Gold

We had to include this new release as it’s actually not a new release at all. This recent re-release is one of the original colourways which was first released in 1991. The colours and style look just as great today as they did back then and it definitely has that retro feel. The white body is complimented perfectly with the original turquoise and gold inserts and is finished off nicely with the iconic heel cage.


Nike Air Huarache – Wolf Grey / Pool Blue

This addition is one of the brand new colourways which was released in June 2015. The cool grey tones and light blue inserts result in a futuristic look which manages to be both neutral and cool. We love the use of contrasting grey tones and close knit mesh toe vamp which helps further add contrast to the design. The white laces and dark grey heel cage really pop against the wolf grey body and Nike have even used a clear transparent outsole which looks fantastic.


Nike Air Huarache – Navy / Rattan

This navy and rattan addition was also released in June 2015 and adds a perfect toned down casual sneaker to the range. The design uses a really nice dark navy which is complimented with a neutral cream, featured around the heel and outsole. The pair comes with matching dark navy laces and heel cage which blend into the body well. To add contrast Nike has used a slightly lighter and brighter blue around the toe vamp. The result is a very well balanced classic new design which has been super popular.


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