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Dharma Revelation Sun Sunglasses

If you have been anywhere near the winter snow storms this year, you long for days filled with sunshine and warmth.  However, even though the sun has been scarce, you should be protecting your eyes with sunglasses throughout every season of the year.  Even without the glare of the sun, the snow has its issues when it comes to vision.


Now, aside from the protection of sunglasses, they also make a fashion statement.  One such company that has a selection of stylish sunglasses is Dharma Eyewear Co.  Designed in Manhattan, this particular brand of eyewear is able to give you the choice of prescription and nonprescription sunglasses that will not empty your bank account. At Dharma Eyewear Co, they feel that everyone should have access to fashionable eyewear.


One of my favorite styles at Dharma is the Revelation Sun sunglasses. It combines the boldness of the acetate upper frame with a sleek, metal- trimmed square lower lens to produce a serious and intelligent look that is modern, but also gives a nod to vintage.  The Revelation Sun comes in a timeless tortoise brown, called “Roadside Coffee” or a solid black upper frame, which is the Onyx.  The complimentary colored lenses are constructed of a shatterproof polycarbonate material, are polarized with 100% UV protection, and have both an anti-scratch/anti-reflective coating.  The adjustable nose piece makes it a personalized fit.  As well as all the quality details put into every frame, one of the best part is that they are sold at the incredible price of $99!

Dharma Eyewear Co. also helps you to protect your investment with a NY designed flat-folding case and a microfiber cloth specifically for cleaning, in order to keep them safe from damage and in a condition that will last you for years to come.  Also, with every purchase of Dharma Eyewear there is a donation of 5% for those who cannot afford needed eye exams, which makes it a “feel good” purchase for you too.


Now, one huge question that is always on people’s minds, whether they are buying prescription glasses or sunglasses, is “Will they look good on me?”  Now, when you are browsing around an optical shop in person you have the ability to try on all the styles you want, but when buying online it can be a difficult choice.  At, they have solved that issue by implementing a virtual system using “Magic Mirror Software” that allows you to see an image of yourself with the frames that you have selected with the use of your own computer’s webcam. It works great, as long as you follow the full set of directions at their Virtual Try-on page. Honestly though, with a few easy steps, you can take and compare up to 4 images side by side at a time, making buying glasses online a breeze. Best part? You can even share the images on your Facebook profile, getting your friends green with envy before your new Dharma’s even show up in the mail!

Post brought to you by Dharma Co.

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Rain Wear Accessories For Spring 2015

For those of us tired of wading through piles of snow and slush with the winter weather, the thought of Spring is a breath of fresh air. Even though the temperatures will be getting better and the sun will be shining more, we will still have to deal with some wet weather. The key is to be prepared with clothing and accessories that will make the transition smooth. At, there is a selection of quality made outerwear and accessory items to get you through the rainy season.

2xH Brothers wesley jacket

Even though you are probably dying to put away the heavy winter coats, gents, in the Spring you will still need a men’s raincoat for a little warmth and protection from the wet weather. One great coat for that purpose is the 2xH Brothers Wesley Jacket. It is a car-length coat that is constructed in a 65% polyester and 35% cotton weave that will give you some protection on those drizzly days. The deep navy color will fit into your own wardrobe seamlessly. The pointed collar and welt pockets keep the jacket’s look sleek.  It will run you $223, but is a great investment piece from year to year.

rain boot

Next, you will need something to keep your feet dry when the April showers hit. At East Dane, they have Hunter Boots which are a shorter length rain boot for $135 that are made of a waterproof rubber to keep your feet warm and dry while wading through the puddles.

AMI Vibram Sole Brogues lug sole shoes wing

Another dressier option might be the AMI Vibram Sole Brogues that is constructed of glossed leather with decoratively embossed trim, but the thick lug sole is the key to keeping you striding through wet pavement. These are pricier at $460.

green umbrella

Lastly, in order to keep yourself totally dry, you will need a good umbrella. At East Dane, expect a selection of handcrafted umbrellas under their travel accessories that have solid and telescoping handles to fit your need. My favorite is the dark green Fox Umbrella that is handmade in England with a wood crook handle, polished metal hardware, and a telescoping handle to transport more easily. It is $90, but has a handcrafted flair.

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How to Set Up Your Own Cigar Room

Prepared to graduate from fine tobacco lover to expert? Sooner or later, you’ll abandon the little box humidor on your study’s desk and opt for something more sophisticated in your display AND consumption of cigars.


For instance, consider the sheer variety of fine tobacco products to take delight in. All of them are good but my all time favorite are the the grape flavored splitarillos. All of this fascination and taste inevitable leads to better stogie choices, a much bigger stogie humidor and maybe even a private stogie retreat. Consider these alternatives as your dedication develops.

Humidors which offer big-time stockpiling open doors and can offer both temperature control and humidification. Quality bureau makers, for example, The Humidor Store, StewartBeckwith and others can help you with the basics: regularly in rich wood completes with all-Spanish Cedar insides.

Blend humidors and wine/spirits basements, some with iceboxes for cheeses or different snacks. These can be truly favor and are regularly accessible from wine stockpiling groups. These are normally of top notch and typically extremely costly so be prepared to drop some serious coin.

A definitive addition to the fine tobacco aficionado  is the “stogie room.” Like the wine basement, its exceptionally built to comply with the right temperature and moistness necessities and can have capacity for a huge number of stogies – what’s more the armchair, extra large flat screen TV and spirits and snacks bar to appreciate them with. Simply make certain your arrangement likewise incorporates a top of the line ventilation arrangement.

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Top 6 Rookie Fashion Mistakes Men Make

If you are a guy reading this article, good for you! Too many don’t care enough about their appearance to bother, but those who do have a significant advantage when it comes to establishing expertise in the workplace and a good reputation with the ladies.

Guys have it easy compared to what women go through to look their best, but a lot of us still make some basic mistakes. Trim these fashion faux paus from your routine and get ready to turn heads.

too big shirt man

Improper Clothing Fit

It was on sale. You’ve lost weight, or gained it. You want to be comfortable. The most expensive, quality item will fail to flatter if it is the wrong size.

Whatever your reason for wearing clothes that are not a good fit, it is time to do away with these pieces. I think we can all agree that clothes that are too tight never look good. The mistake more men make is believing that clothes that are too large are acceptable. At best this looks lazy and sloppy. Even worse, it often makes you look slighter (if you’re already thin) or heavier (if you tend in that direction) than you already are. Leaving your shape to the imagination rarely works in your favor.

A nice, tailored fit emphasizes your strong features, looks professional, and helps you look your best.

Lack of Attention to Details

Men are not always used to thinking about accessories when the time comes to dress more professionally and create a wardrobe that includes more than sweatshirts with your college mascot splashed across the front. Belts, shoes, and socks are more important than you think to your overall look.

Belts and shoes should be the same color, and must be in good condition. Scuffed shoes and belts with stretched out holes need to go. Socks should be the same color as your pants. They seem like minor details, but don’t ruin the effect of that tailored suit with ugly shoes or a casual belt.

Overdoing It

You want everyone to know that you have style, we get it, but you don’t have to shout it from the rooftops. In other words, be subtle. The style that I see that is not subtle and should be left behind well before leaving your teens is brand advertising. If the most noticeable feature of your clothing is the brand name announced across the front of your shirt, it may be time for a make-over. Show the world that you have style without marketing for your favorite brand.

Other areas that men overdo it in? Hair product and cologne. Chose a style that suits you and can be maintained with your hair type without cementing it into place. As for cologne, just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean nobody else can. If your standard scent is strong enough for you to tell it’s there, it’s too much.

Terrible Ties

This starts with the fabric that you choose. Move up from cheap polyester ties to a more pliable and attractive silk or wool tie. They will make it easier to achieve that nice knot, which becomes the second problem men have when it comes to ties.

The size of your tie knot should appear balanced with your shirt color and jacket lapel. The length should reach your beltline but not extend below your belt.

Pocket Bulging

You do not want people asking, “Is that an over-stuffed wallet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” The effort put into a great fit, coordinated accessories, and the perfectly knotted tie will all be wasted if you ruin the effect with pockets that are bulging with devices, business cards, and a wallet that is too thick.

Minimize what you carry in your pockets and use a briefcase if you really must have all that stuff. A money clip is a more attractive alternative to a wallet that tends to collect junk.

Copying Magazine Styles

You’ve seen women’s magazines and you’ve seen real women. You’ve noticed the differences. The same goes for men’s magazines. Since men are newer to the idea of fashion, they can be more likely to take something from a fashion magazine that is too outlandish or not suited to them and giving it a try. Be careful to take away only what will look good on you and be well received in the region in which you live.

Mark Greene is a writer for men’s lifestyle website Mens Axis and a fashion enthusiast who is currently living in Chicago, IL. Based in one of the most exciting cities in the world, Mark observes modern fashion and trends on a daily basis and likes to share styles that help men look their best.

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Six Good-For-You Weigh Loss Drinks

Whether it was 10 pounds or 100, most of us have had to struggle with weight loss at some point in our lives. With countless the countless diets and exercise routines out there, it can be difficult to even know where to begin. Why not start with what you drink? Sodas and other sugary drinks are full of calories but have little to no nutritional value. Replacing these drinks with ones that will quench your thirst and benefit your health is great way to get your weight loss journey started. Here are six drinks that will help you sip your way to healthy weight loss.



Water isn’t just good for keeping the body hydrated. Drinking water can also help you to avoid overeating by causing you to feel full faster. This 0 calorie beverage has also been proven to boost a person’s metabolism by up to 30%. Water is cheap and easy to access, so go ahead and drink up.

Black Coffee

Hold the sugar and cream. Black coffee is another 0 calorie drink that can benefit your health when consumed moderately. Black coffee has lots of antioxidants. These antioxidants improve your mood and concentration as well as reduce diabetes and cancer risks. Stay focused on your weight loss goals with the help of black coffee.

Green Tea

Green Tea is also a beverage that contains plenty of beneficial antioxidants. It has also been known to increase metabolism by up to 40%. It’s tea time!

Fiber Drinks

Fiber has many health benefits. It lowers the risks of diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Fiber keeps your body digesting food properly. The best part about fiber is that it can help you feel more feel, therefore you will eat less!


Both fruit and vegetable juices can help you lose weight. Fruit juices are know to be rich in vitamins and nutrients, but be sure to avoid juices with added sugar. It is best to drink fruit juice that contains pulp because of the added fiber. Vegetable juices are also very nutritious, and they have about half as many calories as fruit juices. They are also very high in fiber, helping you to feel full faster and eat less. So, why not drink your fruits and veggies?

Low-fat Milk

Milk contains calcium to strengthen your bones and teeth, lactic acid to give you glowing skin, and protein to build your muscles. What you may not have known is that low-fat milk can also help you break down fat cells faster. The calcium in the milk suppresses the amount of fat-causing hormones made in the body. And it can also help to decrease your appetite. Drinking low-fat milk, in moderation, can be very beneficial to weight loss.

If you are struggling to change the things that you eat in order to lose weight, have no fear. You can always start by changing the things that you drink.

This guest contribution comes from Cherry Creek Weight Loss Center. They customers with hormone therapy, Hcg injections, as well as personalized nutrition plans.

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Must Have Styles for Spring Break 2015

Must-Have Styles for Spring Break 2015

As spring slowly approaches, everyone is looking forward to getting out of town to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation after a long winter. Spring break quickly becomes the highlight of the season for everyone, and the perfect time to incorporate some new styles into the wardrobe.

This season’s styles are fun and festive, perfect for jet setting to a warm destination and exploring a new culture. Anyone can use these ideas to create the perfect spring break looks. Here are some must-have styles for spring break 2015.

Must Have Styles for Spring Break 2015

Sheer layers

Sheer styles have been extremely popular in the spring season. Sheer items like the ThirdLove selection of sheer bras are great pieces for adding dimension and interest to any outfit. Sheer layers area also perfect for covering up while outside in the sun without being completely concealed. Anyone can incorporate some sheer pieces to layer into their spring looks.

Non-traditional animal prints

Animal print is always a fun addition to spring fashion. This season, animal prints are not plain or ordinary, but unique and eye-catching. Looking for an animal print in an unexpected material like metal or an unusual color is a fun way to make animal prints look young and vibrant again. Try this in a handbag or pair of flats to add a pop of fun to any outfit.

Athletic causal wear

Spring break can be full of physical activities, and no one wants to sit out just because they did not bring the right clothes. Luckily, many new designers are creating athletic wear that can function as well on the street as it does in the gym. This is a great way to be comfortable and ready for anything on a spring break trip.

Classic sunglasses

Eye protection is important on a sunny vacation, and sunglasses can add an extra level of style and sophistication to any outfit. This season, everyone is going back to the classic looks for sunglasses, including Audrey Hepburn style cat-eye sunglasses. This classic look pairs perfectly with even the trendiest ensembles.

Lightweight, vibrant scarves

Scarves are not just for the winter anymore. Last year, many people began embracing the idea of a lightweight scarf as a spring and summer accessory. Lightweight scarves in bright colors can serve a number of purposes. They can not only dress up any boring or traditional outfit, but they can also add a light level of warmth on a cloudy day.

Cool cover-ups

From the beach to the bar and back again is a common cycle for the average spring breaker. Walking around the bar in just a bathing suit, however, is not always ideal. Grabbing a simple and cool cover up is the perfect solution.

Casual shirtdresses

Shirtdresses are a classic staple that work perfectly in the vacation setting. Most often, they are made out of a material that does not wrinkle easily, perfect for packing. They are also easy to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion or event.

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Win A Dozen Pairs of Adidas Trainers!

A great new contest just popped up everyone! Over at Mainline Menswear, one lucky winner will get 12 Pairs of adidas Originals trainers over the course of a year! Here’s a quick video promoting the giveaway:

To enter, go to the contest page and leave your name, email address and mobile number. Simple! Good luck.

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