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Men’s Fashion Trends – What’s New In Accessories For Spring/Summer 2014

When it is time to start thinking about freshening up your wardrobe for spring, you should also be thinking about some new accessories, as well as clothing items. After seeing some of what is new in men’s accessories for Spring/Summer 2014, both color and texture have made a reappearance for the new season.


In the category of carry bags, Valentino has taken both the popularity of the camouflage pattern and mixed it with the bright colors of orange and green in this flashy leather tote. It comes with both shoulder and cross-body straps to make it easy to carry, also the studded detail on the straps give it added interest. For something a little less colorful, Gucci has a rich brown leather backpack that has the ability to lock its corners to keep your items safe and also tote handles to turn it into a tote bag.

second coral moc

Another man’s accessory that you should think about re-vamping for spring and summer is footwear. Color, patterns, and texture still pay a huge part in what’s new for shoes and sandals this year. One classic silhouette in footwear is the driving moccasin, however in the CH Collection for Spring/Summer 2014, they have revved it up with a bright coral colored suede. If you are not big on too much color in your clothing, then try it in a shoe or accessory.

Givenchy python leather sandals

A second item of men’s footwear that has been modernized with color and texture is the Givenchy python print leather sandals in blue and brown. The python pattern itself, as well as the blue and brown tones, are neutral enough to blend right into your wardrobe, but interesting enough to stand out in the sandal category.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – The Belt: An Under-Appreciated Men’s Accessory

Belts are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about high fashion. Sure, they’re not as elegant or unique as garb that necessitates shelling out for wedding insurance – think of what the policy on Kate Middleton’s dress must have been! – but not even when it comes to talk of accessories do belts get respect. There is always lot more buzz about ties, watches, and shoes, but not a whole lot about belts.

In a man’s wardrobe today, belts have become something more than just something to hold your pants up. They have the ability to change the whole look of an outfit. Belts come in many styles and fabrics. Whatever trousers, jeans, or shorts that you are wearing, there is a belt that will compliment the look.

dg designer belts


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Men’s Accessories Advice – Selection of Men’s Neckties for Fall

As the Summer starts to fade, the clothing colors become richer and the fabrics become a little weightier. In the magazines and on the street, you begin to see more of the greys, chocolate browns, navy blues, and deep burgundy hues in suits, sports jackets, trousers, and shirts. One way to keep your darker colored clothing from becoming drab, is to dress them up with interesting ties for Fall 2012. All across the Web are huge selections of designer ties in many different fabrics, patterns, and colors.


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Men’s Fashion Advice: Choosing the right watch for the outfit

Years ago, most people only owned one watch and wore it every day. Now, watches not only tell the time, but are also an accessory. Both men and women have accepted the idea that it is ok to own more than one watch and that certain watches will be more appropriate with some outfits more than others.

For a casual day at the beach or walking around town in a pair of cargo shorts, t-shirt, and sandals you might want to look into a silicone strap watch. Emporio Armani makes a great looking chronograph blue silicone watch. It is water resistant up to 50 meters and has a modern style with orange accents against the cobalt blue. Check out some other Armani watches too while you’re at it: http://www.thewatchking.co.uk/brands/emporio-armani-watches.html


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71. What to look for/away from in duffle bags

INFEASIBLE: Multicolored nylon bags

Gucci navy nylon trademark logo duffle
(From Bluefly)

Duffle bags are handy dandy, especially with airliners these days tacking on additional charges for separate pieces of luggage. They’re also subject to the strict rulings of fashion despite their functionality. For some reason, Gucci thought they should not only make an expensive nylon bag shaped like a cigarette, but also throw the colors of AMERICA on it (not to mention a big ole logo). Sorry guys, this one’s just too imperialistic for me.

Feasible: Classic leather bag

(Brought to you by Overstock.com)

Ah, classic. Fine treated leather, numerous pockets, strong strap, durable. And 1/7 the price of the other, jingoistic one.

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