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Spotlight on Men’s Style in Newport, Rhode Island

For menswear.

As soon as the good weather hits along the East Coast, people flock to seaside destinations like Newport Rhode Island. Founded by English settlers in 1639, Newport has long been an attraction of the wealthy and those seeking terrific ocean beaches and a hip nightlife.

jcrew ludlow sportcoat in navt lightweight cotton

In the area of fashion, Newport RI is teaming with designer shops and a vast selection of resort wear. For example, a look that I saw a lot of on guys strolling the cobblestone streets to the restaurants was similar to this J.Crew Ludlow Navy Sports Coat that is done in a lightweight cotton fabric for $168 and actually is able to be purchased at www.jcrew.com for an extra 30% off, for a limited time. It is paired with a casual, light-blue button-down, summery white trousers, and a thin brown leather belt.

man on boat

Another popular fashion trend I spotted on the streets of Newport was the mixing of unexpected colors, as in this boating outfit that consists of a lavender, mandarin collar button-down that is put together with a pair of saturated terra cotta rolled up pants. You wouldn’t think of putting those two colors together, but they actually work. The unusual combination is also set off by the bright white boat shoes, for a nice contrast.


Lastly, since Newport Rhode Island is known for its beaches, then you should have the right clothes for surfside. For example, this Polo t-shirt in dusky mint green, the window pane shorts in tan, and the American Eagle Outfitters leather flip flops for $19.99 will take you from your beach chair to the Cliff Walk, along the Bellevue Avenue Mansions. Of course, don’t forget the aviator sunglasses and sporty ceramic watch to complete the look.

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How to Mix Patterns, Color in Spring Wardrobe

Two of the biggest trends this season for both men and women are the mixing of patterns and adding color to your wardrobe. With woman, it may be a little easier to adopt these trends because women tend to wear more patterned clothing than men and they also have the ability to add a pop of color with a hair accessory, a new handbag, or a bright pair of shoes.


However, mixing patterns and unexpected colors into a man’s wardrobe can feel a little unnatural. It can be accomplished by following a few simple rules. In order for the different patterns to not compete too much, it is best to stick to a color palate that has three different colors or less. One example is this runway outfit by Viktor Rolf for Spring 2013. The total look is achieved with the colors of blues, greys, and black. If you look closely at the button-down shirt, it has a subtle, tonal design that runs in a striping pattern across the collar and down the body of the shirt. The cuffed shorts and sport coat are done in a sharp geometric pattern of greys that also pick up on the blue tones. The whole outfit is grounded nicely with a dark charcoal colored overcoat. This look may not be everyone’s style, but you can follow the same principles with less bold patterns. A brand that’s doing some similar matchings but in a less “avante-garde” style is jack jones uk.


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65. More pocket squares love

For menswear.

INFEASIBLE: Green pocket squares

Kelly Green 16″ by Elite Solid
(From Wild Ties)

As promised, more wisdom on pocket squares. Here’s an easy one to compute: Don’t ever use a green colored pocket square. Sure, it might half-work with a pure white suit, but you’re not going to wear a bleached suit (unless you’re JT, respect) and it won’t go with any other kind of suit color.

Feasible: Your standard white linen pocket square

J. Crew White linen pocket square
(Brought to you by J. Crew)

A white pocket square, however, works with every imaginable suit color. Blue, navy, black, gray, white, red (but don’t you dare buy one) – it’s simple, it’s distinct, don’t get it dirty and learn how to fold it (see? Even Details can get it right).

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34. Caps go on the head

For menswear.

INFEASIBLE: Driving caps with *crazy* colors

(From J.Crew
No one, including models, should ever wear something like this. Driving (or “cabby”) caps are silly to begin with, but then to go and make one consisting of a patchwork of a nauseating designs? The horror, J. Crew, THE HORROR.

Feasible: Corduroy hats

(Brought to you by Macy’s)

If you’re going to wear a cap, go corduroy. This one in particular looks good even on this android-looking fellow. And hell, if you’re feeling frisky, you could even throw a pin advertising your favorite band* on it. Totally ill, son.

*Weezer’s ok, but I do like the pin.

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What Shoes To Wear With Khakis

For menswear.

INFEASIBLE: Light-colored khakis with black, green, or red shoes

Khakis are a finicky thing. I’ve previously discussed how khakis don’t work with some types of shirts, and now it’s time to talk about how light-colored khakis simply don’t work with some types of shoes, in this case shoes of particular colors (i.e. black, green or red). Just look at the picture above; how could anyone think shoes that look like they’ve been through a pound of manure could ever work with that nice pair of smooth gray khakis?? Seriously, the color/chino of the khaki just accentuates the shittiness of the shoes. Anyways, red and black shoes never look particular nice with them either (and I don’t care what they say).

Feasible: Light-colored khakis with brown shoes

Now brown shoes go splendidly with any light-colored khakis, even brown ones I dare say. This pair from Zappos would work no doubt (and not with just khakis, mind you).

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