Spotlight on Menswear Designers: New York Fashion Week

In New York City this week, things are heating up in the world of fashion. Every February and September, designers from all over the world converge on several different venues throughout the city to show their Spring/Summer collections for the coming year. Eleanor Lambert founded the event in 1943 and it has been a place for up and coming, as well as seasoned designers to showcase their talent.
jcrew fashion week mens nyc

For menswear at the New York Fashion Week, you will see designers that create more classic style clothing items like J. Crew. The American, multi-brand retailer has a Spring/Summer Menswear Collection that embodies both comfort and style. As you can see by these three runway looks, layering is important for J. Crew. On the far left, they started with the basics of lightweight khaki trousers and a casual button-down shirt, then dress things up with a navy shirt/jacket.  The lace-up white sneakers and rolled pant cuffs keep the casual-chic vibe going. The middle look shows that stripes and prints are back with the wide-spaced blue pinstripes on the collared shirt, which is paired with a navy dot design undershirt and belt. The menswear look from J. Crew that is on the far right shows the importance of denim for 2016. The thought that all the denim that you wear has to match in tone has definitely been put by the wayside for this year. The top-stitched, medium denim over-shirt looks great with the slightly darker denim wash shorts. Using a lighter blue button-down and saturated navy tones in the bucket hat and striped slip-ons helps to make the bi-color denim items work.

libertine collage fashion week nyc

Some of the menswear designers at New York Fashion Week 2016 are more atypical when it comes to their design concepts. Libertine is one of those designers. Their use of graphic design, mixed with a modernized screen printing technique has created a collection that has a cult following, which includes entertainers like Mick Jagger and Taylor Swift. In this runway collage, skulls and leopard print rule with the graphic printed sweatshirts, hoodies, and bottoms. This collection is a mélange of objects and colors that can be a little intimidating for traditionalists, but for those who like to live “out of the box”, Libertine can be an exciting addition to your closet.

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Survey of Graphic Tees in 2015

The t-shirt has been a staple in both men’s and women’s closet forever.  Whether you are wearing it under a summer suit jacket or lightweight cardigan, with your favorite blue jeans, or with your swim trunks at the shore, the t-shirt can be an essential part of any look.

Graphic t-shirts are the modern version of the plain t-shirts.  They are used as more of a fashion accessory or statement piece than their plain counterparts.  The first printed t-shirt was in made in the 1950’s and the artistic explosion began there.  The graphic t-shirt displayed clothing design house logos, political views, and artwork through pictures on clothing. Today, the graphic t-shirt transforms an essential piece of clothing into a surprisingly clever fashion accessory regularly on shelves of urban brands like RVCA and KENZO.
New-2015-summer-Han-surf days 1983-min

For example, this “Surf Days 1983” in a heather grey cotton weave is a throwback to the vintage tees designs that are still very popular today.  School/College logos, products found during that time period, or musical groups will spark a memory for those of us who are old enough to remember and are an interesting conversation piece, as well as a clothing choice.


This American flag imprinted skull and wings graphic t-shirt by BlackRock Denim & Co., manufactured in a slim-fitting, thin grey fabric is a modern cut and a bold statement accessory for your wardrobe.  The patriotic theme and the skull with wings graphics are popular separately and together in an, uh, unique crowd…

CURRENT-2015-graphic t geometric-min

If you are a the kind of guy who doesn’t like wording on your clothing, than you may like the style of graphic t-shirts that are just a design, like this white men’s t-shirt with the infinity sign that is constructed of neutral colored triangle shapes.  The shapes are interesting and they use it to uniquely form a universal symbol that has almost a 3-D effect to it.  This would be a great addition to a casual summer linen suit jacket to give your look a little more “edginess”.

abs graphic t-min

You can even get those 6-pack abs that you have always wanted imprinted on a graphic t-shirt if you want like in this one with the snake, eagle, dragon, and shield in addition to the “gym perfect” pecks.  A bit gimmicky, if you ask me!

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Reasons to Choose Custom T-shirts

Many people enjoy feeling like they are a part of a team, and custom t-shirts can turn any small group into a team. When you give a group of people the same color and style of t-shirt, they can show the world that they are a team and enjoy the uniformity that the shirts will give them. Church groups, sports groups, school groups, family reunion groups, and more can all enjoy wearing custom shirt. You can find Express Press custom t-shirts online.

quality tshirts fast prints

If you are trying to show off your group’s look, custom t-shirts is an easy way to do it. When you dress alike, you can easily keep up with your group in a crowd and others can enjoy looking at your custom made shirts wherever you go. Your group can enjoy having unique clothing with your team’s logo proudly screen printed or embroidered onto them. You can also enjoy picking out a unique picture from a company’s clip art if you do not want to upload your own image. Custom t-shirts are an excellent choice for anyone looking to unify their team.

A team of people can enjoy the feeling of camaraderie that comes with wearing custom t-shirts. They can feel like they belong to a group and enjoy being seen as a group by others whether they are wearing a t-shirt to promote a fundraiser or wearing a t-shirt to promote a school team or even a business.

Custom t-shirts are a great way to show off your style. You can have several different shirts made up for an affordable price in any color that you want. You can find amazing artwork that will help your custom shirts stand out. You can create a fashionable shirt that you can enjoy wearing for a long time to come.

Quality custom made t-shirts are made to last. You can enjoy choosing a look that is going to be right for your specific needs. You can order custom t-shirts in almost any size so that everyone in your group can have one that fits just right. If you want to add a finishing touch to your team’s appearance, customized t-shirts are the way to go.

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Cutless Coupons: T-shirt blow out

Good lord, it’s f’ing cold already! And don’t t-shirt vendors know it. Check out these coupons for some significant discounts on an assortment of quality tees. I know I’m excited…

First up, Bustedtees offers a 10% discount off any tee in stock. Just use the following code when you check out:


Palmercash is honoring a code worth a 15% discount code. I’m a fan of this batman logo shirt, personally.


Finally, Inogu Fabrics sent me a special coupon for cefashion readers – rejoice in the 10% savings on graphic tees inspired by Asian Art History & Mythology until November 11th!


Go forth and save!!

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Farofa Nation Tee

Farofa Nation always makes a fine t-shirt (see the previous cefashion post about them) and they were nice enough to send over another hot piece. Let’s check it out.
I gotta say I think the bright red is perfect material for a circuit party or rave. I could definitely see myself reciting and reliving the mores of PLUR while rocking this tee. I could also see the form-fitting design being helpful in the accompanying sweaty and “excited” situations.
I don’t know what this caricature of a face represents or refers to, but it too goes well thematically with blaring trance music and erratic dance moves. When I take the picture in, I think “Don’t take any pills offered you in the bathroom, or else you’ll end up looking like this all night.” In any case, this is a fun and youthful t-shirt – I give it two glowsticks up.
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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of a T-Post tee

Anything can go on a t-shirt these days. Jokes, pockets, caricatures of Judith Butler, frills. So why not editorials?

That’s T-Post’s angle, a group of Swede who champion their shirts as “the world’s first wearable magazine[s].” Ambitious idea – as you can see, their first “issue” addressed questionable collegiate classes promoting the study of marijuana farming, pornography, and other conventional “vices”. The articles’ fun, but not terribly well-written. I feel like the novelty of skimming someone’s mediocre argued tee-print wears off fairly quickly.
Social commentary isn’t the only weirdness happening on this tee. A fully reversible piece, the inside features this, uh, unsettling image. I’m not sure what scissors and dirty bags have to do with classes about drugs and sex, but hey, I graduated a while ago, what do I know about university? This much is true: The shirts themselves are durable and the stitching’s proper. If this kind of “unique” expression fits your game, check out this Swedish operation at 

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