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Cutless Coupons: T-shirt blow out

Good lord, it’s f’ing cold already! And don’t t-shirt vendors know it. Check out these coupons for some significant discounts on an assortment of quality tees. I know I’m excited…

First up, Bustedtees offers a 10% discount off any tee in stock. Just use the following code when you check out:


Palmercash is honoring a code worth a 15% discount code. I’m a fan of this batman logo shirt, personally.


Finally, Inogu Fabrics sent me a special coupon for cefashion readers – rejoice in the 10% savings on graphic tees inspired by Asian Art History & Mythology until November 11th!


Go forth and save!!

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Farofa Nation Tee

Farofa Nation always makes a fine t-shirt (see the previous cefashion post about them) and they were nice enough to send over another hot piece. Let’s check it out.
I gotta say I think the bright red is perfect material for a circuit party or rave. I could definitely see myself reciting and reliving the mores of PLUR while rocking this tee. I could also see the form-fitting design being helpful in the accompanying sweaty and “excited” situations.
I don’t know what this caricature of a face represents or refers to, but it too goes well thematically with blaring trance music and erratic dance moves. When I take the picture in, I think “Don’t take any pills offered you in the bathroom, or else you’ll end up looking like this all night.” In any case, this is a fun and youthful t-shirt – I give it two glowsticks up.
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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of a T-Post tee

Anything can go on a t-shirt these days. Jokes, pockets, caricatures of Judith Butler, frills. So why not editorials?

That’s T-Post’s angle, a group of Swede who champion their shirts as “the world’s first wearable magazine[s].” Ambitious idea – as you can see, their first “issue” addressed questionable collegiate classes promoting the study of marijuana farming, pornography, and other conventional “vices”. The articles’ fun, but not terribly well-written. I feel like the novelty of skimming someone’s mediocre argued tee-print wears off fairly quickly.
Social commentary isn’t the only weirdness happening on this tee. A fully reversible piece, the inside features this, uh, unsettling image. I’m not sure what scissors and dirty bags have to do with classes about drugs and sex, but hey, I graduated a while ago, what do I know about university? This much is true: The shirts themselves are durable and the stitching’s proper. If this kind of “unique” expression fits your game, check out this Swedish operation at t-post.se. 

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