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Spotlight on Brunswick Park Smarter Apparel

For menswear.

It is always exciting when something totally new and different shows up on the fashion scene.  A Boston based company called Brunswick Park Smarter Apparel decided that since “Ath-leisure wear” has been a hot style of clothing for casual dressing, not just the gym, that performance fabrics should also be available for more formal office-wear.  They developed a fabric that is made of a luxurious Merino Wool blend that is bonded with a layer of cotton to give the fabric substance and durability.  It is a type of material that will be breathable, stretch with your every move, and best of all machine washable!
Brunswick-Park-men and womens jackets Brunswick Park has also taken the basic wardrobe necessities of men’s blazers, hoodies, and women’s suit jacket and given them athletic-style extras like a credit card sized zip-pocket on the inner wrist of every jacket, so that you can carry a card or a little cash without having to have the bulk of a wallet or purse.  Also, in the woman’s collarless jacket, the designers from Brunswick Park had the brilliant idea to have the lower section zip off, so that you can have the option of wearing your jacket with a longer look or cropped.

jacketgraphic brunswick park

Brunswick Park had the idea to launch their clothing products on Kickstarter to see what the interest would be and they were able to triple the original amount of their campaign pledges.  Their prices for their men’s and women’s clothing line range from $159 to $199 because Brunswick Park opted to keep their products out of retail stores and deal strictly on line.  The company owners are able to then pass the savings on to the consumer because they don’t have to participate in the customary retailer mark-up..


So, if you love what ath-leisure wear fabrics bring to the casual world of dressing and want the same comfort in more tailored apparel, then Brunswick Park Smarter Apparel may be for you.

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Keeping Cool With Linen Clothing

For menswear.

When it comes to warm weather clothing, you need to be able to reach for items that are constructed of breathable fabric. Natural fibers like linen are great at keeping you cool, while letting you look crisp and comfortable.

Mens linen pants-min One great attribute of linen fabric itself is that it is supposed to have an inherent “wrinkled” look, which is great for those who hate to iron, although the wrinkles come naturally while you wear them, so you may want to give your linen clothing a “once over” or steam before you put them on.

white linen shirt-min

One of the items that are one of the essential menswear linen pieces for summer is pants. These lightweight, casual pants are the perfect accompaniment to a cool tank top or t-shirt and flips flops. Linen trousers will give you the extra leg coverage that you want, but in the summertime fabric that you need. Many people think of linen in the traditional off-white color, but now you will find linen in many different hues, like this bleached denim blue color.Natural-linen tshirt-min

Linen shirts are also a “must-have” essential item for your summertime wardrobe. This cool and comfy gauzy-white linen with the half-button front placket and rolled up sleeves says “beach vacation” without even having to be near the shore, while this natural linen v-neck t-shirt has a more modern tweed/abstract animal print that would be perfect with a pair of jeans or chino shorts for an outside cafe lunch in the city.

2015-linen blazer-min

If you are looking for something that is a little dressier in linen, but still has that great summertime feel, then check out this two-button natural linen blazer with the thin lapels, slit pockets, and button sleeves. This jacket is a great versatile piece that could be paired with either pants or shorts for the perfect summertime look. You can even treat your feet to some linen with these colorfully leather-trimmed linen driving mocs to complete you “easy/breezy” look.

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CONTEST: Win a free blazer!!!

For contests.

Ladies and gents, it’s time for another great contest! This time, we’re giving away A FREE BLAZER courtesy of KnotStandard! AWESOME STUFF! Here’s a few possible looks for you to consider – also check out their online selection:

knotstandard blazer blazer-knotstandard

Entering is easy! Just follow KnotStandard on Instagram and then leave the name of the Instagram account you used to follow KnotStandard in the Rafflecopter widget below. Easy! Contest ends next Friday, March 13th. Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win Prizes Online!

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5 Tips for Packing for a Fall Weekend Getaway

For menswear.

The leaves are turning, the weather is cooler and you’re taking off for a weekend getaway. But your closet is still full of summer shorts and t-shirts. Not sure what to pack for that three day, two night trip? Let us make it easy for you with a quick five point guide to dressing smart while fitting everything into a carryon or weekend bag.


1. Chinos are the perfect fall casual pant. Choose classic tan chinos or navy for an easy, laidback look that can be dressed up for an evening out.

2. Sport coats are an absolute lifesaver. Seriously, don’t even think about leaving home without one. A sport coat or blazer is the perfect way to style up a casual look, provide a place to hold your keys, wallet and mobile phone and add a touch of sartorial savvy to a relaxed weekend. We suggest the Navy Windowpane Blazer. Comfortable and versatile, it works well with chinos, jeans and slacks.

3. A dress shirt, two Polo or Henley tees and a pullover will get you through every event, gathering or activity you have planned. Wear the dress shirt with slacks and a blazer for Friday night dinner. Choose a lighter colored Polo with slacks for that early Saturday morning round of golf. The Henley works well with jeans and a cardigan or sweater vest for Sunday lunch.

4. Sneakers and a semi casual pair of shoes or boots. Choose quality leather for the shoes and make sure they are comfortable, polished and (mostly) odor free. Wrap shoes in a shower cap or plastic bag when packing.

5. Don’t forget the Dopp Kit! Also called a shaving kit, the Dopp Kit is really a bag within a bag that carries all the personal grooming essentials – shampoo, shaving cream, razor, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, nail clippers, condoms, aftershave, hair gel, chapstick, comb – you will need. Whether you’re going fishing, to the mountains or visiting family, stay clean shaven and well groomed easily with all the right pieces in one place.

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Men’s Fashion Spotlight – Ralph Lauren Blazers For The Winter

For menswear.

One of my favorite designers for men’s blazers is the iconic Ralph Lauren. His jackets are classically tailored and his designs are timeless. Blazers are such versatile pieces in your wardrobe, and Ralph Lauren offers some very impressive pieces that can be worn with dress pants, chinos, or your favorite pair of jeans.

Ralph Lauren Herringbone Sport coat

As I have said previously, a blazer is an item that can tie a whole outfit together. Given the season, the materials turn to the richness of wool and other denser fabrics like corduroy. One of my favorite blazers from Ralph Lauren is a black and cream, 100% virgin wool herringbone sportscoat. It comes with sloping shoulders, a notched lapel, double back vents, and the distinct details of suede patched elbows, a two-button closure and buttoned cuffs. It is an exquisitely constructed piece that is made in Italy, which explains how it retails at $1300+ at a high end store like Sage Clothing.

ralph lauren 3 button corduroy sport coat

The second look from Ralph Lauren that I really like is way more on the casual side: a 3-button Corduroy Sport Coat. Yes, 3 buttons may still be largely out ofvogue right now, the 100% cotton corduroy in a medium brown tone, with notched lapels, two flap button chest pockets, and cozy interior pockets more than vindicates the piece as downright fun. The rich brown is a ringer for Fall fabrics and it makes the perfect layering piece over a button-down shirt, a sweater, or under a down quilted vest. This particular blazer will run you a lot less at around $400 and will not lack in top quality fashion!

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Online Shopping vs. Traditional Shopping?

For menswear.

In these tough economic times, fashion lovers are faced with a tough task: finding the very best deals on the items that they want to buy. For many, looking good is not just a vain consideration, but it’s part of who they are and what they do on a day-to-day basis. Developments in technology mean that we can make purchases at the click of a button, and this is undoubtedly very convenient. But is it the best option when it comes to saving cash? Here, we’ll take a look at the factors that come into play.


Firstly, let’s consider supply and demand. The basic rules of economics mean that when something is readily available, the prices will plummet through an effort by retailers to make the sale. As the online marketplace becomes saturated with clothing suppliers, they’re becoming more and more competitive, and as a result, are keen to offer low prices. On the high street, there simply isn’t the amount of competition. Yes, there might be several other shops, but a quick internet search will often bring up hundreds of thousands of options. Looking at the big picture though, online and department stores are actually in competition with each other. As prices drop online, bricks and mortar stores need to keep up. In many cases, you’ll find that because of this, prices remain fairly similar.


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