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5 Tips for Packing for a Fall Weekend Getaway

The leaves are turning, the weather is cooler and you’re taking off for a weekend getaway. But your closet is still full of summer shorts and t-shirts. Not sure what to pack for that three day, two night trip? Let us make it easy for you with a quick five point guide to dressing smart while fitting everything into a carryon or weekend bag.


1. Chinos are the perfect fall casual pant. Choose classic tan chinos or navy for an easy, laidback look that can be dressed up for an evening out.

2. Sport coats are an absolute lifesaver. Seriously, don’t even think about leaving home without one. A sport coat or blazer is the perfect way to style up a casual look, provide a place to hold your keys, wallet and mobile phone and add a touch of sartorial savvy to a relaxed weekend. We suggest the Navy Windowpane Blazer. Comfortable and versatile, it works well with chinos, jeans and slacks.

3. A dress shirt, two Polo or Henley tees and a pullover will get you through every event, gathering or activity you have planned. Wear the dress shirt with slacks and a blazer for Friday night dinner. Choose a lighter colored Polo with slacks for that early Saturday morning round of golf. The Henley works well with jeans and a cardigan or sweater vest for Sunday lunch.

4. Sneakers and a semi casual pair of shoes or boots. Choose quality leather for the shoes and make sure they are comfortable, polished and (mostly) odor free. Wrap shoes in a shower cap or plastic bag when packing.

5. Don’t forget the Dopp Kit! Also called a shaving kit, the Dopp Kit is really a bag within a bag that carries all the personal grooming essentials – shampoo, shaving cream, razor, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, nail clippers, condoms, aftershave, hair gel, chapstick, comb – you will need. Whether you’re going fishing, to the mountains or visiting family, stay clean shaven and well groomed easily with all the right pieces in one place.

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Men’s Fashion Spotlight – Ralph Lauren Blazers For The Winter

One of my favorite designers for men’s blazers is the iconic Ralph Lauren. His jackets are classically tailored and his designs are timeless. Blazers are such versatile pieces in your wardrobe, and Ralph Lauren offers some very impressive pieces that can be worn with dress pants, chinos, or your favorite pair of jeans.

Ralph Lauren Herringbone Sport coat

As I have said previously, a blazer is an item that can tie a whole outfit together. Given the season, the materials turn to the richness of wool and other denser fabrics like corduroy. One of my favorite blazers from Ralph Lauren is a black and cream, 100% virgin wool herringbone sportscoat. It comes with sloping shoulders, a notched lapel, double back vents, and the distinct details of suede patched elbows, a two-button closure and buttoned cuffs. It is an exquisitely constructed piece that is made in Italy, which explains how it retails at $1300+ at a high end store like Sage Clothing.

ralph lauren 3 button corduroy sport coat

The second look from Ralph Lauren that I really like is way more on the casual side: a 3-button Corduroy Sport Coat. Yes, 3 buttons may still be largely out ofvogue right now, the 100% cotton corduroy in a medium brown tone, with notched lapels, two flap button chest pockets, and cozy interior pockets more than vindicates the piece as downright fun. The rich brown is a ringer for Fall fabrics and it makes the perfect layering piece over a button-down shirt, a sweater, or under a down quilted vest. This particular blazer will run you a lot less at around $400 and will not lack in top quality fashion!

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Online Shopping vs. Traditional Shopping?

In these tough economic times, fashion lovers are faced with a tough task: finding the very best deals on the items that they want to buy. For many, looking good is not just a vain consideration, but it’s part of who they are and what they do on a day-to-day basis. Developments in technology mean that we can make purchases at the click of a button, and this is undoubtedly very convenient. But is it the best option when it comes to saving cash? Here, we’ll take a look at the factors that come into play.


Firstly, let’s consider supply and demand. The basic rules of economics mean that when something is readily available, the prices will plummet through an effort by retailers to make the sale. As the online marketplace becomes saturated with clothing suppliers, they’re becoming more and more competitive, and as a result, are keen to offer low prices. On the high street, there simply isn’t the amount of competition. Yes, there might be several other shops, but a quick internet search will often bring up hundreds of thousands of options. Looking at the big picture though, online and department stores are actually in competition with each other. As prices drop online, bricks and mortar stores need to keep up. In many cases, you’ll find that because of this, prices remain fairly similar.


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Men’s Fashion Advice – End of the summer sales

If you are the kind of guy who likes great quality clothing, but doesn’t want to pay full price, then now is the time of year to start looking for items to add to your wardrobe. The “end of the season sales” can be the best time to stock up on essentials for next season or just pick up that piece of clothing that you have had your eye on, but didn’t want to top dollar for.

For example, at bergdorfgoodman.com there is a classic denim blazer by Michael Kors that is located in the men’s sale section. It has a notched lapel, a welt chest pocket, two flap pockets, a two button closure, and comes in a versatile indigo cotton denim. This is a great casual item that was originally $495, but has been marked down to $222.


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Men’s Fashion News: The Traveling Trend of the Casual Sports Jacket

After a great trip to LA, we arrived back at LAX about four hours early for our return flight. While we were hanging around at Gladstones, relaxing and killing some time, we had the perfect view of passengers coming and going. Normally, you expect to see guys dressed up in suits, flying to and from their business meeting destinations, but I noticed that a lot of travelers were mixing the tailored crispness of a sports jacket with more casual clothing items to create a great look.

One gentleman that stood out of the crowd was wearing the perfect navy blue blazer with medium width lapels, trimmed in gold buttons on the front closure and the sleeves. He had coordinated it with a crisp white button-down shirt, which he kept with an open collar, and a pair of belted khakis. The brown leather loafers were also the perfect compliment to his look. It was a style that I could see coming from the pages of the Ralph Lauren catalogue.


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Men’s Fashion Advice: Linen Blazers

Paul McGregor – Owner of Brighterman, specialising in mens accessories

With the spring/summer season in full swing, it’s only right we reviewed an item of clothing that has been extremely popular this season: the linen blazer. The sartorial side of men is finally appearing, with smart yet casual trends appearing anywhere you look. A linen blazer is growing in popularity among many designers’ collections along with high street retailers such as All Saints. Brands such as Gant also see the importance of the linen blazer also. But why all the interest?

Well, for one, a blazer always adds that elegant touch to your looks as the simple addition completely transforms a look from casual to formal with the addition of a linen blazer. The lightweight material makes the blazer perfect for the warmer days and can be layered over either a t-shirt or casual shirt. Dependent on how formal or how casual you want to go, work around the linen blazer. You can use accessories to add colour to the look or either make the look more formal or more casual. For example, adding colour and elegance using a red skinny tie or bow tie, pairing it with a slim fit shirt, tailored chino shorts and brogues. A pocket square also adds elegance and adds a chic feel to your look. If you want to loosen up the look, pair a linen blazer with a graphic t-shirt, chino shorts and tasseled loafers, accessorise with a mens brown leather belt.

A linen blazer really is timeless and can be worn all year round, suitable for all types of events whether it’s a first date or a job interview. Achieving a smart yet casual look is really on trend this season, and defiantly something you should be taking inspiration from.

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Contest! Win a complete outfit from Parc 81

Gents, time for another great contest! We’re thrilled to offer the chance to win a FULL OUTFIT from Michael Brandon!! Check out what you could be rocking below:

Yes, that’s right: a free pair of jeans, a shirt, and a blazer!! In case your curious, Michael Brandon is the label for the wholesale division at Parc 81, which services a classy look with mass appeal. Parc 81 provides quality menswear, mixing both classics and fashionable style into edgy and eye-catching looks for men. Celebrities who have been seen wearing Parc 81 lately are Tim Urban, Manny Streetz, Simon Huck, and Jonathan Cheban.

There’s only one way to try and claim the outfit: Post a comment to this very post explaing to us whether the three button blazer will ever be hip again. I think it will…in like 88 years. We’ll select the winning entry at random. Limited to persons of 18 years and above. Size restrictions: Shirts: Small – XXL; Pants: 30 W – 38W. (Select Styles 40W); Jackets: Small- XXL (38- 44)

The deadline’s Friday, September 3, 2010 at 6 p.m. EST. Mark your calendars and put your fashion-thinking hats on! And don’t forget to include your email address in your submission! Good luck gents!

Brought to you by Parc 81.

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