3 Ways Stylish Men Break the Rules with Panache

For a long time, men’s fashion has been limited to suit and tie. However, things have changed a lot today and the new generation stylish men are no more afraid to experiment with their looks. They break rules proudly and do so with panache.

Here are some tips to break any established menswear style rules and make a personal statement with confident.

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Rule #1 Your Belt and Shoes Should Match

The first step to break any rule is to know it thoroughly. This will help you to stay true to the tradition while blowing up everything else.

The belt and the shoe rule is one of the most basic fashion rules. To break it you need to first understand it; what goes with what, the dos and the don’ts and how should it look on you and so on. Once you are aware of what to do and what not to do, you can throw that rule out the window every now and then. The same theory applies to the more conservative match your belt and your shoes rule.

As said, you need to stick to the tradition. This means, wearing a black belt with brown shoes is still a taboo but you can definitely try different tones of brown belts to match with your shoes. Many men often try to pair up their belts with the exact same tone of their shoes without considering the fact that there is enough room for mix and matching.

The only thing to keep in mind is that your belt and shoes should be in the same basic color-wheel and they must complement each other. You can even wear a blue, red, white or even a neon green belt as long as it compliments your outfit. The trick is to wear whatever you want with confidence and take your style persona to the net level.


Rule #2 Mixing Different Patterns

When it comes to demolishing fashion rules, you need to embrace the changes in fashion world. New lines of menswear are coming up almost every week to keep things fresh and unique. Pattern clashing is a great way to spice up your wardrobe without breaking your bank.

Mixing patterns is nothing new and many men are pro in it. One of the simple rules to follow here is keeping the pattern same i.e. stripes on stripes and checks on checks. Pattern clashing, on the other hand, is more dynamic and less common on the street. In fact, this style is readily adorned by runway models and you must have seen examples of mixing different patterns in leading fashion magazines.

Wearing this style (and breaking the norms), however, will definitely turn some heads, provided you pull it off properly. To nail the look you need something in block stripes, check prints, polka-dots, floral and other interesting prints.

Now start the fun part: pattern clashing. Wear check trousers with patterned socks or a patterned tie with a print shirt. You can even team up your print blazers and patterned pocket square together to look more flamboyant. If you are a beginner in pattern clashing, we recommend starting small.

Also, don’t overdo it. Since you are introducing more than one pattern into your attire, opt for something in neutral as a base color. Another rule of thumb you need to follow here is limiting to two patterns at a time. Mix your patterned pants with a printed blazer but keep your t-shirt/shirt plain and in neutral color to nail the look.

There are many rules you can break here such as combining black and navy or wearing trainers with a suit, but do it one at a time.black-suit-mens-fashion

Rule #3 Wearing Suits Sans Socks!

Suits are formal wear and you need to remain true to dress-codes while adorning them, right? Not necessarily.

For example, there is enough room for you to skip socks when wearing a suit. This rule breaker is an added bonus and life-saver during hot summer months. Ditching your socks is a new, stylish way to stay cool as temperatures rise. However, this look is strictly limited to casual suits.

Steal this look for warm summer events, especially outdoor events. But there are three things to follow here:

First, opt for a narrow, slim-fit suit that compliments your body shape. Tailored casual suits are your best options when ditching socks. In fact, such suits look fantastic without socks.

Now if you think tailoring is too expensive and out of your budget, there are many online tailoring stores offering men’s bespoke suits at affordable rates. But never compromise on the quality of the suit as cheap looking material is noticeable even to the most average person and won’t leave a high impression about you. It must be well-made.

Your suit must be cut closer to the body to create a sleeker silhouette and the pants should have slight or no break.

Second, your choice of footwear is important with bare ankles. A brown suede loafer is a better option when going sock less. Be careful with black shoes as they are the most formal footwear and are likely to create a striking contradiction.

Third and finally, take proper care for your shoes and your feet. Sweaty feet are neither comfortable nor stylish. To remember to use some foot-powder that absorbs moisture and save your shoes from turning into sweat sponge.

Alternatively, you can opt for a low cut, no show socks to wear with your suits.

3 suits

Breaking fashion rules is nothing new. Men and women have been doing that for ages and there are many other style rules to break. But one thing you should stick steadfast to is your comfortability.  Any style looks good as long as it is practical.

Remember rules are meant to learn and then to be broken. But it is equally important to do so with taste, keeping your individual style in mind.  And don’t worry about what others are thinking, wildly colorful socks were once considered as fashion faux pas until they became more popular and mainstream.

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Top Trends for Men’s Suits for the Summer of 2015

While suits have been around for ages, you’d be surprised to learn just how many different styles of them are available, from the obvious in terms of colors to the not-so-obvious subtle differences in cuts. Some suits may always be in style, but if you want to really stay ahead of the fashion trends and formal menswear, the following are THE styles of suits for the (hopefully) hot, sweltering summer of 2015:

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are anything BUT boring. If your personal tastes for menswear tends to gravitate towards neutral colors, you’re in luck. Beige and creamy colors are in, including nude tones as well. Because they’re quite light in appearance, these colors give off a fresh look that’s perfect for a warm summer’s day. Plus, you can experiment with them and wear white dress shoes or casual summer sneakers.

Redish-Pink Monochromatic

No, that’s not a tongue twister. Redish-pink hue suits are in for the summer of 2015. The only thing is to go completely uniform in it, so make sure that pants and the jacket both match. It’s not only eye-catching, but it allows you to play around with some striped pattern dress shirts under the jacket. Our recommendation: a white and black checkered shirt. Even a traditional white dress shirt with a black tie gives off a sharp, yet casual appearance.


Blue is the New Black

Unlike the TV series, for mens suits, BLUE is the new black when it comes to menswear in the Summer of 2015. What blue offers that black doesn’t are the sheer number of variations in color tones that can accompany it. You have a multitude of more options to chose from, and you also can play around with more patterns. Black suits will always be in no matter what, but blue is certainly the more trendier of the two right now, and when you see the sheer amount of options you have with it, you’ll understand why.


Separate But Solid Color Schemes

This trend is simple but still lets your personality shine forth. All you have to do is make sure that every piece of your suit is a different, yet solid color, from your pants to your dress shirt to your jacket to your tie. You could have four different colors if you prefer, it doesn’t matter. You’ll really be able to mix and match and see what you feel comfortable with, all while being extremely fashionable.

Silhouettes and Casual Suits

There’s been more of a focus on being comfortable during the hot months this year. We all know how hot you can feel in suits at times, even during the winter, so if that really seems to bother you, you’ll be happy to know that silhouettes are now not only becoming a standard for those who live next to the beach, but also for those attending various workplace meetings. If silhouettes just don’t do it for you, you can try pants that go down to just below your knee, various sporty jackets, or low cut dress shoes / sandals.

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Conquering Today’s Business Casual

In most of today’s companies, the dress code is “business casual.” The trouble is, what that term means has changed a lot, leaving a lot of guys looking either clueless or just like everyone else with no individuality. These tips can get you back on fashion track.


Get your cut and sizing right.

The general rule of thumb is that your clothes should fit close to your body, creating a natural-looking silhouette without being too tight. Slim cuts achieve this extremely well. You can use the following as a slightly more specific guide for sizing:

  • Make sure the rise of your trousers -the length from the inseam of the crotch to the waistband – doesn’t extend significantly below your actual crotch.
  • The cuff of your pants should rest slightly on top of your shoe without bunching. Jeans can go a touch longer.
  • Your waistband should sit around the narrowest part of your torso. Jeans can go a bit lower.
  • Shirt sleeves should just cover your wrist bone. Jacket sleeves should leave about half an inch of the shirt sleeve cuff exposed.
  • Shoulder seams should sit on your body’s shoulder, not down on the upper arm.
  • Shirts should be long enough to tuck in at least two inches.

Remember, the expense of tailoring is worth having a wardrobe that actually flatters you!

Embrace layers.

Layering provides the opportunity to mix textures and colors, creating more interest. It also is extremely functional–just take off a layer or add it back for temperature comfort. Your three dressier go-to outer layers will be a slim-sleeved blazer (ideally in navy, like this one from The Idle Man), shorter-cut sport coat (ideally in tweed) and a jacket (ideally narrow-waled corduroy in a warm or muted tone). These garments add shape to your torso. They also look great over a polo or shirt and tie. Sweaters over a dress shirt work, too. Just make sure they are thin, slim-cut and solid in color, and let the cuff of the dress shirt show a little.

For a cardigan, get a relaxed feel by leaving a button or two at the bottom undone, and keep the armholes high. If you want a break from layers or it really is too warm, pick a fitted dress shirt with a creative print and dressier collar.

Mix clothing, shoes and accessories from different styles.

Making one new fashion out of several styles is bold, but it works because all the pieces are things others are familiar with. As an example, you might pair a slightly more rugged-looking boot with dress pants rather than jeans. The key is just to make the colors appropriate for the business setting. Even if you stay within one style, little details like choosing an undershirt that’s not white can make a big statement.

Anchor your look with the right shoes.

The best shoes for business casual include oxfords, derbies, loafers and brogues. Ideally, they should be brown, not black. Go for a pointed rather than square toe, and above all else, no sneakers!


Nailing business casual is within your reach. Layers, mixed styles and sharp-looking shoes are key. If you can get all these things with a slim, comfortable fit, you’ve got fashion gold.

A marketing director and contributing writer to The Idle Man, Alex Outlaw always has one foot in men’s music, fashion and contemporary culture. He likes to share whatever he finds by blogging and posting on social media. Keep on top of the latest on Twitter here.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – More Suit Styles for Summer 2014

Rise and shine gentleman! Summer has officially arrived and that means you’re already late to update your 2014 wardrobe for the season. But don’t fret, this article is here to save the day before you stress sweat through a freshly dry cleaned shirt. Grab some deodorant, read on to discover the four main trends in men’s suit styles this summer, and you’ll save a hell of a lot of time.


High Rise and Rolled Pants

The first suit trend to immediately educate yourself in this season, relates to the pants half of the outfit. Long considered a boring necessity to any dressy occasion, that’s about to change – for the next few months at least. Say goodbye to a full pant and hello to your ankles! Both high rise and rolled suit pants have burst onto the menswear scene and instantly became very popular. The best part about this trend is that it’s completely possible to adapt any suit pants you already owned – just roll them up. If however you’re in the market for some newbies, make sure to stop by Politix
– they’ve got an excellent collection.



Trend number two for summer 2014 is the bold and beautiful printed suit. Coming in variations of a full suit, or singular printed jackets or pants, there are numerous ways you can work this look to your personal liking and style. It’s a great option when your tried and true black or navy work suits have got you feeling glum – it’s a pick-me-up not only for you but also for everyone around you.

If you’re feeling a tad apprehensive about whether you can pull off such a bright look, don’t be. It’s summer time and everyone’s feeling good. Besides, if you choose to wear just the printed jacket or pants – the rest of your outfit can be very neutral, making the look less overwhelming.

Double Breasted Blazers

If you’re in the market for a new suit jacket, this trend is for you. Ditch your boring old classic of a jacket, and step out in a new double-breasted blazer. Yes, you heard right – the double-breasted blazer is back in, and it’s making every man look that little bit more refined. Despite the (incorrect) reputation that they’re a bad vintage relic from past decades, a well-fitted and short tailored jacket can make any man step out in style. The excellent part to this trend is that they can be made in any colour or material, so it’s easy to incorporate into any wardrobe.


White Suits

Finally, the last trend to keep in mind for summer 2014 is the white suit. Ignore the part of your brain that is flashing any Elvis clichés and listen up. A white suit can be the epitome of summer styling, class, and refinement. Of course, you can’t go around wearing any crinkled, stained white suit you find – this is about attiring yourself in crisp, fresh, and unstained apparel. But when done well, this look screams summer and when you wear one you’ll find yourself generously shouting a Pimms for everyone.

The above four pointers are an excellent way to ensure your wardrobe is up to date and looking refined for summer 2014. So, get to it gentlemen – you have no shopping time to waste!

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Men’s Fashion Trends – Men’s Suits for Spring/ Summer 2014

For Spring/Summer 2014, in both menswear and woman’s fashion, color has been a constant. Fashion has encompassed bold colors and patterns, richly saturated colored fabrics, and lighter pastels. Even in the category of men’s suits, there has been a deviation from the classic and traditional.

Tom-ford ss2014 suits

One designer who has totally embraced the “bright and bold” in menswear is Tom Ford. This line-up is from his Spring/Summer collection for 2014. From left to right, Tom Ford starts out with a deep pink/coral sports jacket that is paired with petal pink, cuffed trousers, and pink/black animal print loafers. I see this one as the least popular choice for most men. The brightly colored cobalt blue suit has a trendy sheen, a slim-tailored fit, and is accented with a patterned tie, and great white tasseled slip-ons. I could see it as an alternative to navy, if you were looking for a change.

The middle sports jacket and pants from Tom Ford combine a summer coral jacket with an exploded floral pattern pant and coral and ivory patterned shoes. I could see the jacket mixed with jeans, white linen pants, or a pair of khakis. Next, is a tonal red patterned sports jacket that has a graduated, elongated lapel and a one- button closure. It is paired with a casual, white v-neck top, black trousers, and a less busy red and ivory pair of tassel shoes. I could also see this working with or without the shoes. Lastly, Tom Ford’s floral jacket on blues and black is more of a muted pattern than some, but may still be too busy for some guys. The black pants and color matching loafers make for a very unique look.

Richard-James-SS2014-hero- pastels

The next set of spring/ summer suits is from Richard James and leans toward the pastel portion of the color spectrum. The first two from the left maintain a uniform look with matching colors in both the suit jacket and pants, but pop some color with their slip-on shoes. The second two takes on a more contrasted look with navy and light blue in the first and light slate blue, pink, and white in the second. Richard James brings a softer, calmer, and more summery look to his suit collections.

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