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Who Wears Short Shorts?

Summer is no time to hide behind long pants. Show off those legs in our the season’s cutest shorts. Plus shorts are so versatile, each pair can be worn with flat sandals for a day running around or dressed up with heels and jewelry for a night out! So throw on a pair of short shorts and you’re good to go.

Try a loose cotton short for a sophisticated French girl feel. Rhyme Los Angeles Floral Shortie has a drawstring waistline and front pockets. The loose feel lends itself to a relaxed silhouette, perfect for any occasion.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.58.51 PM

Play with graphic prints for summer perfection. Ella Moss Paz Chambray Short is playful without looking as if you shopped in your tween cousin’s closet. Made of 100% cotton with metal accents on the drawstring, you’ll feel cool and confident all day (and night) long.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.04.07 PM

Crochet isn’t just for your grandmother anymore. Black Swan Emma Crochet Shortie features a flattering scalloped hem and crochet detailing. There’s just something about them that makes you feel fancy the moment you put them on, but the comfortable cotton fabric makes them just as appropriate for lunch.

M.Nii Quasimodo shorts

And for you daring gents, try the outlandish M.Nii Quasimodo shorts. Not only is this bottom piece short, it’s quite loud too. Proceed with caution!

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Men’s Fashion Spotlight – Bluemint Beachwear

For menswear.

First off, when it comes to men’s swimwear for 2014, leading the pack are bright colors, bold stripes, florals, and micro-patterns. Even Details admits it! And who is at the forefront of producing such colorful pieces? A little company named Bluemint.

With the establishment of www.bluemint.com in 2011, the Bluemint brand has tried to create luxury collections of men’s swimwear and resort wear that is both comfortable and of the highest quality. Not only has Bluemint grown through its website and blog, but they have also strived to develop a presence through the use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

bluemint-beachwear 3


These Arthur Marty Orange Swim-Shorts have a saturated orange background with a multitude of white birds in flight. They come with a full elastic waistband and a tie closure with metal end caps. The pricing of these swim trunks are 77 Euros.

bluemint-beachwear 1

In looking for luxury casual wear, this brand has a few styles of men’s shorts with a tailored fit. The Gordon- The Bermuda shorts in dazzling blue comes in 100% washed cotton and has side-slit pockets, belt loops, and two back pockets. These particular shorts come in a variety of this season’s bright colors, or if you are more of a “neutral” fan, then they also have them too. At 67 Euros, they are nicely priced.

bluemint-beachwear 4

Every man also needs a selection of basic pieces in his summer wardrobe like the Edward-The Round Neck 100% cotton, lightweight jersey t-shirts. As well as this one in fiery red, there is a great selection of colors. For the price of 30 Euros each, you can have a variety of colors to get you through the entire season.

bluemint-beachwear 2

Lastly, every guy needs a great casual dress- shirt. At Bluemint Beachwear, they have a line of 100% linen, luxury resort wear shirts with a classic collar and button cuffs. Amazingly enough, the shirt can be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dry on low. Running for 50 Euros each, you can add a versatile piece to your summer closet.

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Men’s Fashion Trends – 10 Most Trending Fitness Items

For menswear.

As obesity rates continue to rise across the nation, men are finding that they need to work both the gym and outdoor circuit to stay in shape all year-round. In the past, you threw on some sweats and sneakers, running out the door to jog around the block. Today’s technology has made it easier, and safer, to exercise at any age. Take a look at some of the top trending items that are contributing to men’s fitness. There are even some fashion trends that melt into this category too.


1. UV Clothing

With skin cancer as a potential threat, you should wear UV clothing when you choose an outdoor workout. Instead of covering yourself in sunscreen, that tends to rub off, shirts and pants keep you protected from sunburn and skin damage.

2. Compression Sleeves

Colorful compression sleeves can be worn on the legs or arms. Keep those sore muscles in place as you weight lift or jog a mile. Make sure to size the sleeve correctly for the best support. You’re not looking to cut off your circulation.

3. Training Shorts

Match your workout type to your shorts. Look for cross-training shorts that allow you to bend and stretch while still retaining a solid form on your frame. Many designs hold your groin area in place without any threat of pinching or excessive compression as you work out.


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Men’s Fashion Trends – Spring 2014 for Men’s Streetwear

For menswear.

Now that the weather has finally shown us that there is a glimmer of hope that spring is on its way, all thoughts have turned to Spring and Summer clothing. It is finally getting time to shed the wool overcoats and think about urbanwear: shorts, t-shirts, and other sunny accessories.

menswear-summer-fashion-trend-2014-4 shorts

When looking at menswear for Spring 2014, I noticed a few trends on the runway. First of all, color is still here in a big way with bright citruses like the orange suit jacket with baggy shorts and bright toe-less socks. The whole combination is a little much, but I can see the pieces working separately.

Z Zegna - Runway - Spring 09 MBFW

Another trend is a more formal and tailored looking short to go with suits, sports jackets, and vests for the office. It looks comfortable, but not so professional in my opinion. When your eye travels down from the jacket to the shoes, the shorts just look out of place.

ESQ-milan-ss13-trend-shorts-xl (2)

From the runways in Milan for spring/summer 2014, there is also the trend of the baggy, oversized short. The center photo shows a pair of khaki pleated shorts with a longer inseam and cuffed leg. This elongated silhouette is more flattering than the shorter, more voluminous black and blue shorts on either side. Those tend to make legs look “stick-like” and overall, shorter. So, if you’re after a more skater-esque look (whether or not you float on Z-Flex Skateboards ever) then these are for you!

2014 menswear Spring bad

Two of the worst looks on the runway for menswear Spring/Summer 2014 that I have seen this year is this grey suit with blue accents, matching blue “short-shorts”, and sandals. The whole look is just wrong. Also, another terrible look is this black and white textured knit, skin-tight short with a matching bolero-style jacket. I don’t see it being a big seller in the stores because the outfit just offers “too much information”.

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Women’s Fashion Trends – Tights Are In!

Splash color tights are one of today’s hottest trends in legwear! Women appreciate this accessory because it sets them apart from the crowd. Here are some of the ways that women are wearing this appealing legwear.


First, women often pair splash color tights and legwear with a denim skirt and white top. This basic outfit is given an extra touch of style with legwear that features many bright colors such as pink, purple, yellow, blue and orange. Some women who want to give the outfit a little additional flair wear a scarf that matches a color in their legwear. This brings the outfit together and makes her look fabulous!


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Biking Fashion

For menswear.

When you think of men’s bike clothing, a picture of riders racing in the Tour De France or the USA Pro Challenge may be the first thing that comes to mind, but biking has grown in popularity outside of the professional race circuit. The professional bike racers have their official team gear, but the average consumer has a larger selection in their own fashion choices.

zoic ether bike shorts rei 79.00


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