How to Mix Patterns, Color in Spring Wardrobe

Two of the biggest trends this season for both men and women are the mixing of patterns and adding color to your wardrobe. With woman, it may be a little easier to adopt these trends because women tend to wear more patterned clothing than men and they also have the ability to add a pop of color with a hair accessory, a new handbag, or a bright pair of shoes.


However, mixing patterns and unexpected colors into a man’s wardrobe can feel a little unnatural. It can be accomplished by following a few simple rules. In order for the different patterns to not compete too much, it is best to stick to a color palate that has three different colors or less. One example is this runway outfit by Viktor Rolf for Spring 2013. The total look is achieved with the colors of blues, greys, and black. If you look closely at the button-down shirt, it has a subtle, tonal design that runs in a striping pattern across the collar and down the body of the shirt. The cuffed shorts and sport coat are done in a sharp geometric pattern of greys that also pick up on the blue tones. The whole outfit is grounded nicely with a dark charcoal colored overcoat. This look may not be everyone’s style, but you can follow the same principles with less bold patterns. A brand that’s doing some similar matchings but in a less “avante-garde” style is jack jones uk.


Adding unexpected color to your wardrobe can be made easy by sticking to more muted tones. You may not be sure if neon orange will go with a grey suit, but a more muted peach tone may do just the trick. In this Spring/Summer Collection 2013 from J Crew, there are three examples of colors added to suited looks. The medium blues of the guy’s shirt, tie and pants are enhanced with the neutral tones from the olive jacket and tan leather boots. The second model’s neutrality of the beige woven sports jacket, placed over a deep blue shirt and patterned tie is popped with the yellow/green trousers. Lastly, the the cool colors of the navy suit are warmed up by the turquoise check shirt, olive and turquoise striped tie and tan oxfords.

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