What Shoes To Wear With Khakis

INFEASIBLE: Light-colored khakis with black, green, or red shoes

Khakis are a finicky thing. I’ve previously discussed how khakis don’t work with some types of shirts, and now it’s time to talk about how light-colored khakis simply don’t work with some types of shoes, in this case shoes of particular colors (i.e. black, green or red). Just look at the picture above; how could anyone think shoes that look like they’ve been through a pound of manure could ever work with that nice pair of smooth gray khakis?? Seriously, the color/chino of the khaki just accentuates the shittiness of the shoes. Anyways, red and black shoes never look particular nice with them either (and I don’t care what they say).

Feasible: Light-colored khakis with brown shoes

Now brown shoes go splendidly with any light-colored khakis, even brown ones I dare say. This pair from Zappos would work no doubt (and not with just khakis, mind you).

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