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Women’s Fashion Trends – Go Haute White For Spring/ Summer 2014

While everyone loves black, it’s important not to underestimate the versatility of white. White can be soft and romantic, chic and avant-garde, or a combination of both. Alice + Olivia are known for their style which tends to blur the line between edgy and sweet and the Sveva Bustier Cutout is the perfect example.

Alice + Olivia Maxi Dress - Sveva Bustier Cutout


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Women’s Fashion Advice – Wearing White During The Winter

It’s official: Throw the old ‘don’t wear white after Labor Day‘ rule out the window and submerge yourself in winter whites.


The best part of wearing white? It’s like a blank canvas, dress it up with a pop of color or pizzaz with a bright pair of Shourouk earrings or a fun print on a canvas bag. Or go full on, white on white by playing it up with different textures and materials.


White as snow sweaters are a fabulous way to show off your style. Lauren Ralph Lauren Long-Sleeve Cable-Knit Crew-Neck Sweater is a great white option. We love the cable knit texture and gold buttons for added interest. And again, don’t be coy about adding bursts of color to the ivory ensemble with some choice accessories – just check out these designer charm bracelets on sale for a few ideas.


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Women’s Fashion Advice – How To Survive The Cold In Style

They say the best way to keep warm during below zero temperatures is to layer. The first step is to keep your body heat in. Take a tip from dancers who always use thick tights to keep their muscles warm. Make sure to wear something light but that’s fitted. We recommend tights, leggings, and much of what Under Armor has to offer.


Your next layer needs to help block out the wind and still keep you comfy and cozy. We love big chunky sweaters like Lauren Ralph Lauren’s Long-Sleeve Ombre Cable-Knit Turtleneck for those freezing winter days. These extra large knits look great with a skirt but when it’s Polar Vortex cold make sure to layer pants over your tights or leggings. If you can’t afford the RL look right now, check out Brand Boudoir for equally fashionable yet discounted winter tops.

Another amazing trick to keep heat in is doubling up on your socks. There are few things worse on a fridgid winter day than cold feet. Adding an extra pair before slipping on your boots may make all the difference!

Lastly, you need a great all weather coat. A coat lined with goose feathers will help you brave the sub-zero temperatures. Add your favorite winter accessories; scarf, gloves, and hat and you’re ready to take on the streets (or at least the 15 feet between your car and your front door).

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Men’s & Women’s Fashion Advice – 5 Fashion & Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Have

The media is constantly bombarding men and women with very different messages as to their fashion and beauty needs, but the truth is, men and women aren’t really all that different. In fact, the top five fashion and beauty essentials every man should have are surprisingly similar to the top five fashion and beauty essentials every woman should have! A few wardrobe essentials, a great watch, some anti aging moisturizer and a scent you love are really all a man or a woman needs to step out in style.


White shirt

A simple, crisp white shirt will never go out of style and goes with virtually everything. Men can pair theirs with jeans or dress pants, while women can wear theirs tucked into high waisted skirts, over skinny jeans or even with denim shorts. Dressed up or down, a white shirt or blouse will never fail you and can last for years if well taken care of.


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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Brad Pitt

people.com (c)

There’s just too much white happening here, Brad. You might be a pretty good actor and worth millions of dollars, but you lack the magical prowess to be Gandalf the White. Besides, you’re just asking for someone to spill some Merlot all over your pants and shoes. Do something else with your hair too while you’re at it.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

This Week’s Fuck-Up: Tom Cruise

Ah, Mr. Cruise: the light of my life; doesn’t know how to match his shades of white.

Also, nice touch of douchebaggery with the stretched out, flattened collar and the brainwashed arm accessory.

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65. More pocket squares love

INFEASIBLE: Green pocket squares

Kelly Green 16″ by Elite Solid
(From Wild Ties)

As promised, more wisdom on pocket squares. Here’s an easy one to compute: Don’t ever use a green colored pocket square. Sure, it might half-work with a pure white suit, but you’re not going to wear a bleached suit (unless you’re JT, respect) and it won’t go with any other kind of suit color.

Feasible: Your standard white linen pocket square

J. Crew White linen pocket square
(Brought to you by J. Crew)

A white pocket square, however, works with every imaginable suit color. Blue, navy, black, gray, white, red (but don’t you dare buy one) – it’s simple, it’s distinct, don’t get it dirty and learn how to fold it (see? Even Details can get it right).

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