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Save big this week at East Dane

Time to start preparing for springtime and what better way than with a sale?! East Dane has your best sartorial interests with The Big Event, starting today, March 5, and ending Sunday the 8th.

big sale

By using the code BIGEVENT15 at checkout,

You save 15% with purchase over $250

You save 20% with purchase over $500

You save 25% with purchase over $1000

In other words, the bigger the order more you save! Personally speaking, for this event I have my eye on a Larose hat and some Billy Reid shirts:

larose hats

billy reid shirt

Note: There is one brand exclusion: Stuart Weitzman. Enjoy your shopping craze!

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Men’s Fashion Trends – Spring Jackets

This year, more than ever, anyone who has had it with the wintery weather has been thinking of shedding a few layers and breaking out the clothes for warmer weather. As winter turns into spring, it will be time to replace our heavier jackets with something lighter and water resistant.


For 2014, there are a few trends that have carried through in fashion when it comes to men’s spring jackets and rainwear. First, color is still dominant when it comes to clothing trends. For example, this shorter pointed collar jacket in “bubble gum” pink, the pullover ¾ zip-front jacket in tangerine, and this longer spring coat that is color-blocked in shades of blue. If you are not into the brighter range of colors, then there are also darker shades of plum and burgundy that will give your look a punch of color, but with riche tones instead. Comfort and color are available with a number of outdoor jackets from Brookes, including Workwear Jackets, 3 in 1 Jackets, and Waterproof Jackets.


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How to Mix Patterns, Color in Spring Wardrobe

Two of the biggest trends this season for both men and women are the mixing of patterns and adding color to your wardrobe. With woman, it may be a little easier to adopt these trends because women tend to wear more patterned clothing than men and they also have the ability to add a pop of color with a hair accessory, a new handbag, or a bright pair of shoes.


However, mixing patterns and unexpected colors into a man’s wardrobe can feel a little unnatural. It can be accomplished by following a few simple rules. In order for the different patterns to not compete too much, it is best to stick to a color palate that has three different colors or less. One example is this runway outfit by Viktor Rolf for Spring 2013. The total look is achieved with the colors of blues, greys, and black. If you look closely at the button-down shirt, it has a subtle, tonal design that runs in a striping pattern across the collar and down the body of the shirt. The cuffed shorts and sport coat are done in a sharp geometric pattern of greys that also pick up on the blue tones. The whole outfit is grounded nicely with a dark charcoal colored overcoat. This look may not be everyone’s style, but you can follow the same principles with less bold patterns. A brand that’s doing some similar matchings but in a less “avante-garde” style is jack jones uk.


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Musings on Men’s Fashion – PARC 81’s 2011 Spring Collection

Parc 81 is a quality brand that we here at cefashion have run contests with before. That’s why I’m happy to present to you gents their spring preview video, which also features pieces from Bachrach’s spring collection as well. Let us know what you think of digs – I’m pretty partial to that grey trench myself…

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53. Yellow


(From Old Navy

So it’s spring and I’m sure all you pipsqueaks want to go frolic outside in green pastures under crisp the sunlight. And of course, you want your clothing to reflect your bright-eyed youthfulness and exuberance. The wonderful color yellow can help you do just that.

But not just any yellow. Take Jonquil for instance. There’s something…a little ugly about this shade. At first it’s hard to put one’s finger on it, but do take a look at the above picture, specifically where the shadow of the sleeve falls on the shirt. Look at how dirty the yellow comes across with a hint of shade. If you were to get anything on this shirt, e.g. a coffee stain oh lord, this yellow is going just make matters so much worse. Sooooo much worse.

In addition, it’s hard for me to think of any jean color to match with this shade. I encourage you, John Q Fashion, to let me know if you think you’ve come up with something to successfully pair it with. Until then, yuck.

Feasible: Oasis Yellow

(Brought to you by Ralph Lauren)

This yellow feels a little more “royal” to me – it’s bright, it’s deep, and shadow falls much more kindly on it. If it were to get dirty when you roll down the hill in a tire or a barrel or go-cart or whatever-the-fuck, it wouldn’t look good dirty (I mean, we’re talking about yellow here people) but it wouldn’t make anyone queesey. And it would go swimmingly with a bright pair of blue jeans.

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