Men’s Fashion Advice: Choosing the right watch for the outfit

Years ago, most people only owned one watch and wore it every day. Now, watches not only tell the time, but are also an accessory. Both men and women have accepted the idea that it is ok to own more than one watch and that certain watches will be more appropriate with some outfits more than others.

For a casual day at the beach or walking around town in a pair of cargo shorts, t-shirt, and sandals you might want to look into a silicone strap watch. Emporio Armani makes a great looking chronograph blue silicone watch. It is water resistant up to 50 meters and has a modern style with orange accents against the cobalt blue. Check out some other Armani watches too while you’re at it:

After you have left the surf behind and are headed for a casual dinner at your favorite restaurant in a pair of your comfy jeans and a cool linen button-down shirt, then it’s time to change out of the silicone watch and add a nice leather strap watch. Depending whether your clothing leans more toward the browns or the black is how I would decide on which color to choose. Although, there’s nothing wrong with having one of each. For example, Gucci has a chronograph brown leather watch with a touch of diamonds on the number markers. This style will work with just about all your casual menswear and can even cross over to an outfit that is a little dressier.

If you are getting dressed in a suit jacket and trousers, then an all metal style like the “Seiko Diamond Men’s Watch” may be just what you are looking for. It is done in a sleek anodized steel that gives the metal a richer tone, then it is accented with a gold casing and two rows of diamonds that frame the face. It is simple, yet elegant.

So, my best advice I to own at least three styles of watches: a sporty silicone watch, a rich-looking leather banded one, and a sleek all metal one. It is a personal choice whether or not you like silver or gold tone, but having these three styles in your wardrobe will be enough to cover whatever your watch needs are for any given day.

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