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5 Top Brands for Men’s Watches

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Finding the perfect watch is by no means rocket science, but there are a few factors to take into consideration before you take the plunge. After all, picking out a watch takes a little more thought that just choosing a pair of shoes or a necktie. Your watch makes a statement about yourself, and it’s the one item of apparel that you’re likely to wear day in and day out. Think about the message that your watch is going to send to others. Do you want to project confidence? Do you want to seem debonair? No matter what story you’re trying to tell, it all starts with the shopping phase.

Not sure where to begin? First things first. Find the watch brand that works best for your image. If you’re a more casual dresser, you’re going to want a more casual wristwatch. If you’re wearing a diamond Rolex with an old gym tee, it’s going to look odd. Finding the brand that works for you might be a bit of a trial and error process, but we can help set you in the right direction with a quick overview of the top ten brands for men’s watches.

Without further ado, check out these five top brands below!


  1. Omega

Kicking off our list at number one is the watchmaking juggernaut, Omega. Ever since they were chosen as the official watches of the British Royal Flying Corps in 1917, and by the US Army the following year, the brand has solidified its position on the world stage. In addition to being the official watch of the Olympics since 1932, and the favorite of everyone from James Bond to JFK, Omega deserves your attention.

There is a broad spectrum of Omega styles and price points, but word to the wise, you can find a killer deal on pre-owned Omega men’s watches from sites like TrueFacet.

  1. Baume & Mercier            

Founded in 1830, the Geneva-based watchmakers Baume et Mercier as the oldest on our list. In its current collection, Baume & Mercier feature vintage styles like the Hampton, inspired by the 1940’s Art Deco era. The luxury mid-range Baume & Mercier watches tend to fetch from $2,000 USD to $5,000 USD depending on the design.


  1. TAG Heuer

Another Swiss contender is the indomitable TAG Heuer. The manufacturer makes watches, as well as other branded fashion accessories like eyewear. Founded in 1860, TAG Heuer today is part of the luxury French conglomerate LVMH. The unusual name is an acronym for Techniques d’Avant Garde, a concept reiterated in their slogan, “Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860”. The brand’s image is aligned with athletics and Hollywood, with a long line of spokesmen like Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Leonardo DiCaprio to reflect that.

  1. A. Lange & Söhne

Lange & Söhne is one of the more prominent German brands in the watchmaking industry and one of the top choices for high-end pieces. Founded outside of Dresden a few decades before Audemars in 1845, Customers are often fond of A. Lange & Söhne for the brand’s complicated watches with perpetual calendars, chronographs, and split-second chronographs.


  1. Audemars Piguet

Closing out our list at number five is Audemars Piguet. Founded in 1875, the Swiss watchmakers manufacture around 32,000 timepieces each year, ranging from haute jewelry to high complex mechanical watches. Still owned by its founding family, the brand’s slogan reflects its understanding of its craft, combined with its commitment to innovate further, “To break the rules, you must first master them.”


Whether you’re more inclined to go with an Omega watch, or if you think you’re more a TAG Heuer guy, a new watch can make you feel like a new man. So get out there and find your perfect watch today!

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Charriol Watches – A Spotlight Review

Stunning, classic Swiss-made watches crafted with unique design and high quality materials, introducing Charriol watches, a fine designer timepiece collection for any occasion.

Charriol watches was established in 1983 and have managed to build a successful brand amongst a highly saturated Swiss watch market. The recipe for Charriol watch success has been simple – use high quality materials, combined with beautiful unique design and moderately price the watches.

If you’re looking for a truly unique watch, that will suit any occasion, stand the test of time and attract a lot of compliments from your friends, you should definitely consider a Charriol for your next watch purchase.


High Quality Materials

Charriol watches are built with stainless steel, gold and quality ceramics. The quality of the watches are not compromised, they are designed to stand the test of time.

The stunning watch face is protected by a scratch resistant sapphire surface and is waterproof up to about 30 meters – I wouldn’t recommend taking these watches diving however a dip in a non chlorinated pool, or taking a shower shouldn’t pose any damage the watch.

Being a Swiss-made timepiece, you should expect to see the life of your Charriol watch last quite a long time providing you ensure proper care and maintenance. A routine clean, service and battery change will go well in the way of safeguarding your Charriol.

forever colors


Charriol / Cable Jewelry kept contemporary classic in mind when designing their collection and coupled this with a modern edge, if you’re in the market for a classy timepiece to accompany you on a night out then Charriol may be the perfect brand for you.

Charriol haven’t spared on the diamonds, gold or silver when designing their watches, meaning that a Charriol watch is perfect for formal occasions as well as everyday wear. There’s never a bad time for diamonds, right? Diamonds even figure into their other accessories, including their collection of cable jewelry, which includes some beautiful rings.


The Charriol line also has a couple of sport models, so there’s something here for everyone. The colors are also quite simple in style, usually combining black, silver and gold. The straps are available in leather, steel, gold or even rubber. Charriol similarly provides Cable Bangles for further wrist accessorizing.


Bearing in mind that Charriol are a luxury Swiss brand, their prices are moderate to expensive, although they are competitively priced in their market.

A starting price can set you back about $1,000 USD with other models topping around $12,000 per piece. Occasionally Charriol will release a limited edition watch, which can set you back anywhere up to $103,000.

In Conclusion

Charriol are an emerging brand, and can only be found at certain retailers, giving them a bespoke place in the market. If you haven’t heard of Charriol before, this is exactly what I mean, there’s few people who know about Charriol making these striking watches truly unique.

If you’re in the market for a stunning, high quality watch that will stand the test of time, look great on any occasion and be a cocktail party conversation starter, a Charriol watch might be the perfect timepiece for you.

FYI, I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine!

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Spotlight: GENTS watches

For menswear.

Time to find out about the fine colleagues at GENTS and their even better accumulation of timekeepers. When they couldn’t discover a timepiece that satisfied our requirement for a classy and quality plan that didn’t burn up all available resources; they took it upon ourselves to open a boutique watch store offering a propelled accumulation of extravagance men’s timepieces that where up-to-date, as well as moderate.

monshair watch gents

Conceived in Sydney, Australia – GENTS offer an extensive variety of Skeleton, Tourbillon, Quartz, and Chronograph timepieces – none of which with a sticker surpassing $100. Our central goal is to make style moderate. They accept that each man should resemble a noble man, and our trust is to move a group of men to look & live like GENTS.

monshair watch gents 2

Our capable design caretakers work all day and all night to guarantee our accumulation is dependably unmistakably contemporary and extraordinarily a la mode. With strict criteria for the timepieces they offer coordinated with our enthusiasm for finding pieces from just the best planners over the globe, they make it straightforward for you to enhance your wrist with a quality watch that will have all types of heads turning!

Gents has helped thousands of gentlemen worldwide up their wrist game. Visit the instagram @gentstimepieces and their website at www.gentstimepieces.com to see for yourself. Join the #gents community of thousands on @gentstimepieces, http://on.fb.me/1ng4ulw, and https://www.pinterest.com/gentstimepieces/

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4 Luxury Watches and What They Say About Your Sense of Fashion

For menswear.

In modern times, the wrist watch has come to be accepted as a symbol of one’s sense of fashion and financial status.

Most people who buy luxury watches are not merely interested in telling time. They are keen to make a statement about their sense of fashion.

Men especially don an expensive watch to show that they have expensive taste. A luxury designer watch on a man’s wrist is the first indication that the man can afford the finer things in life. As such, a luxury watch is one sure way to get a lady to notice you.

For most men, the watch is probably the only jewelry in the attire. It is therefore imperative to don a bold time piece that will make you stand out while at the same time complementing your style. You can find a wide selection of luxury watches on http://www.essential-watches.com/.

Below is a selection of luxury watches that will say volumes about your sense of fashion:


The Timex watch

Timex is a classic watch that says you are cultured. A Timex also shows you are reliable. If you are wearing a Timex, your clothing should be classy, but not fancy. A close alternative to Timex is a Braun watch, especially one fitted with a chronograph.


A Casio says that you lead an active life and you require a reliable and durable watch. It could also say that you are more practical, and fashion is not the first thing on your mind. Your main goal when wearing a Casio will be correctness of time.

On the flipside, a Casio fits well with branded sports gear. If you are at a sports event, wearing a Casio as part of your sports attire will show you have high end taste.

One thing you must never do is pair your Casio with formal attire, even if you don’t care about fashion.



It is a universally known fact that the Rolex is a very expensive watch. Because of this fact, you make a better statement about yourself if you are not showy about it.

Showing off your Rolex states that you lack class. One thing you need to know is that if you are wearing a Rolex, you don’t need to show off to get it noticed. People will just notice.

If you have a quietly-intense personality, the Rolex was made for you. This is because people who exude intensity approach things with an air of nonchalance. Pair your Rolex with a well-cut suit and your look will speak volumes.

IWC Schaffhausen

An IWC is a classic, but unlike the Timex, it has a rugged appearance about it. It is a great all-purpose watch that goes with all occasions.

If you usually find it difficult to pair watches with clothing, an IWC will make it easy for you and you will end up looking very classy without any effort at all.

Besides your ability to afford one, buying a luxury watch will make a positive fashion statement and portray your personality. A Timex might suit you better than a Rolex. At other times, a Casio might be better suited for the occasion. Try them out and decide which one says what you want to say about yourself.

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Win a Vierra watch!

For menswear.

It’s time again for another contest, ladies and gents! This time we’re giving away a watch of your choice from Vierra Watches. Here are some examples from their awesome unisex collection:

blue-steel-main-300x230 black-yellow-2-300x230

Entering this time is wicked easy: Use the Rafflecopter widget below to follow @Vierra on Twitter and that’s that! Open to US and Canada, one entry per person. Best of luck, everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Vierra White Sports Watch

For reviews.

The story of Vierra watches begins with two college friends, Eric and Jeremy, who live their lives inspired by the phrase, “Time is always ticking, so do what excites you.” The brand that they created was meant to inspire others to live a more adventurous existence and enjoy all that life has to offer. This particular line of watches that Eric and Jeremy started is meant to be the perfect accessory for whatever road you travel.


The White/Gold Vierra silicone watch is the epitome of both trend and durability. White watches were originally thought to be only for Spring and Summer wear, but in today’s fashion scene they are a color for all year round. The crisp white silicone will give you a contrast to any outfit that you own and be a durable companion on your life’s adventures. The gold-tone bezel and linear numeral markers are simplistic and modern enough to be able to cross over the “completely casual” line to be worn with a dressier look. It also contains a quality Miyota Japanese movement with a low-drain battery and is safe to wear while swimming and surfing.


Silicone watches have been an ongoing trend and is popular with both women and men alike. The Vierra White/Gold watch is substantial enough in size to be able to be worn by a man, but is not so overwhelming that it cannot be worn by a woman and with the price of $59, a very popular range to be afforded by all. However, if white is not your style, then they also have a black/yellow and black/blue version for the same price.

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