Men’s Fashion Advice – The Belt: An Under-Appreciated Men’s Accessory

Belts are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about high fashion. Sure, they’re not as elegant or unique as garb that necessitates shelling out for wedding insurance – think of what the policy on Kate Middleton’s dress must have been! – but not even when it comes to talk of accessories do belts get respect. There is always lot more buzz about ties, watches, and shoes, but not a whole lot about belts.

In a man’s wardrobe today, belts have become something more than just something to hold your pants up. They have the ability to change the whole look of an outfit. Belts come in many styles and fabrics. Whatever trousers, jeans, or shorts that you are wearing, there is a belt that will compliment the look.

dg designer belts

If you happen to like a traditional leather belt, there are some designer versions that keep it from being ordinary. For example, the style of the buckles and the stitching on a classic leather belt can elevate the look. Dolce & Gabbana uses their “DG” logo as the metal belt buckle and pairs it with a sleek black leather belt. Tommy Hilfiger adds texture to a brown leather belt and then pops it with ivory contrast stitching.


Also, just as in clothing trends for this year, patterns are huge in belt fashion. A great example is this belt by Gucci. They use their infamous “G” logo printed in a geometric navy pattern on a grey leather belt. It steps up a plain pair of indigo denim jeans and a white t-shirt by adding interest.

saggy pants

This last photo is of the “sagging” pants trend among some of the younger guys, where the belt is an essential part of actually keeping your pants on. I have seen their belts placed anywhere from just below their navel to their thighs. It looks really uncomfortable and like a whole lot of work, but as the saying goes: “To each his own”, when it comes to an individual’s interpretation of what is fashionable. Just make sure you are wearing your good underwear!

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