Men’s Watches Advice – Cheap vs. Designer Differences

A man’s watch is an item that should be treated like any other fashion accessory. There are the cheaper, ordinary versions that you will find in almost any discount store out there and there are the designer ones that have that little “something” that the others lack.

police marshall men's black leather watch 115 euros

Cheaper men’s watches usually have a movement that is of lesser quality, making it less expensive to manufacture. Even though they all may claim to have “Japanese or Swiss Quartz Movements”, they are most likely not of the same caliber. Also, the materials that comprise both the cheaper brand and designer watches are markedly different. The leathers of the designer watches tend to be of a finer quality than the cheaper ones, which tend to look richer and last longer than the less expensive leathers. The metal used for the cheaper watches tends to be a mixed metal with only a stainless steel case back, as opposed to the stainless steel casing and bracelet links that are used in most designer watches. The mixed metals tend to break more easily and lose their finish over time.

One of the many examples of quality watches is the Marshall Men’s Black Leather Watch by Police Watches. This particular style is new for this season and has a wide black leather strap, a stainless steel case, an analogue display, and a quartz movement for 115 Euros. It is a great modern look with a substantial presence.

timberland belknap orange silicone watch 115 euros

Next, is one of the hottest trends in watches for 2013, courtesy of Timberland. The Belknap Men’s Orange Rubber Watch offers a sporty look with the silicone strap, along with the trend of adding color to your wardrobe. The textured stainless steel case, large numerals, and black face also add to its appeal.

d&g shuffled black men's designer watch 129 euros

Last, but not least, be sure to check out the Shuffled Black Stainless Men’s Designer Watch by Dolce & Gabbana. Its black and white dial displays the D&G logo both horizontally and vertically and is in a modern, almost geometric style. Both the case and strap are stainless, making it a gorgeous choice for 129 Euros.

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