Men’s Fashion Advice – Brave The Cold With Accessories

Winter tends to be every fashion-minded person’s least favorite season. Fall has great leather boots and jackets, spring has all the rich colors, and summer has sizzling swimwear. Sure winter has it’s limitations; mostly that clothes need to be functional and not just pretty, but here are 3 winter accessories worth getting excited over:


1. Scarves: Whether you love a classic Burberry Check scarf or a wool infinity scarf you can’t go wrong with adding a little something extra around your neck (especially when the temperature drops). Check out iConsume for a whole bevy of scarves of various colors.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.38.04 PM

2. Gloves: Gloves are more than a fashion choice, they can be a necessity to stay warm. Our favorite gloves not only keep your hands dry, they also let us use our smart phones. Mujjio‘s Leather Crochet touchscreen gloves are a great option: stylish, WARM and you can keep them on while texting and Instagraming!

ear muffs

3. Earmuffs: Why settle for just cute earmuffs when you can have ones that connect to your phone! We love these earmuff/headphone combos for listening to music or chatting with friends. Try the 180s Men’s Admiral Ear Warmers for when it’s important that style and function collide (or when it’s just really cold!)

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