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Eyewear For Spring/Summer 2014


Refresh for the imminent new season with my five key men’s trends and the way to frame them this spring.

American Retro

Old school Americana was rebooted for 2014. At Saint Laurent it was of the edgy L.A kind. Sequins, patent leather, leopard and zebra and lame brought out the showman. Gold mirrored matte aviators were the eyewear flash of genius. Etro went out West and intricate tooling became appliqué curls over suits and guitar cases. The dusty desert palette was splashed with bright colour pops. Topman Design made its mark on the cowboy shirt updating it with metallic accompaniment. Bottega Veneta’s was the most contemporary with bold black outlines and chalk marks. The key is a great shirt. Look for Western detail; piping, florals and looped or peaked lapel collars. But sunglasses are as ever what will bring the cool factor.

Burberry Heritage 4154Q

A squared off wayfarer is a great and versatile choice. Make wayfarers and aviators matte and mirrored, or both for the essential contemporary twist. The Burberry Heritage 4154Q is perfect for the look. There are hand stitched leather temples to match your jacket too. For mirrors look to the keyhole bridged Dirty Dog Monza. The Ray-Ban Chris in its new velvet incarnation comes with fiery flash mirrors too. It’s the perfect rock star twist.


Ray-Ban 2140 Urban Camouflage

Florals are big for men this spring/summer. Gucci, Prada and Burberry all did them beautifully. But it’s not for everyone. Camo is the perfect way to get the same effect. Indeed some of those florals came off like camo. Valentino, Belstaff, Christopher Raeburn and Lee Roach all offered fresh takes on camouflage. Just in time for the season Ray-Ban goes urban with the Original 2140 Wayfarer. Those classic winged arms come covered in camo fabric. The face is matte. That natural fabric is a real classy finish to the handmade frame. It has what it takes to accompany smart looks as well as casual urban cool.


The elegance of pale grey is often taken for granted. The designers gave it the attention it deserves on the spring/summer runways. Paul Smith, Emporio Armani, Z Zegna and Jil Sander all produced great new grey looks. It’s felt really fresh in eyewear too for some time. The Oliver Peoples Sheldrake in its streaked grey remains a firm favourite with me. It’s all going on here. But as great menswear should be, it’s classic and newness is subtle. The payoff at the temples after the streaking is huge. Turn the head and flash ultra contemporary crystal clear arms. Through the temples to boot is an Oliver Peoples branded core wire. Blue lenses brighten up the grey and make for a great signature to set you apart.

Oliver Peoples Sheldrake


Ray-Ban Justin

Even Paul Smith’s runway was pink this season. At Tom Ford there was more pink tailoring, tone on tone with stand out texture. At Giorgio Armani it was in a pale soft tailored jacket and teamed with grey. Playful, fresh and confident pink is a great colour to bring into your palette and this is the season to do it. Bobby Gillespie was ahead of the game donning head to toe fuchsia at Glastonbury last year. It has got a touch of the rock star about it when you go all the way with a deeper pink. Not too many men venture into it; it comes off confident, showy and original. Ray-Ban’s latest take on its Justin is perfect. The pink is kept matte with the superbrand’s new gummy finish and along with the bold square update on the original wayfarer it’s a masculine take on pink. Rich flash mirror lenses are another must when updating your shades for 2014.


Polo 4064

Stripes return for another season. At Marc Jacobs they were in chevrons over mono knits. At Dolce and Gabbana there were varied grades in earthy tones. At E Tautz there were blocks and verticals. Burberry Prorsum teamed them with spots in another collection that owed much to national treasure painter David Hockney. Coordination in your look colour and print wise provides an instant catwalk look. Bring your sunglasses in with the new Polo 4064. The slim temples off this masculine wayfarer come with two so very well placed stripes. The tortoise face and green lenses will be the perfect classic grounding to your 2014 brights.

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Men’s & Women’s Fashion Advice – Why The Invention of Polo Shirts

The story of the polo shirt’s origins begins unsurprisingly with the advent of Polo, the sport. When Polo became popular in England in the 19th century, buttons were attached to the polo players’ shirt collars to stop them from flapping in their faces as they played. This was witnessed by an American retailer, whilst on a business trip in England. On his return, he took the idea with him and the first formal polo shirt was produced and sold.


In the 1920s, the likes of embroidered polo shirts (at Brandawear, Ralph Lauren, etc.) were invented when a men’s shop in Buenos Aires began selling polo shirts with a polo player embroidered on them. The polo shirts to follow were all branded with their own unique logos.


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Men’s Fashion Review – Diesel T-Admiral Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

With the recent resurgence of the preppy look in men’s streetwear fashion, the polo shirt is back in the spotlight. The trick is how to make it look fresh, as opposed to a repeat of fashion past. Diesel has managed to do that with the Diesel T-Admiral Short Sleeve Polo Shirt. This navy one, offered at Mainline Menswear, is fabricated in 100% cotton for comfort and breathability. Let’s see how it fares all around! 0000 ss pics 250 037_thumb It has the original polo design with the point collar, fitted sleeves, and patch chest pocket, but the Diesel takes the design a step further with the grey woven half-covered button placket and matching pocket bar. The contrasting placket and bar almost gives you the illusion of a tie and pocket square, making the polo look a little on the dressier side, as opposed to sporty. There’s also a cute little insert pocket for a short pencil or pen. Very chic in my opinion! This will give it more versatility in your closet, as compared to some of the other polo style shirts out there. diesel-admiral-white' The Diesel T-Admiral Polo is available in several colors including white, navy, and grey. The price range is from $70-$90 USD, which is about average for a designer item. It is also available at several major department stores like Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as online (like at our friends’ store, Mainline Menswear). This updated polo shirt would look great on its own with your favorite pair jeans, combined with an aviator or motorcycle style leather jacket, or under a grey tweed blazer for the Fall. It’s a winner!

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Lesson #76: More about on polo shirts

INFEASIBLE: Cashmere for the sake of cashmere polos

Gray Etro Knit Polo
(From Neiman Marcus)

Why is this shirt cashmere? It’s dull-colored, weirdly cut on the sleeves, has too many buttons…in fact, why the hell would anyone buy a polo made of cashmere to begin with? It won’t keep you warm for damn sure. And, pray tell, why is it listed as $400?! This piece just confuses the hell out of me.

Friends, cashmere is undoubtedly a marvelous, versatile material. But just because something is made out of cashmere, it doesn’t warrant an “Oh my God, I need it!” response. Would you buy cashmere underwear? In other words, don’t buy something with being cashmere as it’s sole selling point.

Feasible: Well-made, colorful cotton polos

Ionian Short Sleeved Stripe Polo
(Brought to you by Context)

This is a great fucking shirt. I love the subtle horizontal stripes, the boldness of the blue, how the sleeves only hug the arms a little bit at the ends…and today it’s only $100. Now I agree: it’s easier for a product to be shoddy when it’s cotton than if it’s cashmere…but this piece is clearly put together very well.

Find a possible price break for polos or even cashmere by using a current Macys promotional code.

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37. Flat-front shorts

INFEASIBLE: Pink shorts

(From Macys)

No. Just no.

Feasible: Simple dark gray shorts

(Brought to you by Macy’s)

Nothing fancy here, but they fit snuggly and look posh enough.

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