Women’s Fashion Advice – Packing For A Winter Getaway

Over the years, we’ve heard a ton of different people giving advice on how to pack and yet it’s always a problem. Overpacking seems to me an unavoidable thing.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard (and promise next time we’re definitely going to listen to) would be…

1. Always pack a light cardigan and a bathing suit. No matter where you’re traveling to (a ski vacation in the alps or a tropical island getaway) a bathing suit takes up almost no space and there’s bound to be a hot tub or hotel pool. On the same note, even a warm climate may have chilly nights or over cranked air conditioners!


2. Roll your clothing rather than folding. First rolling takes up less space (meaning you can pack more!) and secondly it helps prevent arriving at your destination with a suitcase full of wrinkly clouting.

3. Pack easy items which don’t require much thought. No one wants to spend their whole trip getting ready.


4. Choose items which are interchangeable. I love Hanes Convert-A-Tight, which goes from tights to leggings in one easy tuck.

5. Make sure to wear layers when traveling, especially by air. I always wear slip on shoes (for easy passage through security) and bring a light cozy sweater in case the plane is too cold.

Let us know where you’re going this winter and if you have an extra ticket…

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