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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Bowie Jeans by Kasil Workshop

Every so often, I am awarded the chance to review merchandise that leaves me awe-struck and wanting more. The Bowie jeans from the renowned denim brand Kasil Workshop are one such piece. Let me explain my enamor to you now so you can start saving up for a pair of your own, ’cause you need one.

First, although these jeans are pretty damn slim, they aren’t constrictive on the legs or the pelvis, which is my quintessential beef with skinny denim at large. Praise form-fitting! On top of that, the denim itself is super-soft and almost pliable, which not only helps them be more comfortable, but also makes the process of cuffing that much easier.

Secondly, despite being slim, Bowie’s pockets accommodate for all my carrying needs. The front pockets are deep, roomy, and sown with plum-colored cotton fabric – gotta say I love that last little detail. The right one also comes with a cute key pocket, perfect for storing a couple of quarters or a stick of gum. The back pockets are spacious too and come with a simple yet noticeable design, no studs or crazy patterns. Additionally, none of the pockets bulge when occupied, which I find a bit magical.

Thirdly, and this goes without saying, the stitching is top notch and the waist perfectly matches my waistline. Again, I’m head-over-heels in love with these jeans and I think you’d fall for them as well. Be sure to give their newest collection a gander at the Kasiljean Official Shop.

Did I mention that the interior of the cuffs match my Chucks?! SWOOOOoonnn….

Gents, remember to check out our contest for a $3,000 diamond cufflinks!!!

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Lesson #84: Skinny jeans advisory

You probably shouldn’t be wearing skinny jeans given how some people ruined them for the rest of us. Still, something can be learned from talking about them.


INFEASIBLE: Unisex skinny jeans

Even if hipsters hadn’t stripped us of the privilege to wear skinny jeans, unisex skinny jeans like these from Kill City would still be a dreadful idea. For like the billionth time, women can wear men’s jeans but not vice-versa and no in-betweens period. That and these in particular look like someone spilled milk all over them.

Grim Tim Dry Stretch Selvage

Feasible: Selvage, somewhat stretchy skinny jeans
In the distant future, maybe in a post-scarcity society run by cute robots and androgynes, the remaining men will shamelessly wear Nudie’s like the one featured above. Don’t hold your breath though.

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68. Pants, trousers, whatever you call ‘em

INFEASIBLE: ‘Ricky’ pants

Marc Jacobs dark brown cotton sateen ‘Ricky’ pants
(From Bluefly)

I didn’t know what the fuck “ricky pants” were prior till like five minutes ago, but if ever pair looks like this, then I can safely say you will never catch me wearing them. Marc Jacobs, what the hell’s going on with the cuffs? What’s that flimsy belt doing there? The horrible buckle? The tight cut of the waist? I ask you, do you think anyone wants to look like a clown?

Feasible: Simple straight leg pants

Joseph Abboud coconut linen straight leg pants
(Brought to you by Bluefly)

Simple, coconut gray (Dracon soft spot detected), uniform cut, nothing crazy here. And it’s not terribly expensive. And you won’t look like a buffoon, I promise.

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60. Jeans and designs on pants

INFEASIBLE: Pants with filigree all over the back pockets

(From Saks Fifth Avenue)

Putting shit on the back of clothes, versus the front, usually isn’t the best idea. With pants, any good designer learned a young age that one can pull off a little designing on the posterior but obviously nothing excessive. This guy/gal/squee didn’t get go to class that day: having double eagles-like patches gliding up someone’s buttcheeks does not the hot make.

Feasible: Subtle decals

(Brought to you by Saks Fifth Avenue)

This paif of CoH uses some ass decor, not to draw attention to the rump, but to include a subtlety that one appreciates in close proximity, not from across the room. Anyone wanna buy me a pair?

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Our Latest Clearance Splurgings

For Uncategorized.

Sorry about the lighting in advance, the shooting studio was occupied by Callum Best or some shit. Things will be better next time around.

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Lesson #17: More about jeans


(From Levi)

Don’t you ever let me catch you fucking wearing a pair of red jeans. GOD HELP YOU. For some reason, Men.Style put this shit in their latest style trends slideshow – shows you what they know. Tools.

Feasible: Ultra faded blue jeans

(Brought you by GAP)

Phew. Urge to kill, falling.

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From a CE-related Instant Message: White pants and underwear

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santi: anyways white pants are always good to have *
santi: but you cant wear undrepants with them
santi: am i right?
dracon: Depends on how white they are, the tightness, what fabric was used, etc – but generally yeah
santi: so what then, you just go commando? doesnt your junk show?
dracon: Not unless they’re something John Travolta would wear in Saturday Night Fever.
santi: they might be
dracon: Then wear hanes.
santi: i dont own any of that
dracon: Briefs?
dracon: Go steal one from your gay roommate.
santi: hah
santi: he does wear those
dracon: Of course he does.

* – White pants are generally a good idea for tall guys, but not so much for the rest of us.

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