Men’s Fashion News: The Traveling Trend of the Casual Sports Jacket

After a great trip to LA, we arrived back at LAX about four hours early for our return flight. While we were hanging around at Gladstones, relaxing and killing some time, we had the perfect view of passengers coming and going. Normally, you expect to see guys dressed up in suits, flying to and from their business meeting destinations, but I noticed that a lot of travelers were mixing the tailored crispness of a sports jacket with more casual clothing items to create a great look.

One gentleman that stood out of the crowd was wearing the perfect navy blue blazer with medium width lapels, trimmed in gold buttons on the front closure and the sleeves. He had coordinated it with a crisp white button-down shirt, which he kept with an open collar, and a pair of belted khakis. The brown leather loafers were also the perfect compliment to his look. It was a style that I could see coming from the pages of the Ralph Lauren catalogue.

The second man that caught my attention was busy juggling an armful of baby paraphernalia, but he still managed to look put together amidst all the turmoil. He also chose the classic navy sports coat, but instead of a plain white shirt, he popped it with a blue and white check shirt under it. He chose a more monotone look with a grey/blue casual pant and matching tie shoes.

This trend of dressing for travel is kind of reminiscent of the “Pan Am” days when every flight was full of travelers who put on their best outfits to elegantly arrive at their new destinations, but today’s version allows a little extra comfort and more personalized style. It is a nice break from the droopy, oversized style that you sometimes see in the younger generation today.

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