Men’s & Women’s Fashion Advice – 5 Fashion & Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Have

The media is constantly bombarding men and women with very different messages as to their fashion and beauty needs, but the truth is, men and women aren’t really all that different. In fact, the top five fashion and beauty essentials every man should have are surprisingly similar to the top five fashion and beauty essentials every woman should have! A few wardrobe essentials, a great watch, some anti aging moisturizer and a scent you love are really all a man or a woman needs to step out in style.


White shirt

A simple, crisp white shirt will never go out of style and goes with virtually everything. Men can pair theirs with jeans or dress pants, while women can wear theirs tucked into high waisted skirts, over skinny jeans or even with denim shorts. Dressed up or down, a white shirt or blouse will never fail you and can last for years if well taken care of.

Dress watch

While watch trends have come and gone, a high quality, classic dress watch can last a lifetime. Purchase a carefully chosen investment piece that will stand the test of time. A watch with a simple brown or black leather strap can be worn with suits or dresses.


Dark denim

In the dark days of the nineties, it used to be that the baggier denim was, the better. These days, sleek skinny and straight cut styles are back in fashion. Whatever the prevailing trend, dark denim will always be regarded as classier and more timeless than faded denim. A well cut pair of dark denim jeans is not only incredibly flattering but will also take you from stylish bistros to exclusive clubs.


Every man and woman should find out what types of scents they like best and are most flattering on them, and then decide on their signature scent. A woman with a vibrant personality may choose to go for a fruity scent such as Calvin Klein In2U, while a man might go for a sexy, musky scent such as Sandalwood by Crabtree and Evelyn.

Anti aging moisturizer

While piling on thick layers of foundation might be out of the question for many men and, for that matter, women, having youthful and radiant skin is extremely attractive for members of both genders. A good anti aging moisturizer such as those carried by Vbeauté buying time can ensure that you look great no matter what you’re wearing.

You don’t need a wardrobe bursting with trend pieces from the latest season to look good. A few high quality fashion and beauty essentials are all it takes to look your best.

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