Super Cute Winter Outfit Ideas for Women

Winters add a lot of fun to the whole fashion statement. You get to choose from so many garment options.

So get the best look this winter with these simple and cute winter outfit ideas.

6 winter office outfits

1.    The Shopping Look

A day out shopping is definitely one of the best days and so you would want to have the best look on before you step out of the door. So here it goes. A personal favorite; denim mini skirt is the first choice. Choose a plaid shirt but don’t go for a worn-out one. You need to look fresh and super cute. Complete the look with fringe, knee length boots. For a purse, you can go with a shoulder strap bag. By the time you’re done, you’ll definitely look ravishing.

2.    The Playful Look

Planning a day out with some kids? Then you’ll need something comfortable yet cute at the same time. Go for overalls; denim ones will do perfectly well. A soft color tee shirt, with some cute pictures or phrase would add fun to the whole garment. Lastly, some matching sneakers will get you all ready for a playful day out with the kids.

3.    The Classy Look

A tweed skirt will always make a woman stand out and although it might be a bit cold, it will make you look fantastic. Next, a long sleeve crop top; not the same color let it compliment your skirt. Add a low lying necklace that goes with the whole combination and also a matching bag. Go classy with this one, going for subtle colors. Just add high heels and your look is complete.

4.    The Tomboy Look

Remember the good old days when you used to kick the ball around with other kids on the street? Well, bring back the memories with this simple look. Plain jeans will go perfectly well with a graphic tee shirt. A funny phrase tee would be perfect. Tie a plaid cardigan around your waist and add a matching set of sneakers. For accessories, just add a band watch or a cap and you’re done.

5.    The Cowgirl Look

Let’s first start with a Fringe Jacket that is sure to catch everyone’s eye as you walk down the street. Add a hat to match and Metallic Booties to go along with your metallic shirt. You can go for a pair of jeans that compliments your overall outfit. The overall combination will give the perfect cowgirl look. Don’t forget to add a handkerchief around your neck and you’ll be ready to step on the set of Back to the Future III. You can also try these other winter outfit ideas.

6.    The Workout Look

Of course you couldn’t just hit the gym with your summer gym clothes. For your gym tee, opt for a long sleeve workout tee that is cozy and warm. You can add a full zipper hoodie over it. This might be the right time to add leg warmers under your sweatpants.

Want to know more about winter workout clothes? Check out Kate Hudson’s workout clothing line and be inspired by the latest fashion trends.

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Review of Rustic Dime Denim Jeans

In 2009, the Rustic Dime Denim Co. launched their made in LA brand of denim-wear that was inspired by the street-style and skateboarder scenes. Since LA remains one of the fashion forefronts, it was a great place for The Rustic Dime Co. to bring their young men inspired line of clothing that provided a modern fit, quality denim fabrics, and a price tag that that would not break the bank.


One example of their stylish jeans is the Charcoal Skinny Fit Denims. They are constructed of raw denim that is not prewashed, which gives them a little more substance, but the trousers have the perfect mix of 98% cotton denim and 2% spandex that will allow the jeans to move with you and keep you comfortable no matter what you are doing. The charcoal color is right on trend with what is happening in fashion this Fall and it is also a color that has more versatility for dressing it up, as opposed to the lighter blue denims. The price tag of $42, instead of the hundreds of dollars that stylish denims can cost is a huge plus for the consumer.


If you are not into a skinny fit jean, but still want to be on-trend, then at you will find the Rustic Indigo Slim Fit denims. These trousers are not as fitted to the body as the skinny fit ones, giving you a little more room for movement and come in a color denim that is not as dark as the usual indigo, but still has a deep enough hue to wear it with a button-down shirt and a sports coat if you choose. These trousers can also be purchased for $42.


The Rustic Dime Co. not only specializes in denim jeans, but they have a selection of joggers, sweatpants, chinos, shorts, and denim tops that you can add to your wardrobe. Some of the items have have the same mix of cotton and spandex fabric, while others use 100% cotton or a poly mix.

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For Fall 2015, It’s All About Flares!

This season, skinny pants are out! Ok, maybe not fully expendable, but the style pendulum is swinging back towards the boot cut jeans of your youth. While you may be tempted to dig out a pair from the back of your close – ask yourself honestly, do they still fit? – today’s flares have a bit more of a modern feel.


What’s different about the new flares? First off, the leg is tapered on the thigh and down past the knee before gradually extending into a boot cut for that slim skinny look we all grew to love. Think of it as a combination, as if you’re skinnies and old boot cut jeans had a baby. The look is not only sleeker and sophisticated, but also makes for a great elongating silhouette.

Afraid you won’t be able to pull off denim that’s not clinging to your calves? No matter your dress size or body type, a flared leg will actually lengthen your legs, which will in turn improve the appearance of your thighs. This means if your short, you’ll actually look taller! If you’re plus-sized, you’ll look balanced and lean. Even a boyish figure will be enhanced due to a little extra fabric by your feet!


So jump on board this new flared trend! If you’re not ready to go all in, might we suggest incorporating just a pair or two into your wardrobe to change it up. No one says you need to give up your skinnies completely, but when you see how good you look in your new jeans, you might just want to!

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3 Ways Stylish Men Break the Rules with Panache

For a long time, men’s fashion has been limited to suit and tie. However, things have changed a lot today and the new generation stylish men are no more afraid to experiment with their looks. They break rules proudly and do so with panache.

Here are some tips to break any established menswear style rules and make a personal statement with confident.

Jeans Fashion Men

Rule #1 Your Belt and Shoes Should Match

The first step to break any rule is to know it thoroughly. This will help you to stay true to the tradition while blowing up everything else.

The belt and the shoe rule is one of the most basic fashion rules. To break it you need to first understand it; what goes with what, the dos and the don’ts and how should it look on you and so on. Once you are aware of what to do and what not to do, you can throw that rule out the window every now and then. The same theory applies to the more conservative match your belt and your shoes rule.

As said, you need to stick to the tradition. This means, wearing a black belt with brown shoes is still a taboo but you can definitely try different tones of brown belts to match with your shoes. Many men often try to pair up their belts with the exact same tone of their shoes without considering the fact that there is enough room for mix and matching.

The only thing to keep in mind is that your belt and shoes should be in the same basic color-wheel and they must complement each other. You can even wear a blue, red, white or even a neon green belt as long as it compliments your outfit. The trick is to wear whatever you want with confidence and take your style persona to the net level.


Rule #2 Mixing Different Patterns

When it comes to demolishing fashion rules, you need to embrace the changes in fashion world. New lines of menswear are coming up almost every week to keep things fresh and unique. Pattern clashing is a great way to spice up your wardrobe without breaking your bank.

Mixing patterns is nothing new and many men are pro in it. One of the simple rules to follow here is keeping the pattern same i.e. stripes on stripes and checks on checks. Pattern clashing, on the other hand, is more dynamic and less common on the street. In fact, this style is readily adorned by runway models and you must have seen examples of mixing different patterns in leading fashion magazines.

Wearing this style (and breaking the norms), however, will definitely turn some heads, provided you pull it off properly. To nail the look you need something in block stripes, check prints, polka-dots, floral and other interesting prints.

Now start the fun part: pattern clashing. Wear check trousers with patterned socks or a patterned tie with a print shirt. You can even team up your print blazers and patterned pocket square together to look more flamboyant. If you are a beginner in pattern clashing, we recommend starting small.

Also, don’t overdo it. Since you are introducing more than one pattern into your attire, opt for something in neutral as a base color. Another rule of thumb you need to follow here is limiting to two patterns at a time. Mix your patterned pants with a printed blazer but keep your t-shirt/shirt plain and in neutral color to nail the look.

There are many rules you can break here such as combining black and navy or wearing trainers with a suit, but do it one at a

Rule #3 Wearing Suits Sans Socks!

Suits are formal wear and you need to remain true to dress-codes while adorning them, right? Not necessarily.

For example, there is enough room for you to skip socks when wearing a suit. This rule breaker is an added bonus and life-saver during hot summer months. Ditching your socks is a new, stylish way to stay cool as temperatures rise. However, this look is strictly limited to casual suits.

Steal this look for warm summer events, especially outdoor events. But there are three things to follow here:

First, opt for a narrow, slim-fit suit that compliments your body shape. Tailored casual suits are your best options when ditching socks. In fact, such suits look fantastic without socks.

Now if you think tailoring is too expensive and out of your budget, there are many online tailoring stores offering men’s bespoke suits at affordable rates. But never compromise on the quality of the suit as cheap looking material is noticeable even to the most average person and won’t leave a high impression about you. It must be well-made.

Your suit must be cut closer to the body to create a sleeker silhouette and the pants should have slight or no break.

Second, your choice of footwear is important with bare ankles. A brown suede loafer is a better option when going sock less. Be careful with black shoes as they are the most formal footwear and are likely to create a striking contradiction.

Third and finally, take proper care for your shoes and your feet. Sweaty feet are neither comfortable nor stylish. To remember to use some foot-powder that absorbs moisture and save your shoes from turning into sweat sponge.

Alternatively, you can opt for a low cut, no show socks to wear with your suits.

3 suits

Breaking fashion rules is nothing new. Men and women have been doing that for ages and there are many other style rules to break. But one thing you should stick steadfast to is your comfortability.  Any style looks good as long as it is practical.

Remember rules are meant to learn and then to be broken. But it is equally important to do so with taste, keeping your individual style in mind.  And don’t worry about what others are thinking, wildly colorful socks were once considered as fashion faux pas until they became more popular and mainstream.

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What to wear on a night out in a Las Vegas Casino

The casino has really become a popular choice among people looking to vary their nights out beyond the standard visits to a pub or a nightclub, but most casinos do operate a dress code of some kind – so you need to think about what to wear. Partly your dress choices will depend on this dress code, but you should also consider the kind of casino night you have planned, and how fancy and/or exclusive the casino itself is. If you’re more used to playing at online casinos like, then hopefully we can help give you a few pointers so you won’t stick out like a sore thumb for your first land-based experience.


If you are just spending the evening with friends, or a partner, at your local casino then smart casual dress may be the best option. If you wear trousers (not jeans) and a shirt then this should fit comfortably within the dress code of most local casinos, and will not leave you feeling uncomfortably over-dressed when you are playing the slots or hitting the blackjack or poker tables. On the other hand if you are visiting such a casino for a party (say a stag night), then you will want to dress up a bit more. You may want to opt for a designer label suit, rather than something wackier though, unless you are sure in advance that the casino will accept this.

One thing that lets many men down is their hands. Naturally men aren’t expected to have delicate hands like women. Men’s hands are made for different things, but that doesn’t mean that you can get away without clean and perfectly manicured nails. When you play games at a casino, your hands are constantly in view, so make the best of them. A manicure doesn’t cost that much and it is getting much more common for men to have them, they are not just for metrosexuals. The same goes for the hair, a decent expensive haircut will get you a long way but do avoid some of the more hideous modern fashions and that head shaven look, it is just too corny and cheap. Though the fingernails issue may seem a little silly, think again. Life can all be seen as a game of appearances, and it has been well-documented that snap judgements can be made based on people’s fingernails. It’s the small things that matter.

Some casino party nights do feature a fancy dress theme of course, agreed in advance with the casino, and here what you decide to wear should be guided by the theme. James Bond is a common theme for a night like this, and that represents your chance to dress up to the nines in a tuxedo, accessorised with cigarette holder and martini. Another popular theme is retro gangster and for this pinstripe suit, fedora hat and cigar will fit the bill, maybe topped off with a money belt full of (presumably fake) cash, as this will perfectly complete the image of unsubtle high roller flashiness.

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Spotlight: Designer Menswear from Haxby

While men’s fashion has gone through numerous changes over the years, quality construction never goes out of style. This is the brand philosophy behind Haxby Collective, a new menswear line created by Michael Dow and Timothy White.


Haxby is all about creating contemporary menswear that lives up to the quality of past purveyors of men’s fashions. Savile Row, those iconic tailors that dressed the men of London in years past, is just one inspiration shared by Dow and White.

The resulting line is comprised of things like jeans, sneakers, and many great accessories guaranteed to turn heads. Unlike other contemporary men’s brands, Haxby insists on handcrafting all of their pieces, taking these common items and turning them into something unforgettable.


Emphasizing Quality Over Convenience

The creation of the Haxby line involved extensive research that took place all over the globe. The results of this two year mission, which involved compiling only the best in raw materials and crafters, can be seen in Haxby’s debut pieces, which include many great items perfect for work or play.

Gorgeous materials are made even more stunning by the level of craft that goes into each piece. Unlike the automated processes that feature greatly in most clothing lines, the minds behind Haxby insist that all items are handmade. This results in a level of detail that must be seen to be believed.

Classic Footwear Gets a Boost

While most men’s footwear puts the emphasis on function over form, Haxby sneakers eschew a utilitarian aesthetic in favor of all-out class. This is wholly evident in the sleek cordovan leather used in construction, in addition to the hand-buffing that each pair undergoes before they are ready for sale. Each pair is meticulously crafted in Montegranaro, Italy, and features a classic design that can easily go from casual wear to more formal attire.


So Much More Than a Pair of Jeans

While jeans are a staple of many wardrobes, they don’t often possess that wow factor typically found in luxury clothing. Haxby has changed all that with their amazing line of hand-crafted jeans. Featuring a number of great styles, Haxby jeans are created from only the finest denim available utilizing the tried and true methods of quality garment creation. Even the accents are labored over, featuring hardware derived from precious metals and gems.

Accessories Complete the Look

Much like the rest of the line, Haxby really ups the ante when it comes to accessories. Belts are crafted in Switzerland and Italy, and utilize only the finest materials available. These include stainless steel, along with hand-cast gems. Haxby’s eyewear collection is also quite stunning, thanks to the keen attention to detail. All Haxby glasses come courtesy of Japan’s world-renowned Masunaga Optical factory, which entails a 200 step process to create just a single pair. The inlay is available in either a 24K yellow or white gold, serving as yet another example of Haxby’s devotion to detail.

Style, Beauty, and Quality in One Package

From head to toe, Haxby has what it takes to turn a lackluster wardrobe into a sight to behold. These introductory pieces are merely a sampling of what to expect from this up and coming menswear designer.

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