Hot Fall Trends for Men – for Under $100!


Updating your look for fall need not entail a huge departure from your tried-and-true style, nor cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some of the hottest looks straight from the runway, and a few items currently available for under $100.

The Color of the Moment: Grey

This versatile hue was seen all over the runways. It’s not new, per se, but the way it was styled – coupled with several other shades of grey in the same look – was what brought it into this year and made it look fresh and modern. From casual tracksuit bottoms, to the most formal three-piece suits, you can rock this trend whatever the occasion calls for. Try these Citizens of Humanity jeans from Saint Bernard in coal.

Crop Your Pants

Don’t be shy – pick a trouser style that reveals a little ankle. This fad can be sampled whether your pants are tailored or the uber-hot wider leg – just make sure the hemline is about an inch over your ankle. If you attempt to go higher than that, you’ll risk a venture into capris-land.


Combine Your Knits

An easy way to stay properly attired in all types of weather is to layer your clothing. Lucky for you, this style also hits on a trend seen on runways for fall/winter 2015. Designers did not hold back when adding one sweater on top of another. Give it a shot with a thinner turtleneck sweater such as this one by Ted Baker topped with a chunkier knit.

Squares Squares Everywhere

If you’re interested in experimenting with some hot prints and patterns, this four sided design element was seen everywhere from Ferragamo to Armani, especially prevalent on outerwear such as knits and overcoats. You can go for a subtle approach, with squares of the same size that are just slight hue variations of one another, or go bold like a contemporary painting with bright blocks of red and blue in different sizes.


Footwear: The Chelsea Boot

Instead of sticking with basic black, why not try a leather Chelsea boot for the cooler months? Whether in beat-up suede or high-sine leather, these styles match perfectly with slim jeans and a T-shirt or knit to take a casual look to the next level.

Loose Trousers

Men who have felt uncomfortable with the slimming down of pants noticeable on all designers’ looks in more recent years will breathe a sigh of relief to know that this trend seems to be reversing. In collections across the board, pants were much looser in cut as well as being higher waisted.

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What to wear on a night out in a Las Vegas Casino

The casino has really become a popular choice among people looking to vary their nights out beyond the standard visits to a pub or a nightclub, but most casinos do operate a dress code of some kind – so you need to think about what to wear. Partly your dress choices will depend on this dress code, but you should also consider the kind of casino night you have planned, and how fancy and/or exclusive the casino itself is. If you’re more used to playing at online casinos like, then hopefully we can help give you a few pointers so you won’t stick out like a sore thumb for your first land-based experience.


If you are just spending the evening with friends, or a partner, at your local casino then smart casual dress may be the best option. If you wear trousers (not jeans) and a shirt then this should fit comfortably within the dress code of most local casinos, and will not leave you feeling uncomfortably over-dressed when you are playing the slots or hitting the blackjack or poker tables. On the other hand if you are visiting such a casino for a party (say a stag night), then you will want to dress up a bit more. You may want to opt for a designer label suit, rather than something wackier though, unless you are sure in advance that the casino will accept this.

One thing that lets many men down is their hands. Naturally men aren’t expected to have delicate hands like women. Men’s hands are made for different things, but that doesn’t mean that you can get away without clean and perfectly manicured nails. When you play games at a casino, your hands are constantly in view, so make the best of them. A manicure doesn’t cost that much and it is getting much more common for men to have them, they are not just for metrosexuals. The same goes for the hair, a decent expensive haircut will get you a long way but do avoid some of the more hideous modern fashions and that head shaven look, it is just too corny and cheap. Though the fingernails issue may seem a little silly, think again. Life can all be seen as a game of appearances, and it has been well-documented that snap judgements can be made based on people’s fingernails. It’s the small things that matter.

Some casino party nights do feature a fancy dress theme of course, agreed in advance with the casino, and here what you decide to wear should be guided by the theme. James Bond is a common theme for a night like this, and that represents your chance to dress up to the nines in a tuxedo, accessorised with cigarette holder and martini. Another popular theme is retro gangster and for this pinstripe suit, fedora hat and cigar will fit the bill, maybe topped off with a money belt full of (presumably fake) cash, as this will perfectly complete the image of unsubtle high roller flashiness.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Looking Forward to Spring

If there is one thing that Winter does, is making you look forward to Spring. Come the end of February, everyone is entertaining thoughts of warmer weather and lighter clothing. As I was looking at the collection for Spring/Summer 2013, I discovered some looks that might be a “go” or a “no”.


The first is by Dolce and Gabbana. The v-neck, collared shirt looks like some sort of tapestry with the muted colors and people scene. I’ll give it one thing that it does look comfortable. However, the shorts are just all wrong. They have a length that went out in the 70’s and should have stayed out. It kind of looks like they cut off a pair of grey dress pants to make them. I don’t see these particular shorts being very popular.

Hermes men spring summer 2013

The second Spring/Summer look on the runway is by Hermes. Both the outfits show that color and patterns are still huge trends for the upcoming year. The grey trousers pair up nicely with the buttery yellow shirt and geometric pattern cardigan in pear green. These shorts by Hermes are a much nicer length and fit. The total looks are also pulled together with great lace-up sneakers.


The last fashion line-up for Spring/Summer 2013 is by Giorgio Armani. The white trousers and neutral leather shoes combine nicely with the slim-fitting taupe knit jacket. It is definitely a sleek and sexy look that is able to take the place of a traditional sports jacket. The vest combo and white trousers that follows is also a nice alternative to the traditional summer suit.

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Men’s Fashion Trends – Trouser Trends For Fall 2012

As I was browsing through the photos for men’s fashion trends for 2012, I noticed a recurrent theme of shrinking pant lengths. Everywhere I looked, I saw men in trousers that didn’t reach the top of their shoes. I guess 2012 is the year of the “high-waters”.

First off is a look by Vivienne Westwood. Her woven grey/blue trousers have a high waist, side seam pockets, a straight leg, and a hemline well above the anklebone. This vintage looking pant is offset with a color-blocked beige and chocolate turtleneck, a distressed brown leather jacket, and brown leather oxfords. She does remember to follow the old rule that your socks should match your pants, which is much more important since they are so much more visible at this length.

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68. Pants, trousers, whatever you call ’em

INFEASIBLE: ‘Ricky’ pants

Marc Jacobs dark brown cotton sateen ‘Ricky’ pants
(From Bluefly)

I didn’t know what the fuck “ricky pants” were prior till like five minutes ago, but if ever pair looks like this, then I can safely say you will never catch me wearing them. Marc Jacobs, what the hell’s going on with the cuffs? What’s that flimsy belt doing there? The horrible buckle? The tight cut of the waist? I ask you, do you think anyone wants to look like a clown?

Feasible: Simple straight leg pants

Joseph Abboud coconut linen straight leg pants
(Brought to you by Bluefly)

Simple, coconut gray (Dracon soft spot detected), uniform cut, nothing crazy here. And it’s not terribly expensive. And you won’t look like a buffoon, I promise.

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