The Hottest Trends in Hip Hop Jewelry

Featuring iced out watches, diamond encrusted pendants and gold chains, hip hop jewelry (or “bling”) has taken the scene by storm and can be seen everywhere from the urban streets to the red carpet to high profile music videos. Though hip hop jewelry has been around since the 1970s, these extravagant styles in this male dominated music scene became more popular after hip hop went mainstream. Today, hip hop jewelry is worn by the biggest rappers in the business, as well as their fans.  Here are some of today’s hottest trends in hip hop jewelry.

gold chain

Gold Chains

Gold chains have been a major part of hip hop jewelry since its inception. In the beginning, wearing multiple skinny chains was in, and then later large became the norm. Though many hip hop stars switched over to platinum in the ’90s, gold is still king when it comes to hip hop chains. Gold chains are remain a big seller in hip hop jewlery stores and are often worn by hip hop stars, such as Kanye West, Drake, T.I., Jay-Z and Chris Brown, and countless others.

Diamond Encrusted Pendants

Nowadays, hip hop jewelry is all about the bling, and you can’t have bling without a diamond encrusted pendant. And, of course, diamond pendants are the best way to customize a chain. Diamond gold and platinum pendants have become one of the biggest trends in hip hop jewelry, and they are constantly being rocked by the most famous rappers in the game. One of the most well-known diamond chains is Rick Ross’ Self Chain, which has an estimated value of $1.5 million and features custom-made gold diamond version of himself. Other famous chains include Young Jeezy’s large diamond Certified USDA chain (valued at $100,000), Sean Kingston’s Crayon Chain (valued at $500,000), and T-Pain’s extravagant BAC chain (valued at $410,000).

Iced Out Watches

The hip hop jewelry look isn’t complete without an iced out watch. Pretty much every big rapper can be seen with an iced on watch on their wrist. Whether it’s a signature diamond watch from Rolex or a custom Joe Rodeo, watches are a classic timepiece that adds swagger to any outfit. You’ll want to keep your watch in pristine condition, so consider anti-tarnish products to keep it looking brand new at all times.

Black Diamonds

Along with the traditional white diamond, rappers are icing out their jewelry in black diamonds. Though black diamonds don’t have the same sparkle and sheen as white diamonds do, they give jewelry a bold, stunning and unique contrast. Natural black diamonds are real diamonds that are extremely rare. These precious stones get their black color from the inclusion of graphite that occurs in the crystalline structure during its formation. Along with their color and the inclusion of graphite, black diamonds differ from other diamonds in that they are completely opaque. But, like classic white diamonds, black diamonds look stunning on all kinds of jewelry, including iced out pendants, stud earrings and bracelets. Tons of celebrities can be seen rocking black diamonds, with well-known pieces including Just Blazer’s black diamond encrusted PlayStation 3 controller chain and Nas’ “N” chain made of 50 carats of black and white diamonds.

gold chain 2

These are some of the biggest trends in today’s hip hop jewelry scene. While hip hop jewelry trends have evolved over the years, what they represent has remained unchanged— a rapper’s presence, prestige and accomplishments.

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Put a Ring on It!

Ladies, why not show off that fabulous manicure with a trendy new ring? Dainty little rings are nice, but big statement pieces are king of the scene these days. Get in on the fun with a few baubles to really dress up those Instagram shots. There’s something for everyone and at $30 and under, every budget too!

Silver-Tone Nugget and Tube Ring

Add a little personality with French Connection’s Silver-Tone Nugget and Tube Ring. This fashion forward ring features an open design and a majestic monarch blue faceted stone.

x gold ring

X marks the spot with BCBGengeration’s Gold-Tone X Ring. This popular ‘x’ shaped design is a favorite among fashion bloggers and nail art enthusiasts. This crossed ring is an easy way to add interest to any ensemble.

Lucky Brand Silver Tone Geometric Ring

Geometrical ancient designs are never a bad idea. Lucky Brand’s Silver-Tone Geometric Ring brings an Aztec-print straight to your finger tips. Perfect to pair with a boho sundress or the suedes of fall. This ring is the cool fashion girl’s new best friend.

INC International Concepts Gold-Tone Crystal Pave Bar Ring

INC International Concepts’ Gold-Tone Crystal Pavé Bar Ring is like modern elegance for your finger. The bold eye-catching design feels luxe and expensive when paired with rolled up jeans and a t-shirt and perfect with a sleek silhouettes for a night out.

With so many fancy designs (and 10 fingers), we don’t see a reason to stop at just one. So take advice from Beyonce and “put a ring on it.”

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Medieval Style Rings Are Popular – Again?

So you’re finally engaged, and all that there is left to do now is organize the wedding. However, if your man is like most men, then don’t be surprised if your husband-to-be has plenty of wedding ring ideas to contribute, but not a lot of the action. If this sounds like your man, and you both share an affinity for medieval lore, we’ve got some ideas to share with him.  Oh, and you too.

These rings, much like every other trend from years past, is rising again in popularity.  Be forewarned, ye men with chivalrous intent: not all ring makers are created equally, and the power of social suggestion can help drastically reduce errors in shopping for these ring makers.


It starts with custom ring makers!

Medieval style rings, when designed properly and fitted comfortably, are as exquisite and amazingly widespread today as they were centuries ago; if you recall, just before gold and gemstones exploded into mainstream shopper’s eyes, hand-crafted jewelry was typically styled in older gothic or plain bands. Today’s foray of custom rings come from custom ring makers that can emulate virtually any Arthurian style or gothic caricature you choose.  Just choose wisely, my male friends, because this ring will become the centerpiece of your (hopefully) everlasting marriage.

With so many options when it comes to purchasing that elusive wedding ring, it is not only important to do your research about potential jewelry makers, but also research the options with respect to the various medieval overtones you wish to maintain throughout your marriage – and on her finger.

The process

Overall, customized jewelry shows more character than your quintessential department store showpieces. Medieval buffs, as a whole, also appreciate having a wedding look that accentuates their attitude, beliefs and can be worn comfortably without taking it off.  Note that many are making platinum custom medieval rings due to their tougher, scratch resistant surface.

Medieval style rings undergo an interesting process to get created properly. First, the procedure commences by arranging a consultation between you and an expert ring design specialist. Next, they’ll normally create a hand-carved impression of the ring style you want out of waxy substances, then take that impression and forge the creation you are expecting.


Buying medieval style rings that suit your style

While it is no small feat, knowing what you’re likely to face when shopping for that special engagement or wedding ring set will help you cope with the challenges ahead and help you enjoy the full rewards that come from shopping for custom rings.

Leverage the power of Google, social suggestion and subtle hints from your significant other when shopping for that special custom design ring ensemble for your wife-to-be.  Finally, don’t believe everything you see regarding ring shopping from people on television; all the people you see having fun flashing their jewelry are doing so because the person behind the camera directing everything is a professional – and not necessarily the ring maker. Take the opportunity to make this creation yours, after all it’s meant to last forever.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – How to Wear Pastels

Nothing feels more spring then bright pastels. While not a hard color palette to master it’s important to break up the candy-colored clothing in order to avoid looking like a giant Marshmallow Peep! Accent your pastels with blacks, neutrals, and contrasting colors and you can wear them anywhere.

blazer pink

To Work

A blazer or cardigan is a great way to infuse a little fun into your workday wardrobe. Try a soft pastel colored cardigan with a skinny belt over a basic black dress for a look that’s appropriate and put together. Or go for a structured light colored blazer to show your softer side.

mint colored dress

On a Picnic

A light airy pastel dress is the perfect option for an alfresco meal. Try a mint or coral dress paired with gold or neutral sandals. If it’s a little chilly add a denim jacket or white cardigan, just don’t go for pastel on pastel.

black heels

Going Out for Date Night

A nice top in a soft hue can be both feminine and sexy. Pair it with a pair of black pants and killer black or metallic heels for instant night time appeal. A fun clutch completes the outfit and adds some extra interest.

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Men’s Wedding Fashion Advice – Choosing Between Yellow & White Gold Wedding Rings

Are you looking for a wedding ring but don’t know what to choose? Many people start out looking for wedding rings without any idea of what they want, the difference between different bands, or even what the different materials mean.

Two of the most popular, mass produced choices are yellow and white gold wedding rings – check out how big the gamut of gold wedding rings is alone. Both of these wedding rings are made from gold and will often have about the same value. If you want to choose between them, take these facts into consideration.

White Gold Wedding Bands Contain More Nickel


One of the most important things to consider about white gold wedding bands is that they contain a great deal more nickel than a yellow gold band. While both wedding rings will contain nickel, white gold wedding bands are actually plated with it in order to achieve their beautiful white finish.

White gold can also be plated with manganese, palladium and rhodium, the last of which gives it a very silver look. If you have allergies to any of these metals, then white gold wedding bands are not for you. If you’re not sure about the allergy, try having your blood tested for this first.

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Men’s Fashion Jewelry – Wedding Rings For Men


Weddings are a joyous time. They are a time to celebrate two people coming together in matrimony. These two people have decided to devote their entire lives to each other. That is just one reason why weddings are so celebrated. There is nothing quite like two people starting their journey through life together, and there is one part of the wedding that symbolises this the best. The wedding ring. The ring symbolises infinity, and a connection between two people. Not just any old wedding ring will do. It has to be a ring that you will wear for the rest of your life. Men in particular need to put some thought into their wedding ring. Wedding Rings Direct have a wide selection of rings available as they make all their rings at their workshop they can customize them however you like, or even better you can design your own ring and they will make it for you to your very own specifications, click here to visit their site. Here are some tips that will make choosing your wedding ring much easier.

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