Men’s Fashion Advice – Knitwear: What to wear this Winter

As summer becomes a distant memory and we start having the first few colder mornings; keeping warm soon becomes a priority, putting your summer clothes further towards the back of the wardrobe and looking for those extra layers for those cold mornings starts and chilly evenings. Layering is the best way to approach winter as we still have the odd hot day/hour dotted in and around the cold times. Good layering comes from understanding what works together, the fabrics, the colours and patterns.

When considering layering don’t use bulky layers too early into winter, you’ll be too warm – this is where finding the right jumper can make all the difference. Popular choices include lambswool, cashmere and merino wool jumpers.

Wool is designed to keep you warm and is a good place to start with your outer layer; cashmere is soft and made from fine fibres which are spun to make a light layer; look for either a crew neck or v neck cashmere jumper which you can easily dress up or down with layers and when it gets a little colder try looking for heavy roll neck jumpers.

Lambswool is sheered at around 7 months meaning the wool is shorter making it more durable for jumpers but still soft and agile, if you like your clothes to be hardwearing because you put them through tough times consider lambswool jumpers.

Merino wool jumpers are used by leading ski brands (Icebreaker) to create a thermal base layer due to its versatility of offering warmth yet being breathable, is soft on the skin, lightweight and easy to wear. Merino wool is starting to become more popular in the shops due to its versatility.

When looking for knitwear be confident with colour just because the weather has got darker doesn’t mean that your wardrobe has to, remember light and warm colours as well and also look for patterned wool jumpers in the stores – patterned jumpers don’t need to bring back bad memories of when your nan knitted you jumpers for Christmas. If you are unsure of patterned jumpers the best idea is to try on a few that you like and see whether you like what you see.

Also look out for shoulder and elbow patches on jumpers (also jackets) this season, it’s a nice bit of extra detailing and when the weather does get colder and you start looking for thicker heavier jumpers consider a shawl collar cardigan or jumper to keep you warm, look out for button detail.

By Sam

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  1. Knitwear is such an essential piece this season, especially with the “global warming” days of Summer now behind us and the dooming winter days approaching (I’ve just had to buy a coat over the weekend), knitwear is a must get now. I don’t understand what the big deal with the patches is though, I see it everywhere on elbows and even shoulders. Yes they give the item more charachter, style and detail – but it’s just everywhere!