The Rise Of The Man-Gagement Ring

Society evolved and what was seen as common practice a few years ago is no longer accurate. Nowadays, modern women do expect the same rights as men and education evolved to the point where engagement rings are no longer just for women.

Women have many reasons to consider proposing. In some situations this happens as the woman just wants to know where the relationship is at. Also, we do have the situation in which the woman is faced with a better financial stability where she thinks that it is financial worries stopping the man from buying an engagement ring. No matter what situation we are faced with, younger crowds do gravitate towards gender role sharing without any associated embarrassment. This led towards a constant growth in popularity for handmade engagement rings for men.

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The Fiancee Is Taken

Women do now want other women to know the fact that the fiancée is taken so it is normal to see that increase in man-gagement rings. Jewellery stores are quickly picking up the trend and feminists do consider it offensive that they have to wear an engagement ring, showcasing that they are taken, while men do not have such a limit that is imposed. Couples do buy matching rings, without taking into account who proposed.

Men Do Wear Jewellery

A few years ago, up until the late nineties, most men did not wear jewellery. This trend did change. There are many men that wear designer clothes and jewellery. Because of this shift, many men are feeling a little slighted that girlfriends receive beautiful engagement rings and they do not. Women thus now buy matching engagement rings for their soon to be spouses. We also see a constant increase in the number of men that buy their very own engagement rings, usually as a set that comes with the woman’s.


Gay Marriage Rights

In the USA we have gay marriage being legal in all states. That automatically led towards a growth in the number of male engagement rings as they basically take on a brand new meaning together with the legal aspect of gay marriage. Various jewellery stores in states that were progressive about this matter are now promoting diversity and actually have many interesting diamond rings that are designed for men that want to engage to other men.

Creating New Traditions

Engagement rings for men are driven in part by the fact that the younger generation is now looking to create brand new traditions and distance itself from the older traditions. The current generation has a reputation of bucking tradition and going on a new path with millennials embracing equality and the evolution of marriage.

On the whole, we can say that marriage is nowadays seen differently and engagement rings for men are no longer taboo. They are accepted and they are becoming a part of culture in many parts of the world. There is no shame in wearing one and there are some that are incredibly beautiful in jewellery stores that embraced change.

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Fashion at the Clooney Wedding Weekend

This past weekend marked the end of Hollywood’s “most eligible bachelor”, George Clooney’s reign. After his first marriage to actress Talia Balsam in 1989, George Clooney has been seen with many beautiful women on his arm, but has managed to avoid the phrase “I do”, until now. The woman who captured George’s heart is Amal Alamuddin. She is a criminal/human rights lawyer, who is as fashionable, as she is intelligent. Of course, George Clooney is no slouch in the fashion department himself.


Starting on Friday, September 26th, Hollywood’s finest started arriving for the three day extravaganza. The first photo is George’s pal Matt Damon, who looked stunning at the rehearsal dinner. Matt is sporting a charcoal grey, three-piece suit with a black button-down, and saddle brown oxfords to shake it up a little.

at the hotel Cipriani post nuptuals

Next, is a photo of the happy couple themselves, George and Amal, at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice post their high security night of nuptials, for which the actual ceremony photos were just released to People Magazine today. George Clooney looks dashing in his light grey suit with marine blue tie and dark shades. Amal is very trendy in this white lace, high-low hemmed dress with colorful floral appliqué. The style showcases her long legs, but might be a little un-nerving in windy weather.

cindy crawford and husband after clooney wedding

Lastly, Best Man Randy Gerber and supermodel/wife Cindy Crawford have opted for quiet glam as they make their way home from Venice. Randy has layered a blue and black button-down, pairing it with jeans and black sneakers. Cindy adds some flair to her blue jeans with a camel-colored v-neck sweater, a sheer tan scarf, and a black leather catch-all tote.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – Wedding Dresses For 2014

Finding the perfect wedding dress in 2014 will be difficult. With so many brands and models out there, you have to shop around and compare prices. Modern brides often choose to buy their wedding dresses online. Internet-based stores offer a wide array of products at a competitive price. By ordering your dress online, you will save time and money. With a little research, you can find a beautiful designer dress for a quarter of the price.


Shop Around

Bridal dresses can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Some brides pay a fortune on their wedding gowns. The good news is that you can significantly cut your costs. Online stores offer gorgeous wedding dresses and matching accessories for every taste. Future brides can visit online shops galore and place their order within minutes. Most stores, including Dimitra Designs, sell mermaid wedding dresses, lace dresses, modest wedding gowns, short bridal dresses, and plus size dresses.

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Men’s Wedding Fashion Advice – Choosing Between Yellow & White Gold Wedding Rings

Are you looking for a wedding ring but don’t know what to choose? Many people start out looking for wedding rings without any idea of what they want, the difference between different bands, or even what the different materials mean.

Two of the most popular, mass produced choices are yellow and white gold wedding rings – check out how big the gamut of gold wedding rings is alone. Both of these wedding rings are made from gold and will often have about the same value. If you want to choose between them, take these facts into consideration.

White Gold Wedding Bands Contain More Nickel


One of the most important things to consider about white gold wedding bands is that they contain a great deal more nickel than a yellow gold band. While both wedding rings will contain nickel, white gold wedding bands are actually plated with it in order to achieve their beautiful white finish.

White gold can also be plated with manganese, palladium and rhodium, the last of which gives it a very silver look. If you have allergies to any of these metals, then white gold wedding bands are not for you. If you’re not sure about the allergy, try having your blood tested for this first.

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