Women’s Jewelry Advice – How To Rock Diamond Earrings

diamond cluster circle earrings

Diamond cluster earrings are stunning, elegant and adored additions to any woman’s jewelry collection, as many famous women can attest. In fact, some of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world are diamond cluster earrings.

Golconda Diamond Earrings?

Found on many lists of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world, the Golconda diamond earrings came from the mines of India and are also known as the Imperial Cushions due to the cushion-shaped diamonds that hang from the set of clusters attached to the posts. Each earring has over 23 carats of diamonds and were purchased at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Spring Sale in 2011 for $9.3 million. The purchaser at the Hong Kong sale remains anonymous.

Harry Winston Diamond Drop Earrings

diamond cluster square earrings

Harry Winston designed the diamond drop earrings, which are considered the best and most expensive earrings ever made. Each earring consists of two pear-shaped diamonds, and the pair is estimated at 60 karats. Because Winston mounted the diamonds in platinum, the metal is invisible when the earrings are worn. Created for stars to wear at the Oscar’s, the earrings have an estimated worth of $8.5 million.

Although there are many more famous diamond earrings, these two examples show why diamond earrings are often some of the most loved pieces of jewelry any woman owns.

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