Wedding Fashion Advice – How to Choose the Right Wedding Bands for Your Upcoming Nuptials

While there is a lot of focus on selecting the perfect wedding engagement ring for the bride, the wedding band is in fact, a more important choice for the bride and groom.


While an engagement ring can be left at home for whatever reason, married people never go without wearing their wedding bands.

This is the ring that you will wear every day and represents a token of your eternal love and commitment to one another.

Because most couples typically purchase their wedding bands and engagement rings separately, it is important to select a wedding band that suits your budget and your sense of style.

Most of all, the perfect wedding band should be both comfortable and beautiful.

Here is a simple guide to help you select the perfect wedding bands for your new life together.

Choosing the Right Wedding Bands

First, you need to establish how the bride will wear the wedding band. Will she wear it as a stand-alone piece of jewelry? Or, do you want the ring to be worn on the same finger as the engagement ring?

Jewelers can create wonderful engagement ring and wedding band combinations that can fit any size jewelry budget – from the smallest to the largest.

When selecting a wedding band, consider your lifestyle – do you have a life that is suited for a simple band? Is your groom a chef or landscape gardener who works with his hands all day?

A simple metal band may work better than one adorned with sapphires, diamonds or other precious stones. Wide bands, with a motif around the center, are one alternative to gemstone encrusted bands for grooms.  Slender diamond bands, however, are very popular with modern brides.

If the bride wants to wear both rings on the same finger, wedding tradition dictates that you wear the engagement ring above your wedding band, so that the band remains closer to your heart.

Size and Fit Matters

Begin your wedding band search at the jewelry store – instead of browsing for wedding band types on the internet or via catalog shopping.

In the jewelry store, you can try various wedding band styles to see what flatters your ring fingers best, and what ring styles feel the most comfortable on your fingers.

Band width is measured in millimeters, and one or two millimeters can make the difference between what is comfortable, and what is not.

If the bride plans to wear a wedding band with her engagement ring, try both pieces of jewelry on together to see whether they complement each other best.

All about Metals

For some traditional couples, the bands are usually slender circles of gold or platinum. Every once in a while couples select metal bands with personalized engraving on the inside or a few flourishes on the outside.

If you are choosing a band that the bride will wear with her engagement ring, you will want matching metals. The basic type of wedding band metals that you can choose from are: gold, platinum, palladium and titanium.

Whatever the style, the type of metal wedding band that you choose should complement every aspect of your life.

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