Tips for Transitioning Your Fall and Winter Fashions

Do you have your fall-to-winter fashion transition down to a T? Have you planned your wardrobe around neutrals with season-appropriate colors ready to go? Maybe you have carefully built up a revolving collection of cardigans that can carry you from leaf-kicking autumn walks to the more serious business of building snowmen on a sunny winter day. Once you reach this point, you may be in a position to face each season confidently, but there is one wardrobe staple that is often overlooked, jewelry. Make sure you are ready for winter with a jewelry collection that can make any outfit sparkle!


Layering the Basics

One classic trend that has stood up to the passage of time is layering, whether that’s with sweaters, coats, or scarves. The shapes and colors may change, but the basics remain the same. Whatever your collection of staples looks like, it is time to add some brooches to your wardrobe. You can stick to the basics here and wear your heirloom pieces on your lapel or scarf or you could wear them on your cuff, mix up the look with several brooches, or choose a design that is completely modern.

Layering Is Here To Stay

Popular jewelry colors this year are found in the yellow, whites, and rose shades – of gold, that is. You can’t go wrong with a bold and beautiful white gold adornment at your shirt sleeve. You’ll be even more up-to-date if you layer together multiple necklaces and bracelets. One expert describes this look at “feminine and glorious”. Your fashion choices should be no less. Whatever your favorites are, get them the attention they deserve by going big and bold or by layering them to achieve more volume.

Go Intricate or Chunky

When you want to talk about wardrobe essentials this fall/winter, you have two great choices: intricate and delicate jewels with a lacy, royal feel or bold and chunky silver necklaces. Both of these styles were plentiful on this year’s runways. Add both to your collection, so whether you are attending a favorite holiday theater event or bundling up for an outside adventure, it will be easy to accessorize.

Wear Headpieces

If you love to embrace the newest fashion trends head on, then the headpiece may be your favorite accessory this year. It’s true that they’ve been around for many years, but this might be the year that this fashion piece really shines. Whether you wear one under a hat or abandon the hat altogether, this year’s vintage-inspired headband is all the rage. From fall and winter brides to college students and serious movie stars, you’ll see headbands with small flowers on a ribbon, delicate tiaras, and pearl ringlets. Choose something a little bit heavier to carry off your winter outfits.

One Single Earring

Another bold fashion move that was popular this year is the single earring. Make it big and dramatic, perhaps pair it with a smaller earring, and you’ll be ready to pull off this new winter trend.

Make It Over-sized and Dramatic

Finally, you’ll find that many of this year’s accessories are over-sized and chunky, like this ring from Milano. Whether you are wearing floral earrings or a chunky tanzanite ring, go big – very big. The rings, earrings, brooches, bracelets, and necklaces are making statements this season. So, go ahead and start with a simple pair of slacks and a basic sweater. Decide whether you need a coat and a scarf or not. Complete the look with your attention-grabbing, oversized, favorite piece of jewelry – and then make it all you.

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3 Cold Weather Essentials

As we are well into the fall season, many areas of the country are already experiencing cold temperatures, with other regions soon to follow.  Brave the cold weather in style and in comfort with these three major cold weather essentials:


Waterproof Boots

Along with being fashionable, the ultimate cold weather boot is comfortable, waterproof and breathable. Whether you’re out shoveling snow, caught in rainstorm or just lounging around, your boots should keep your feet warm and dry, no matter what the conditions are. The Helly Hansen Gataga Boot is a great cold weather boot for men and can be worn as a work boot or for everyday wear. Made from waterproof nubuck leather, feet will stay warm, toasty and dry, and the Helly Grip outsole will supply outstanding grip, durability and protection.

A great choice for women is the Bearpaw Kimella II Boot, which is designed to maintain warmth and comfort from the knee down. This boot is made of waterproof suede that’s seam sealed with a breathable waterproof membrane, as well as a blend lining with a sheepskin footbed, for incredible comfort and protection.

Insulated Ski Jacket

Insulated Ski Jacket

Similar to cold weather boots, comfort, style and breathability are expected of cold weather jackets. Helly Hanson is a leading brand of cold weather gear and apparel, and one of the brand’s best winter jackets for men is the Motion Jacket – a high altitude, high speed, and high performance insulated jacket. The jacket is made with the brand’s breathable and waterproof Helly Tech Performance 2L mechanical stretch fabric, as well as Warmcore by PrimaLoft insulation, to deliver incredible mobility, warmth and comfort.  As for women, Helly Hansen’s Insulted Long Aden Jacket is one of the top insulated ski jackets. Also made with Helly Tech and Warmcore by PrimaLoft, this jacket offers all the features you’ve come to expect from a cold weather jacket in a sophisticated and classic style.


Breathable Gloves

From clearing snow off your car to walking around the city, everyone needs a good pair of winter gloves. The Thermo Gloves from Salomon are an excellent choice for those looking to protect their hands from frigid and frosty temperatures. The simple, classic design is sleek and stylish, while the insulated, water resistant fabric provides the protection and comfort you need. The best part of these gloves is they aren’t bulky like their counterparts, and they are extremely effective at keeping warmth in and snow and cold air out.

Be sure to stock up on these key essentials before the cold, icy temperatures come your way.

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Skip The Puff!

Stay toasty this winter with a brand new coat that isn’t a puffer jacket.  Now’s the perfect time to grab a new parka, right before it gets really cold and just in time to catch an amazing sale.  You’ll thanks us once the snow starts falling!  Here are our top picks to keep you stylish and warm.

Laundry By Shelli Segal Faux Fur Trimmed Parka

Why we like it:

It has lots of pockets great for when you’re running errands or walking the dog and don’t really want to shlep around your purse.  It also features an interior drawstring waist to give you a flattering shape even when your all bundled up and it comes in this great navy color.


Laundry by Shelli Segal Faux-Fur-Trim Hooded Anorak Coat


The North Face Arctic Down Parka

Why we like it:

A down coat holds up to the coldest of temperature drops. With a zip-off hood and fleece inserts in the cuff of the sleeves,it will have you ready for anything winter can throw at you.

The North Face Arctic Down Parka

  1 Madison Expedition Faux- Fur Trimmed Hooded Utility Parka

Why we like it:

This coat is labeled as midweight but it’s both tough and chic. It has a military inspired design and a cinched waist so you’re ready to take on the streets and the slopes.

1 Madison Expedition Faux- Fur Trimmed Hooded Utility ParkaAnd speaking of a ski vacation, we couldn’t finish this article without including one packable coat (which yes, is a puffy jacket).  Michael by Michael Kors Hooded Down Packable Coat is a lightweight coat with a down fill and a hood.  We love how easy this is to travel with, as it fits into its own tiny sack.  Besides, with all the amazing sales going on right now, why not buy two coats?

Michael Kors Hooded Down Packable Coat

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Choosing a Pair of Jeans for Winter Weather

When the winter brings in the bitter cold weather, the type of jeans that you choose can be the difference between being warm and dry or feeling like a popsicle. The things that you want to take into consideration are the materials and the fit.

In choosing a pair of jeans that is “cold proof”, you want to select one that has heavier feeling denim. The heavier the denim, the less likely it will be that the wind and cold will be able to penetrate through your pants. Fortunately, there are online clothing retailers, e.g. Jonathan Trumbull, that understand this need and can accommodate us gents with reasonable prices.

Eddie Bauer Loose fit Jeans

One great example of heavyweight 100% cotton jeans for men readily available for online purchase are the Loose Fit Five-Pocket Jeans by Eddie Bauer. They are constructed in traditional jean styling, but are made of 13.5 ounce cotton denim. If you are looking for something that has a little more insulation, Eddie Bauer also makes a classic and relaxed fit flannel lined jean for the same price.

Eddie Bauer Classic Flannel jeans

The second thing that you need to consider in selecting the right jean for winter is the fit. When your trousers are a little on the looser side around the thighs and the calves, there is a small pocket of air between your skin and the material. This pocket of air is heated by the temperature of your body and serves as insulation between you and the jean, so even though the jean itself will be cold from the outside, it will feel warmer on the inside. However, if you have any sort of draft down through the waistline or in through the pant cuffs, it won’t apply. So, your best bet is to select a pair of jeans that fits good in the waist and be relaxed or loose fitting throughout the legs with a length that will cover the top of your shoes.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Winter/ Spring Hats

There are so many kinds of hats in the world – caps, bowlers, snap backs, sombreros… But when looking into “Winter-wear” for men, The North Face is a company that you have probably heard of before. One style of hat that is made by them, which has maintained its popularity throughout the years is the “Beanie”.

It is a close- fitting cap that is knit out of acrylic yarn and has an internal band of fleece that provides the extra warmth that you will need on those cold, windy days. The “Bones Beanie”, for example, comes in blue, green, pink, orange, purple, grey, and black.

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Men’s Quilted Vests – A Nice Jacket Alternative for the Fall/Winter

As the weather begins to change, begin to think about outerwear. One great transitional piece of clothing is the down vest. It offers the chest warmth when the temperature gets cooler, but without the sleeves it gives you the option of what to wear underneath. You may be someone who only needs a short sleeve shirt, or if you like to keep warmer, then a long sleeve shirt or sweater may do.

Another advantage of the vest vs. the jacket can be the increased mobility since it is sleeveless. A jacket can be restricting as far as your arm movements, but with the vest you have no restrictions at all. Most vests are filled with down feathers or polyester fiberfill. It has been said that the down filling is warmer and holds onto your body temperature better than its polyester counterpart, but I have found that a good fiberfill and it is easier to care for.

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