Your Shirt Can Make You the King of the Party, or the Court Jester

The purpose of fashion is to make you feel and look good. When you are dressing in a shirt that is your style, you seem to stand taller and be more confident about yourself. If you are wearing something that is not comfortable or you don’t like, then you tend to be a little self-conscious. When you are attending that special event, you want to be able to concentrate on having fun, instead of what people might be thinking about you.

In order to make the perfect dress shirt choice, you need to start with the fit. A shirt that is a little more tailored to fit your body is what is hot right now, but you want it to have a little wiggle room and not look like you are wearing a size too small. The next quality of a great shirt is the interest that it generates. Some men’s dress shirts are just boring, so why not choose something that has some unusual details to make it something special. For example, this black button-down has a nice slim fit with a white contrasting trim around the inside of the pointed collar and also down the covered button placket. It gives this shirt a sleek and modern look.


If you like the lighter colors, then go for the white dress shirt with the grey accents.If you like a more asymmetrical look, then this black button-down with the geometric-looking right shoulder appliqué and arm bands of a contrasting grey fabric may be the style that you are looking for.

tropical drink party shirt

Shirts can also be fun at the right events and plenty of stores have amazing mens fashion shirts to wear to holiday party. Take this black camp shirt with tropical drinks scattered across the fabric. It probably would get some strange looks as wedding wear, but at a friend’s summer soiree might be a conversation piece and attract some new friends.


However, there are some shirts that should never be worn out of the house like this exploded self portrait t-shirt. If this guy’s overall look is not unusual enough, then he will be grabbing attention as the court jester, instead of king of the party for sure.

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Mizzen + Main Button-down Shirts

When it comes to finding the perfect button-down shirt, the qualities that every man is looking for are a great fit and easy care. However, at Mizzen + Main they not only take the time to make sure that you can get the fit that you are looking for off the rack and produce shirts that require no ironing or dry cleaning, but Mizzen + Main also uses a fabric that wicks away moisture and gives a lot of room for movement with a 4-way stretch. They have developed a men’s button shirt where performance meets style.


For example, the Frost Light Blue Button-down Oxford takes a traditional pique texture and combines it with body-flattering seaming across the shoulders and down the back to create a stylish, easy care button-down. Mizzen + Main also pays attention to the shirts detailing with the button-down collar, one-button sleeves, and double-button cuffs. Their shirts give you the ability to stay cooler, be more comfortable, and look great without a lot of fuss. At $125, it may seem a little pricey, but think of how much time and money you will save without needing to iron or take it to the dry cleaners for care.


The next one is the Bradbury Dark Plum Gingham Spread Collar dress shirt. As well as having the same cooling/comfort technology fabric and tailored fit, this dress shirt takes on the classic look of Gingham, modernizing it with a dark plum color. Micro-patterns have been around a long time and are a great alternative to a plain shirt when it comes to layering them under a sweater, sports jacket, or suit.

Ordering a few of these shirts will give you the ability to freshen up some of your older items in your closet with a button-down that has a modern style and fabric that you will appreciate for years to come. Also, Mizzen + Main makes that very easy with discounting a pack of 3 or 6 dress shirts for your purchasing.

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Spotlight: Georges Marciano Denim Shirts

If you are a lover of denim, then there’s a chance that you have heard of Georges Marciano.  He is a designer that has been creating quality, timeless, and impeccably tailored denim garments since 1978, but has now launched a new line of apparel for both men and women that takes classic styles and gives them a modern twist.


One of Georges Marciano’s new men’s designs that are available on is the GM- Sutter Western Shirt.  For years, it seems that the prominent colors of denim were all about the darker shades like indigo and ink, but the lighter shades have now re-immerged on the fashion scene.  This western style shirt has a mix of lighter and darker bleached denim tones, as well as the pointed detailed stitching along the shoulders that mirrors the flap button pockets.  Created in 100% lightweight cotton, it will not be stiff and will move with you.


Another take on the same style of men’s shirts is the GM- Shutter Western Shirt.  This one has similar stitching details as the lighter denim one, but they are more muted with the richness of the indigo and medium, splashed-on looking denim wash.  I also like the details of the rounded hemline and the ability to roll up the sleeves in both fabrics.  Either can be purchased for $175, which may sound a little pricey, but not when they are from an iconic denim designer like Georges Marciano, who creates items that reflect the past with a cutting-edge appeal.

Polo_Black_F_5-minIf you are not a denim person, but love traditional designs like the Polo shirt, then the GM- Polo may be for you.  This shirt is constructed of 100% quality cotton, has a nicely tailored it with the point collar, button-down neckline, and perfect sleeve/body length.  This would be fantastic with a pair of jeans or khakis and can be purchased for $85, in a myriad of colors to fit your style.

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ShirtCycle: Custom Dress Shirts at Department Store Prices

There is a company out there called “ShirtCycle” that takes dress shirt shopping to the next level.  If you ask most guys if they know their body measurements for getting a custom shirt, most would shrug. ShirtCycle solves this.  ShirtCycle takes your “off the rack” measurements and a photo to get a perfect, truly personalized fit.  They even include a personal stylist, Matt Harpalani of NYC, who has curated shirt styles and fabrics 10,000 clients.


The advantages of a custom tailored shirt from ShirtCycle is not just the ability to choose your favorite pattern or solid fabric to fit your personal taste, but also the quality workmanship of 25-30 stitches per inch, a 4- piece collar construction, European milled fabrics, French seams, and designer Mother of Pearl Shell buttons.  With, you receive a free custom shirt to try on based on your initial measurements, either keeping it because it fits or sending it back in a prepaid package to be re-tailored, at no additional cost.  ShirtCycle has about a 65% success rate on getting the fit right on your first measurements, so most clients are all right out of the gate.

After your fit is verified, you review your curated shirt fabrics and styles online, which you can confirm or swap.  In a few weeks, you will receive the 3 shirts that match your look and style, right to your door for just $250.  Each successive order will include a set of 3 hand-selected custom shirts for the same price.  ShirtCycle only sends clients shirt in a fit, fabric and style they’ve approved and are yet to have any returns, saving you time.

Unlike subscription companies “Trunk Club”, ShirtCycle only sends you shirts you want. They save you the headache of dealing with returns.  And without a big inventory to manage due to the nature of custom, they are about half the price.


Unlike other online custom clothiers like “Indochino”, they verify your fit up front so you don’t have to find and wait to be reimbursed for local alterations to the shirts you receive. They believe time is money and try to save you time while helping you look better,

“Bespoke” clothing has become a very popular way to shop, but it usually comes with a high price tag.  ShirtCycle delivers high quality, Italian sea island and non-irons for $83 and you get to you’re your free shirt.

As far as the company goes, the name “ShirtCycle” does not say “Custom Fit Dress Shirts” to me.  I kind of understand how they are equating the process to a “cycle”, where you go through the process for custom tailoring and then repeat orders for your shirts with your personal measurements, but maybe with a name like “Style-Fitted” or “Tailored Shirts”, people may be more aware of what they actually do.

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On The Different Kinds of Shirt Cuffs

When it comes to dress shirts, a simpler way to increase your style range is to buy shirts with different styles – from various collars to diverse fittings to interesting cuffs.  In fact, adding shirts with unique cuffs offer a visual enhancement that accentuates your physical appearance. We dive into the world of shirt cuffs in order to display just how diverse these small shirt additions can really get.

Barrel cuffs

When purchasing department store shirts, you’ll notice that cuffs are traditionally attached with buttons. Although these generally come with single buttons, two or three buttons can also be found with these types of men’s dress shirts. Honestly, it’s no mystery why businessmen today choose plain barrel cuffs as opposed to fancier ensembles: they’re simply easier to maintain and adjust to one’s liking.  You may frequently hear these cuffs referred to as button cuffs, too.


French cuffs

Designed without buttons, these cuffs are kept together with fancy cuff links or even silky knots.  While some fashion bloggers agree that these cuffs should be phased out, these cuffs are still popular among young professionals. Traditionally, these are worn by more affluent men, although anyone looking for that classier style could definitely benefit by wearing these.  In terms of size, these cuffs are roughly twice as long as barrel cuffs.

Turnback cuffs

You may hear these occasionally called James Bond cuffs (for obvious reasons). Strikingly similar in appearance to French cuffs, these fold then button for an incredible suave look. Since it’s not entirely necessary to wear department store dress shirts with cuff links, many men seem to be unaware that expensive shirts made with turnback cuffs can be accompanied with cuff links for added pizazz, although the cuff will be buttoned after folding anyway.  For a live look at these cuffs in action, check out James Bond’s Dr. No and pay close attention to his attire and see how it’s all in the cuff.


Single Cuffs

Often confused with barrel cuffs, the single cuff is traditionally worn in formal settings and lacks the massive length of French cuffs.  These are normally fastened with white or black cuff links, although silver or gold would also spice up the shirts equally well.  Visiting other countries, you may notice formal dining environments will feature men with these cuff styles.

Choosing the best cuff

Choosing which cuff should be worn for professional careers, formal dining and other occasions can be a daunting task with so many options available, but a few important factors can narrow the field.  First, take into account how long or short your arms are; although you’ll probably have your shirts tailored to fit your arms, it’s always good to avoid cuffs that may expose too much wrist or forearm.

Also, consider whether you’ll wear jackets with your shirts; this will help determine which style would show through your jacket sleeve or not.  Finally, always buy the shirt cuff before the cuff link and not the reverse since gold, white and black are rather neutral and can match nearly any cuff you desire.

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Tips on Maintaining Your Dress Shirts

Although a young man’s mother tries her best to train her son to be self-sufficient, not everything tends to stick. When it comes to taking care of dress shirts, most men neither have the capacity nor tools to properly care for their garments, which means they often throw their things away and buy brand-new.

If you would prefer to learn some timely tips to extend the life of your shirts, pay attention as we expose highly classified woman tactics often used to keep your shirts looking brand spanking new for decades.

Follow tag instructions

Because men believe they’re equipped with ‘automatic knowledge’ of everything, the most obvious first tip would be to follow the designer’s garment care instructions clearly printed on the tag. Cotton, tweed and polyester will probably have different machine washing instructions which include proper water temperature and dryer settings.  Because some men’s dress shirts can get really expensive, it’s best to follow the tag’s instructions instead of throwing your expensive designer dress shirt in with socks and underwear on high heat or hot water.

No heat then hang up

Most dress shirts, after they’ve come out of the washer, can be dried on ‘No Heat’ setting then immediately hung up to maintain their current size. By allowing room temperature to dry your clothes, you will not only avoid attracting excessive lint but help keep your shirt from shrinking. Note that you could also use the permanent press setting if you cannot wait several hours for your shirt; just make sure you’re comfortable losing a few millimeters of size as exposing your shirt to even the slightest heat will cause this effect.


Iron like a maiden

Your dress shirts will clearly outline what the fabric setting should be before you preheat your iron. You’ll usually want to make sure enough water is inside your iron because you may want to steam your collar to maintain a sharp, edgy look.  If you’re unsure what proper settings are, revert back to your iron’s manufacturing settings or quickly Google “how to iron a shirt” for best results. Never guess any fabric’s heat setting because you’ll either iron ineffectively or totally torch your expensive dress garment. As a last ditch effort, keep your mother, sister or girlfriend on speed dial.

Food for thought

Whether you’re on a low budget or can afford Armani shirts every week, you’ll eventually have to learn appropriate dress shirt care because, at some point, you’ll have no choice but to either learn proper clothing care, or risk going bankrupt buying new dress shirts too frequently. Don’t you have better things to spend your paycheck on every week?

Although we may seldom admit it, as men, we all want to look at our best. In previous years, many men may not have been as attentive to their appearance, but times have changed. Whereas in the past, male clothing care products on supermarket shelves may have included Woolite, stain fighters and that was about it; now you’ll find an array of different products to help you care for your dress shirts correctly. So use them, and be a manly man.

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