Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Company81 jeans

Jeans designers are a dime a dozen these days…but who’s to blame them? Jeans are and will probably always be a staple item of a man’s casual wardrobe. The neophyte brand Company81 describes itself as “a complete lifestyle brand” for teens and young men. Naturally, they make affordable jeans too. Let’s see how they fair amid all the competition.
Unlike a lot of brands out there, Company 81 keeps its “distressing” of its jeans at a minimal, which I find refreshing. That being said, the pair I received came with an interesting dark blue streak in some parts, but I admit to kinda liking the idea of slightly discolored pants. The designers also opted to leave off patterns or additional stitching on the back pockets, which is a decision I agree with – some of the backside designs out there border on gaudy. Bravo.

As for fitting and whatnot, I have no complaints, mostly because these aren’t like skinny jeans in the slightest. I really dislike it when some jeans ride up against my groin or my knees – that certainly doesn’t happen with these. Amusingly enough, the cuffs expand out a little more than with an usual boot cut, which gives them a bell-bottom feel. It won’t work for everyone, but I’m pleased with the throwback. Summarily, I recommend Company81’s Washed Light Blue Denim Jeans for simple, casual summer-livin’.

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