Men’s Fashion Advice – What is a Chain Wallet?

One trend that I have seen pop up this year in unexpected places is the chain wallet. It has made its way through history beginning as a practical application for bikers that did not want to lose their wallets while riding their hogs, then reappeared on the scene in the “Punk Rock” craze of the 70’s and the 80’s as a “bad-ass” fashion statement. Now, chained mens wallets are made by some of the most well know fashion designers in the world and have found their way from the street, onto the runway.

Chain wallets have become popular accessories among men within all different style categories. We are used to the original biker look with the black leather tri-fold with silver or brass studs and a thick curb link chain. Some are plain, thin wallets and some are thick and inlaid with designs. Also, there is the western style chain wallet with embossed leather and intricate engraving, which has been worn by cowboys for ages. But now, since they have arrived on the fashion scene, chain wallets have taken on a different look. Dolce and Gabbana make a perforated black leather wallet that is imprinted with their brand name and the Italian flag colors, with a heavy silver chain and a lobster claw ring. Designer Alexander McQueen puts a more trendy spin on the chain wallet with his version in bright orange leather that has a fancy link chain and skull charm.

Through the years, the men’s chain wallet has transformed itself from a thing of convenience to a fashion statement. It has been more frequently seen being worn by celebrities and most recently on the stage at “American Idol”. This type of accessory transcends both age and clothing style. It is as popular with a more weathered biker man, as it is with a Hip Hop artist and it has been seen worn as an accessory with everything from leather pants, to jeans, to suits. It is a style of wallet that has made its way from “necessity” to “accessory”.

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