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Fashion Industry Spotlight – Designer Jeremy Scott At Adidas & His “Unique” Shoes

Jeremy Scott is an American Designer that was born in Kansas City, Missouri and studied fashion at the Pratt Institute in NYC. He started his fashion career in the 1990’s and was accused of creating items that “no one would wear”.

jeremy scott pic

In 2008, Jeremy had initiated a collaboration with the athletic shoe giant Adidas for a line of expensive and outlandish men’s shoes. But like all outrageous fashion, there are still groups of people who enjoy thinking out of the box. It goes without saying: the shoewear Jeremy produces as part of his sportwear aren’t the fair priced and functional types you’d find at this Birmingham running shop. Anyway, to add to his resume, this past October he was just named as the Creative Director for the fashion house Moschino.


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Lesson #112: Soccer Jerseys

The World Cup’s well underway and plenty of folks got the right idea of showing support for their country’s team by sporting a jersey. Sure, it’s a little contrived, but ultimately forgivable – as long as you put them away in the closet after the last whistle’s blown. But as with all things appareled, you should be careful and know what exactly you’re getting when you go searching for your fútbol fanwear.

International Soccer Jersey Shirts – Portugal World Cup Jersey T-Shirt
INFEASIBLE: Jerseys with prints
Screen-printing might work for t-shirt graphics, but they come off as tacky and flat on jerseys. This is simply because most jerseys, like the one above, are made from polyester and therefore give everything on them an extra dose of gloss. Fake fake FAKE.

Adidas 2010 Argentina Home Youth World Cup Soccer Jersey
Feasible: Embroidered jerseys
Embroidered insignias looks ten times better, don’t they? They give the piece some dimensionality and texture, even a look of uniqueness. Of course anything with embroidery is going to be more expensive than what comes with prints, but come on now, do you want to look the mook at the sport bars? Didn’t think so.
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