Men’s Fashion Advice: Preparing Your Casual Wardrobe For Summer

The men’s fashion world is currently emerging from one of its most conservative and formal winter seasons to date. Due to the austerity bred by a global economic recession and the nostalgia spurred by period dramas such as Mad Men and Downton Abbey, this past winter saw men wearing military uniforms, 60s-era suits, and dark tones on runways from New York to Milan. If you’re tired of all that dreary conservatism, however, there’s some good news: summer is just around the corner.

Summer is always a great time to embrace casual fashions, and a backlash against nostalgia is likely to insure that the casual scene is a particularly lively one this warm-weather season. What, then, are the latest seasonal trends in men’s casual wear? Let’s take a look:

-Striped board shorts at the beach. There was once a time when board shorts were only worn by surfers sporting long hair and hemp necklaces, and even these men preferred solid colors over flashy striped patterns. But the board short has now become a standard beach accessory, and this summer the item can be expected to erupt with color and style – specifically through the use of stripes.

-V-neck shirts. The V-neck shirt is finally ready to go mainstream this summer. A great way to make an otherwise bland “t-shirt and shorts” attire more interesting, the versatile v-neck can be worn at the park, the fitness club, and for a night out on the town.

-Colorful prep attire. The polo shirt and khaki shorts has long been a casual staple of summer. In recent years, more men have turned to bright pastel polo colors such as pink, lime green, and light blue. The color can be expected to get only more vivid this summer, with oranges and reds exploding onto the scene. Such shirts are best worn with solid white, straight-leg shorts.

These are just a few of the main fashion trends we can expect this summer. Jewelry for men is also making a comeback so expect to see new accessories pop up on the market.  Ultimately, you can’t go wrong by wearing light colors to embrace the season. Is your wardrobe ready for the summer? Now may be the time to check your closet and insure that it is.

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