Men’s Fashion Review – Lacoste Berryman Leather Shoes

Need a good pair of shoes for transitioning into the spring? Why not try out something in leather? The Lacoste Berryman Leather Shoes are a bold attempt at a sneaker fitted with leather. Does it work?


For the most part, yes, these shoes are a solid addition to a man’s streetwear wardrobe. These Berryman sneakers offer a leather upper with suede accents on the toe, heel, and sides. From just a few weeks of wearing, I can tell that the leather will age nicely and even turn to a cool gray color. The suede is a great touch as well, though try not to get the tips muddy. As for the branding, it sports an embossed logo that is tasteful yet iconic of Lacoste.

03 As for the composition, the laces tie up real tightly and are resilient. The stitches is solid and largely hidden so the dark surface remains smooth and contiguous. The heel is an extension of the rubber sole and therefore is useful for running and perhaps tennis.

01 My only beef with these shoes is the sole. I noticed that they discolor quite quickly, especially when repeatedly exposed to water/ precipitation. Not really that big of a problem since who looks at the bottom of a person’s shoe anyway? What’s more of a problem though is that the bottoms really don’t give any traction to your stride. This isn’t helpful when you encounter slippery surfaces like ice or a just mopped floor.

All in all though, I would recommend the Berryman Leather Shoes as a good shoe to wear when the weather’s clearing up and you’re looking to rock some leather. Check these Lacoste’s and other fine men’s shoes out at Designer Studio Store.

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