Men’s Fashion Advice – The Wide Range of Sneakers, From Sport to Leisure to Fashion Statement

nike max h.a.m. basketball sneaker new

When it comes to men’s sneakers these days, there are so many men who wear them for more than just athletics. When you thought about sneakers back in the day, the activities came to mind were basketball, tennis, running, or training. Now, sneakers have morphed into a casual, almost ubiquitous shoe for every-day wear and have, as we will see, really become a style accessory. But fear not meatheads, despite this retail apotheosis, there is still room for the “original” providers – Nike, Tony Pryce Sports, Spring Court – to continue to retail sportswear for the active foot.


One example of the sneaker becoming something new and exciting is the Raspberry Python Malibu high-top sneakers by Yves Saint Laurent. Color has been a huge fashion trend in all clothing and accessories this year and these sneakers kick it up a notch with the shiny patent outline of the toe-box and the purple python print on top of the toe, around the heel, and up to the ankle. They even add in a little extra comfort with the padded Achilles.

john varvatos chuck taylor slip ons

If vintage is more your style, then you may remember from years ago, the “Converse Chuck Taylor” style of sneaker. This particular collection screams summertime. A lace-less version of the Chuck Taylor is the John Varvatos Chuck Taylor Vintage Slip. It is similar to its laced counterpart with the elongated foot bed, grey canvas uppers, lacing grommets, with the rubberized toe-box and sole. For $100, you will have a designer pair of men’s sneakers that you can just slip on and go.

nike max h.a.m. basketball sneaker new

Lastly, if you are just looking for good old fashioned mens athletic sneakers, check out the strictly sporty-minded sneaker Nike Max H.A.M. Basketball Shoe. It is constructed with all of the support that Nike is known for in their athletic shoes, but is modernized with a trio of colors to keep the look fresh. These boys are readily available at

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