Lacoste L!VE + ASOS Team Up to Bring Baller Sneakers!

Attention gents, got some colorful and “lively” sneakers in the spotlight this week. Lacoste L!VE has teamed up with ASOS to launch an exclusive collection of multi-varied color camo trainers:

rene - lacoste

The “Rene” pair from this chic collection of sneakers consists of half leather in the upper portions with tonal laces, liberal swaths of muted colors, and the premium crocodile branding.


My favorite entry, the Wytham, rocks 100% leather up top, darker colors, and a chunky sole to boot. And since it’s only $195 at ASOS, these won’t leave you too broke for a couple of mixed drinks at your local W hotel.

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Review of The Drake by VIVOBAREFOOT

Going barefoot has always been a very popular option for a lot of people. On softer surfaces like sand, it was exactly the way that feet are supposed to function. The problem with that is the modern world that we live in is made of hard surfaces like concrete and pavement that we were not meant to walk on barefoot, even though being barefoot gives you a better feel for your terrain than a standard shoe with layers of padding.

drake shoes 1VIVOBAREFOOT was developed from the need to find a shoe that would offer you maximum feedback when it comes to your own body’s position in reference to your walking environment, but also is able to provide you with a protective sole to keep your feet safe in the modern world. It had been noted throughout the decades that a number of the injuries to feet and ankles was caused by the type of footwear that was selected.

drake - model shot

The Drake by VIVOBAREFOOT is the perfect example of an everyday sneaker, but with the barefoot attitude. It all starts with the white, puncture-resistant sole that has no padding or artificial arch support to mask your feet from feeling your walking or running terrain. It is a minimalistic design and a barefoot-lover’s dream. The upper is crafted of supple grey suede that has a low profile toe box and also is a mid-length shoe height, which is the ultimate in a casual and comfortable shoe. The toe box stitching is reminiscent of moccasin style shoes, but the upper ankle part of the shoe is fashioned more like a sneaker with the padded Achilles, pull-on red strap, and lace-up closure. For extra comfort, this leather shoe has perforations around the ankle and tongue area of the shoe.

drake shoes 2

In the flexibility department, the Drake can be rolled up almost into a ball, which shows off the thinness of the sole and quality of the suede used. At VIVOBAREFOOT, the Drake will cost you $150, but will be different from any of the shoes that are probably in your closet already – it really is that unique! As for style, it is right on trend for wearing with a nice t-shirt and your favorite jeans. VIVOBAREFOOT shoes are comfort and style all rolled into one!

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Close look at the recent Nike Air Huarache range

The Nike Air Huarache was first released in 1991 and enjoyed huge success due to its stylish and futuristic looks.  The sneaker was also made popular for its high comfort levels thanks to the use of a revolutionary neoprene sock lining. Nike ran with the now famous advertising slogan “Have you hugged your foot today?” the shoe was also in TV commercials featuring running star Michael Johnson. The last few years saw a massive comeback for the Huarache with the general public once again embracing the unique style. The now retro look is more popular than ever and Nike set work on re-releaseing some of the original colourways as well as many brand new designs. Here’s a closer look at a few of the recent stand out releases. If you love the retro style checkout this impressive range of Nike Huarache. Enjoy.

nike-sneakers-1 Nike Air Huarache – White / Sport Turquoise / University Gold

We had to include this new release as it’s actually not a new release at all. This recent re-release is one of the original colourways which was first released in 1991. The colours and style look just as great today as they did back then and it definitely has that retro feel. The white body is complimented perfectly with the original turquoise and gold inserts and is finished off nicely with the iconic heel cage.


Nike Air Huarache – Wolf Grey / Pool Blue

This addition is one of the brand new colourways which was released in June 2015. The cool grey tones and light blue inserts result in a futuristic look which manages to be both neutral and cool. We love the use of contrasting grey tones and close knit mesh toe vamp which helps further add contrast to the design. The white laces and dark grey heel cage really pop against the wolf grey body and Nike have even used a clear transparent outsole which looks fantastic.


Nike Air Huarache – Navy / Rattan

This navy and rattan addition was also released in June 2015 and adds a perfect toned down casual sneaker to the range. The design uses a really nice dark navy which is complimented with a neutral cream, featured around the heel and outsole. The pair comes with matching dark navy laces and heel cage which blend into the body well. To add contrast Nike has used a slightly lighter and brighter blue around the toe vamp. The result is a very well balanced classic new design which has been super popular.


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How Adidas Made Its Permanent Mark On High End Footwear

Innovations in high-end fashion have always consisted of new trends and new styles being brought out on the runway by designers. These styles and trends are then used by other designers in following seasons. While lots of innovations have emerged on to the runway the past two years (resurgency of the 70s, more androgyny, looser and more flowing silhouettes), little changes have come from designers alone in the world of high end footwear. Derbies, boots, high top sneakers, and trainers were all exhibited, but without much experimentation or new ideas. This was understandable, as the goal of a runway show is to present the direction a house or designer plans to head in for a season and generally the focus is on the garments being worn, with shoes as an afterthought. Who would have expected that one of the largest facilitators for innovation in high end footwear would be Adidas?

rick owens black and white profile-min
Rick Owens

Adidas, Nike’s biggest competitor in sportswear, has had collaborations with multiple designers starting roughly two years ago. Nike has had none, save for a single collab with Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, and as a result of this, Adidas’ popularity in the fashion world and internet fashion forums has risen significantly. Of all the designers the sportswear giant worked with, the Raf Simons and Rick Owens collaborations were unsurprisingly the most talked about, as both designers were and still are extremely popular within the fashion community.

In the latest Rick Owens x Adidas collection, the creative use of the Superstar silhouette, turning the traditional shelltoes into ankle and full-length boots, as well as the use of springblade technology in well crafted sneakers showed the integration of sportswear ideas into fashion-forward pieces of footwear. Angular sneakers were created that appeared to have come straight from a mainline Rick collection. The idea that pieces bearing Adidas branding (albeit small branding) could be worn cohesively in outfits with mainline Rick Owens pieces was completely unheard of. The Rick Owens x Adidas line was a true successful integration of sportswear and fashion, and it upholds that with each collection.

Rick Owens x Adidas Springblade high top sneakers -min
Rick Owens x Adidas Springblade high top sneakers in metallic silver

On the other hand, Raf Simons took an entirely different approach when crafting each Raf Simons x Adidas collection. A large divide was created between lovers and haters of the Raf x Adidas line for two reasons.

The first source of controversy was the intentionally over-designed silhouettes such as the Ozweego 2 and the Response Trail, which were the forefront of the collection. These were an extremely unconventional deviation from the normal idea that designer shoes had to be sleek and luxurious, and as a result many did and still do call the Ozweegos “Sketchers” or “dad shoes”. Still, many loved the borderline irony of the shoes and loved the bursts of excitement and color they brought to an outfit.

Raf Simons x Adidas Ozweegos sneakers-min
Raf Simons x Adidas Ozweegos in cream colors

The second source of controversy was the Raf Simons x Stan Smiths. Raf Simons put his own touch to the classic Adidas Stan Smith silhouette in a very subtle way. Instead of three perforated dotted lines along the sides of the shoes, he put a dotted R. Also, the Stans were presented in a number of Raf Simons x Adidas exclusive colorways. These colors included red, grey, baby, blue, and even pink for their first season. The only way to obtain these specific colors on the Stan Smith silhouette was to buy the Raf Simons x Stan Smiths. The controversy for these shoes came in on the price tag. For exclusive colors and a designer name, a higher price on than the normal $75 Stans was of course expected. However, many were shocked when the Raf Simons x Stan Smiths retailed for around $450. The material was the same, or had no difference anyone was able to make out. Still, like the Ozweegos, for each hater there was someone who loved the colors and exclusivity enough to pay the hefty price tag.

Raf Simons x Adidas Stan Smith in baby blue-min
Raf Simons x Adidas Stan Smith in baby blue

With these two unique and unconventional collaborations making their mark over the past couple of years, other designers have been quick to collaborate with Adidas and other sportswear brands have looked for designer collaborations of their own. Adidas worked with Japanese designer Juun J and smaller sportswear brand Puma has collaborated with label Alexander McQueen. With the success that has come from Adidas’ collaborations, hopefully more sportswear brands and designers are inspired to come together and innovate even further with the combination of two unlikely styles.

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Win 2 pairs of PUMA Trainers!!

JD Sports, known for carrying a massive amount of awesome Puma men’s trainers and other fine sneakers, is giving away two pairs of PUMA Trinomic XT1s for a lucky gent (or two?).


All you need to do to enter is:


Basically, it’s a treasure hunt. “We’ve placed an empty branded trainer display box somewhere in the streets of the chosen cities, the lucky person to find it will win two pairs of the Puma XT1 trainers as well as the branded display box. Clues will be given via the @JDsportsfashion twitter account to help narrow down the search.”

Sounds like fun on top of free! Read up on the full terms and conditions. And good luck!

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Nike Free Trainer Sneakers

Did your New Year’s resolution include more exercise?  Then, you need the right shoe in order to get the job done.  At the online retailer Millet Sports, they have the newest version of the Nike Free Trainer men’s running shoes, which are perfect for a man on the run (so to speak).

It is a shoe that provides a light weight, but supportive black mesh upper, that also has a water resistant finish to keep your foot protected from some of the elements that you will encounter on your run. This shoe is built to offer a decent amount of cushioning, while keeping the profile of the sole low and the heel-toe construction promotes the most effective stride. I say decent amount because I did experience some slight aching after running a serious distance, but the light use of padding definitely resulted in next to no sweating inside.  A fair trade-off!


Also, as an added plus, the reflective upper will offer some safety for running in times of low light. Just keep in mind: A shoe that is too heavy will tire your feet more easily as you travel though your day and a heavier-weight construction will have a tendency to overheat your feet over time.


Now, from a fashion point of view, the color options for Nike Free Trainer men’s sneakers allows for a variety of cool combinations.  With my pair, the black color of the mesh upper and the bi-color sole is done in a groovy black and white and green combo that will blend easily into your casual outfits, as compared to the stark white or all-over brightly colored athletic shoes.  You could easily get away with wearing these Nike running shoes with a pair of jeans, as you could with running shorts or sweats.

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