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Review of Tessuti Ultimate Men’s Essential Kit

Tessuti, owned by the JD Sports Fashion Group, was established in 1985 with the vision of becoming a premium branded retailer of men’s and women’s fashion in the UK and, eventually, the US. In particular, their premium brands of menswear designers run the gamut of well known names such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, and Vivienne Westwood. Tessuti succeeds in making some of the best in clothing, footwear, and accessories available all on one website, so you can shop for top brands without having to bounce back and forth to different websites or boutique shops, saving you time and money.


As a part of the “get to know us” incentive, Tessuti partnered with one of their premium brands, Hugo Boss, and sending out the ultimate essential kit for men. Similar to what you would expect from the very now subscription box assortment, it appears as a slide-top wooden box with the Tessuti name and founding date.


Inside stores a bunch of accessory treasures: a high quality pen, a Hugo Boss leather notebook, a Tessuti embossed leather hip flask, a Hugo Boss white silk pocket square, and shaving cream with a matching shaving brush from Menrock.

tessuti-box-creamThe kit also includes a “Boss” printed t-shirt from Hugo Boss. This kit provides any man with the perfect grooming items, designer accessories in the pocket square and fun flask, as well as items to show off like the leather notebook and designer t-shirt. Tessuti wants a man to have what he needs from morning to night and provide him with the designer brands to compliment his style!

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Healthy Hair Equals a Great Hair Day, Every Day!

Everyone is always looking for that “quick fix” for a great hair day, but actually there are many factors that contribute to beautiful hair. First of all, you have to start with “healthy” hair. One of the major keys to having healthy hair is proper nutrition. There are certain vitamins that are essential for hair growth like Vitamin C and the B Vitamin grouping, which includes Vitamin B7, B3, and Vitamin H, also commonly known as Biotin and Niacin. You can find Vitamin C in fruits and some vegetables, along with the B Vitamins in brown rice, meat, egg yolks, poultry, yogurt, and some soy products. Without these nutrients in your diet, either from food or through supplements, you hair does not have the ability to maintain its growth and shine. Of course, you can never forget the importance that drinking water plays in maintaining balance and function in your body, so get plenty of that too.


Next, you have to use products on your hair that are also good for keeping the hair shaft supple and hydrated. There are all kinds of treatment out there for your type of hair, whether it be dry, oily, thin, or coarse. Some of the shampoos and products have ingredients in them that dry the hair out, instead of plumping it with moisture and essential oils. One of my favorite products in this category is WEN. After you can get away from the fact that it is not a shampoo in the traditional sense, but instead a “cleansing conditioner” that is able to clean your hair without stripping it of its external nutrients, then you can enjoy the results of soft, healthy hair. Just make sure that you follow the directions for the best results.

Lastly, for different types of hair there is an individual need when it comes to drying your hair. At, they have reviewed the best in hair dryers and broken down the mystery of what type of dryer you need for your specific type of hair. By implementing the newest in technology with materials like tourmaline, titanium, ceramic, and ionic into hair dryers, you can find out what type of material in your styling tool will give you exactly the hair results that you are looking for. Why spend endless amounts of money buying styling tools that will not work on your hair, when you can check out this site to know exactly which hair dryer will give you the results that you need for your “great hair day”, every day.

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Men’s Jewelry Continues to Increase in Popularity

Last year, the sales of men’s accessories grew 9 percent, reaching $13.6 billion. This capped a two-year period that saw the category grow 13 percent, according to NPD Group, a marketing research company. Men’s online jewelry stores continue to grow in popularity as well. In layman’s terms: men are wearing more jewelry.  A ring, necklaces, even watches are all fashion-forward statements that men all over are adding to their wardrobe.


Men’s rings aren’t relegated to just wedding rings these days; it’s a very popular fashion statement that can really be the centerpiece for any outfit.  Dressed up or down, anything you wear can be accented by a simple tungsten ring.  For the guy that isn’t into “bling”, there are plenty of subtle styles of rings and you can even get black tungsten rings if you’re into that color scheme more than something that shines.  For an even more subdued look, a brushed finish can make sure you don’t feel too flashy.



The crucifix has always been a popular choice for the more religious crowd, but not every statement you make with a necklace has to be so pious.  Necklaces can come in a wide variety of thicknesses.  Admittedly, necklaces take a little more confidence to wear than other accessories, but they can really make the style if done properly.  Thin metal necklaces are timeless in their popularity, but there is a time and a place for a trendy rope or fabric choker or necklace.  Granted, when you’re dressed to the nines, no one will see your necklace underneath your button down, but in a more casual setting, a necklace can do wonders for classing up your favorite t-shirt.


With the popularity of cell phones, it may almost seem archaic to strap a watch around your wrist, but a stylish timepiece can be exactly what your outfit needs to accent your look.  What is nice about a good watch is that you can find different styles for your own sensibilities or any way of dress that you decide upon.  Metal bands are always sharp when paired with a dark suit or sport coat, while earth tones in your dress can be paired perfectly with a brown leather band.  Regardless of how you dress up, a watch is a great accent to apply.


As men’s fashion consciousness continues to permeate the landscape, popularity in accessories will continue on its upward trend.  For the man looking to make a statement with the way he’s dressed, he could do much worse than pairing his clothing with a well-placed watch, ring, or necklace.

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Review of Structure Men’s Zip-Front Jacket

Now that the crispness of Fall is in the air along the East Coast, it is time to break out the outerwear.  However, since temperatures still vary with some warmer spikes, you need a style of jacket that will keep out the chill and still be lightweight.  At there is the perfect jacket: the Structure Men’s Zip-Front Jacket.


Constructed in the timeless baseball style jacket, the 100% cotton French terry fabric jacket feels more like a sweatshirt than a jacket.  The Men’s Zip-Front Jacket is a knit piece of outerwear in a heathered charcoal material that has detailed seaming above the button chest pockets, around the pockets themselves, and vertical seaming from the chest to the waistband that gives it more interest than just leaving it plain.  The black rib-knit waistband and sleeve cuffs, along with the mock neck style with full zip are the parts of the Structure jacket that are a nod to the vintage styling of the baseball jacket.


The big difference with this jacket is that it can be worn casually over a tank top or t-shirt with a pair of jeans, or it can be dressed up a little more and worn with a button-down shirt and a less casual pair of trousers.  I can even see the Structure Zip-Front Jacket worn with a nice silk tie and dress shirt, which would take the place of a cardigan for a whole new, fresh look.  With the cut of the jacket being close to the body, there is no bulk, so it could possibly also be layered under an overcoat and worn more like a sweater. Also, the fairly long and wide breast pockets can perfectly hold a number of small items like gloves or a pen.


For JUST $40 at , the Structure Men’s Zip-Front Jacket has style, versatility, and comes in a deep heathered charcoal color, which is still one of the hottest colors in fashion this Fall. The more pieces in your closet that can do double duty, the easier it will be to find that perfect look and you will be spending less money to do so.

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The Rise Of The Man-Gagement Ring

Society evolved and what was seen as common practice a few years ago is no longer accurate. Nowadays, modern women do expect the same rights as men and education evolved to the point where engagement rings are no longer just for women.

Women have many reasons to consider proposing. In some situations this happens as the woman just wants to know where the relationship is at. Also, we do have the situation in which the woman is faced with a better financial stability where she thinks that it is financial worries stopping the man from buying an engagement ring. No matter what situation we are faced with, younger crowds do gravitate towards gender role sharing without any associated embarrassment. This led towards a constant growth in popularity for handmade engagement rings for men.

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The Fiancee Is Taken

Women do now want other women to know the fact that the fiancée is taken so it is normal to see that increase in man-gagement rings. Jewellery stores are quickly picking up the trend and feminists do consider it offensive that they have to wear an engagement ring, showcasing that they are taken, while men do not have such a limit that is imposed. Couples do buy matching rings, without taking into account who proposed.

Men Do Wear Jewellery

A few years ago, up until the late nineties, most men did not wear jewellery. This trend did change. There are many men that wear designer clothes and jewellery. Because of this shift, many men are feeling a little slighted that girlfriends receive beautiful engagement rings and they do not. Women thus now buy matching engagement rings for their soon to be spouses. We also see a constant increase in the number of men that buy their very own engagement rings, usually as a set that comes with the woman’s.


Gay Marriage Rights

In the USA we have gay marriage being legal in all states. That automatically led towards a growth in the number of male engagement rings as they basically take on a brand new meaning together with the legal aspect of gay marriage. Various jewellery stores in states that were progressive about this matter are now promoting diversity and actually have many interesting diamond rings that are designed for men that want to engage to other men.

Creating New Traditions

Engagement rings for men are driven in part by the fact that the younger generation is now looking to create brand new traditions and distance itself from the older traditions. The current generation has a reputation of bucking tradition and going on a new path with millennials embracing equality and the evolution of marriage.

On the whole, we can say that marriage is nowadays seen differently and engagement rings for men are no longer taboo. They are accepted and they are becoming a part of culture in many parts of the world. There is no shame in wearing one and there are some that are incredibly beautiful in jewellery stores that embraced change.

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Infographic: Recent Trends of In-Flight Fashion


Check out this nifty infographic care of It details the uniforms worn by flight attendants and pilots at several of the well-known airlines, AirFrance to Virgin Atlantic.  (more…)

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