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Win a chic blue tie, a taupe pocket square, and a slick tie bar!

Welcome to this week’s CEFashion contest! This time, courtesy of, we’re giving away a blue skinny tie, a taupe pocket square, and a tie bar! Here’s what you get:

Give away square 300x300 mens fashion contests

Entering is mad easy – just follow them on Twitter via the Rafflecopter widget below! Better yet, use the widget to visit their Facebook page too and get an extra entry.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This men’s ties holiday contest ends November at 14th at 12:00am EST. Good luck everyone, and thanks to!

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Eddie Edwards and S!r Mens Wear

Fashion designers are inspired by many things. Some are inspired by where they live, people they admire, or sometimes just an innate need to create. Eddie Edwards, the dress shirt designer for S!r Mens Wear is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met.

eddie edwards review mens fashion

From our short meeting, I learned so much from a man who looked deep into his soul and left a promising career in the medical field to follow his childhood dream of designing men’s fashion. Eddie is obviously a passionate man, whose passion lives through his creation of men’s shirts and accessories. He prides himself in his craftsmanship, fabric selections, and overall quality of his garments. Eddie Edwards has a little saying that cropped up in our conversation and probably every other substantive exchange he had that day: “Every man should stand out in style.”

sir menswear originals black on black pinstripes and embroidery 249x300 review mens fashion

One product of his passion in menswear found at that stands out is the Black on Black Stripes Detailing with Black Embroidery dress shirt. Floral patterns have made their way from other areas of fashion to menswear lately. The trick for adding the floral trend into menswear is to incorporate it in a way that doesn’t make the item look too feminine. This black embroidered shirt from Eddie Edwards is made of 100% cotton, has an underlying micro-pattern of a tonal pinstripe, as well as a tapered fit and straight cuffs. The inclusion of the floral trend comes in the tonal embroidery that is up and down the shoulders and chest of the dress shirt.

purple grey tie and pocket square  240x300 review mens fashion

As mentioned, Eddie doesn’t restrict himself to designing just clothing, but also the accessories to enrich his pieces. S!r also has the perfect ties and pocket squares to compliment a new dress shirt and complete the look. This “Multicolor Art-Deco” set in grey, orchid, and ivory will help you to dress up any neutral colored suit jacket. Made from 100% silk, this tie and pocket square gives the consumer a luxury fabric and combines polka dots and stripes in a way that is fresh in color and style.

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Acre Maroon Button-down Shirt by Gravalot

The Gravalot brand was founded in the heart of London, giving its creators a way to express their beliefs in the human experience through fashion. The company prides itself in being artisans who create a legacy of “strength, quality, and beauty” within their men’s line of dress shirts.

Acre Maroon 300x300 review mens fashion

One item in particular, the Acre Maroon button-down dress shirt, is a part of the Late Harvest Collection from Gravalot, a line that is said to “explore” the causes of a particularly riotous moment in recent British History. This shirt has a deep chocolate, plum tinged hue that embodies the word rich more than ‘rebellion’ – but I can see how it certainly isn’t a run-of-the-mill piece that takes some courage to wear. It is constructed of woven, breathable cotton and has the look of very clean lines with its tonal stitching. ‘Strength’ also comes to mind.

The dress shirt walks the fence between a formal button-down with the details of an angled collar and hidden button placket, but also has the qualities of a casual dress shirt that can be worn with a pair of jeans and a sweater. The buttons in particular, despite being usually behind the placket, are of a genuine quality that is always appreciated.

Gravalot Clothing 19031423 1 300x300 300x300 review mens fashion

And at 65 pounds sterling, it is a fantastic price for a “made to order” dress shirt and of a style that you will not find tons of in department stores and boutiques. Also, if the saturated maroon color is not for you, at they have a pure white and a micro-print Acre Square in black and white too.

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Celebrity Halloween 2014

Even though the kids may be excited about the hoards of candy that they will be collecting for Halloween, this day is not for kids alone. With all the adult parties happening around town last week, some famous people transformed themselves into some creative – and sometimes fashionable – alter-egos.

kate beckinsale and len wiseman frank and bride 213x300 mens fashion

For example, here is Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman, who have arrived at a Halloween bash as Frankenstein and his Bride. Her lacey white dress with sheer panels, netting, and black corset keep Frank’s wife sexy, instead of scary. Len has his own fashionable rendition of Frankenstein with his black leather pants and a pair of dark shades.

cindy crawford easy living 28oct13 rex b 426x639 200x300 mens fashion

Next, is Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber, who are well disguised as the Rock duo Slash and Axl Rose from Guns n Roses. Cindy is channeling “Slash” with his iconic tall black top hat and head of long curly locks. She also didn’t forget about his inked sleeves. Rande is rocking “Axl Rose” with the red bandana, and jeans/sneakers combo.

Celebrity Halloween Costume Inspiration alice in wonderland 1024x10241 300x300 mens fashion

For cutest family costume, is Neil Patrick Harris with David Burtka and their two kids. Neil and David have transformed into “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum” to coordinate with their little “Alice” and “White Rabbit”. It looks like they just jumped right out of the classic “Alice in Wonderland” and made it come to life.

Best celebrity halloween costumes 2013 adam lambert halloween 2013 look 300x218 mens fashion

Lastly, is Adam Lambert in one of the most elaborate costumes that I have ever seen. As the “Blue Gin”, Adam looks mystical with his colorfully jeweled turban and full length coat. His dark features and facial structure are a perfect back-drop for his costume selection. However, I hope that the blue skin will be easily removable!

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10 Popular Men’s Halloween Costumes

Choosing a Halloween costume can be difficult – particularly if you’re shopping for men’s Halloween costumes. Some epitomise Halloween costumes. For example, people have been dressing as superheroes for decades. But now and again pop-culture introduces fresh new inspiration for costumes. Here are some of the most popular costumes for men:

Superman and Clark Kent

Lets face it, who doesn’t wish on those days we aren’t feeling buff enough or hot enough that we could be transformed into a superbabe superhero? This combination costume offers the best of both worlds, your everyday persona and the babe-magnet that is Superman. Over a Superman costume (minus the cape) wear a regular old white button up and his trademark glasses and as the night goes on you can reveal the superhero within!

Scarfaceinthefall 237x300 mens fashion

Tony Montana

The original gangster, Scarface’s Tony Montana is also an original badass. Men all over the world love to dress up, smoke cigars – Cuban, of course! – put on a phony accent and show everyone who’s boss when it comes to Halloween. Say hello to my little friend!

Jack Sparrow

Ahoy! In typical Jack Sparrow fashion, you’ll be able to charm your way in and out of anything dressed in this men’s Halloween costume – the girl, buried treasure, the Black Pearl. The complete Jack’s look, you’ll need a pirate jacket, shirt, vest, and pirate’s hat. All the ladies will want to sail off with you in this costume!


Be sure to scare the living daylights out of your family and neighbours in this favourite mens halloween costume – an officially licensed light-up Scream Ghostface costume. Popularised in the orginal movie in 1996, the Ghostface mask has become a horror icon, used often in pop-culture, this costume will have people screaming for more!

darth vader 300x225 mens fashion

Darth Vader

He practically personifies evil; Darth Vader has been a popular mens Halloween costume since the first Star Wars film was released  in 1977. This is no old and tired men’s halloween costume idea though, as when you dress as Darth Vader the force will be with you.


For centuries men have loved getting drunk and fighting: in gladiatorial times not only was this popular, but encouraged and revered. Women can see why – those gladiators sure knew a thing or two, and watching was the best bit of all! Don your armour for a highly ornate mens Halloween costume, survive the battle for best dressed, and make all the girls swoon.

Khal Drogo

The popularity of the recent Game of Thrones televised series is undeniable. A popular character during his season on the show was Khal Drogo. For this look all you need is some body paint, and his trademark long black braid.

Mr. Incredible

Bring out your inner hero this year in this mens Halloween costume: Mr Incredible! The only battle you’ll be struggling through is whether or not trick or treating or a halloween party is you best bet for candy.

Assassins Creed

Who wouldn’t want to dress as a character from one of the most popular video games every year since its release in 2007? Seek revenge and hunt down your enemies in a shirt, vest, pants, cummerbund and cape. Hang onto your assassin’s blade in case of attack.

20130722145141Slenderman 230x300 mens fashion


The creepy, terrible internet creation of Slenderman will be one of the weirder costumes on the most popular mens halloween costumes list. You’ll create an urban legend all of your own when you dress up as Slenderman this Halloween.

For all of your mens Halloween costumes make sure you head online to Spirit Halloween first, You can also find more ideas in this Mental Floss article on awesome halloween costumes.

Happy Halloween!

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Infographic: Unusual Uses of Shoes That You Might Not Have Thought Of

Who knew shoes could be so versatile? Well, we did – here’s a quick and fun infographic to get you up to speed. Click for a large version.

A97DlTW1 womens fashion mens fashion

Infographic care of

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What to wear on a night out in a Las Vegas Casino

The casino has really become a popular choice among people looking to vary their nights out beyond the standard visits to a pub or a nightclub, but most casinos do operate a dress code of some kind – so you need to think about what to wear. Partly your dress choices will depend on this dress code, but you should also consider the kind of casino night you have planned, and how fancy and/or exclusive the casino itself is. If you’re more used to playing at online casinos like, then hopefully we can help give you a few pointers so you won’t stick out like a sore thumb for your first land-based experience.

87882706 300x200 mens fashion

If you are just spending the evening with friends, or a partner, at your local casino then smart casual dress may be the best option. If you wear trousers (not jeans) and a shirt then this should fit comfortably within the dress code of most local casinos, and will not leave you feeling uncomfortably over-dressed when you are playing the slots or hitting the blackjack or poker tables. On the other hand if you are visiting such a casino for a party (say a stag night), then you will want to dress up a bit more. You may want to opt for a designer label suit, rather than something wackier though, unless you are sure in advance that the casino will accept this.

One thing that lets many men down is their hands. Naturally men aren’t expected to have delicate hands like women. Men’s hands are made for different things, but that doesn’t mean that you can get away without clean and perfectly manicured nails. When you play games at a casino, your hands are constantly in view, so make the best of them. A manicure doesn’t cost that much and it is getting much more common for men to have them, they are not just for metrosexuals. The same goes for the hair, a decent expensive haircut will get you a long way but do avoid some of the more hideous modern fashions and that head shaven look, it is just too corny and cheap. Though the fingernails issue may seem a little silly, think again. Life can all be seen as a game of appearances, and it has been well-documented that snap judgements can be made based on people’s fingernails. It’s the small things that matter.

Some casino party nights do feature a fancy dress theme of course, agreed in advance with the casino, and here what you decide to wear should be guided by the theme. James Bond is a common theme for a night like this, and that represents your chance to dress up to the nines in a tuxedo, accessorised with cigarette holder and martini. Another popular theme is retro gangster and for this pinstripe suit, fedora hat and cigar will fit the bill, maybe topped off with a money belt full of (presumably fake) cash, as this will perfectly complete the image of unsubtle high roller flashiness.

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