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Celebrities Going Gray!

Not only has the color gray been prominent in clothing and accessories for both men and women this year, but it has also crossed over into hair color. In the guys’ world, gray hair has been sort of a right of passage and deemed its male wearers as distinguished, rather than old. It has not been so for the females in society, who have been out-numbered by those still holding on to their original hair color, long after it has passed. Recently, however, gray is the new hair color of choice among the younger set.

Pink going grey Celebrities like George Clooney have sported gray locks and facial hair for years, without a flinch from the public and women have not waivered in their attraction to him since he played a young Medical Resident on the TV show ER. Then, women like Jamie Lee Curtis “gave up the bottle” and showed that she was comfortable with her image in a gray pixie cut. Today, there has been a surge of celebrities of all ages that have gone gray.

Foil Kimono Dress

One example is the Pop Rock Singer Pink, who has traded her bleach blonde spiky hair in for a shimmery soft, short hairdo in a beautiful steel gray. It actually goes great with her skin tone and dark eyes. The nose ring and multiple piercings add to the hip-ness, and here her hairs could match this glamorous Foil Kimono Dress care of swimsuitsforall.

Seen Around Lincoln Center - Day 6 - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Next singing celebrity to go over to the gray side is Adam Lambert. He has always been known for his unique looks and his new two-tone, spiked haircut is the perfect compliment to his charcoal and steel gray sports jacket, deep black button-down shirt, and his rounded sunglasses. He is the ultimate in Rocker Chic.

patrickdempsey-gone gray

Lastly, actor Patrick Dempsey, who has been saving lives for years on the long-running TV show “Grey’s Anatomy”, has slid into the distinguished category with his salt and pepper hair, proving that you can still be “Mc-Dreamy” as you age.

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Easter Time Celebrity Fashion

With Easter around the corner, I thought it was fitting to take a look at some of the celebrity fashion choices for the holiday. Since Easter is dominated by the bright colors of Spring, some of the clothing choices reflect the bright, cheerfulness of the holiday.


First on the Easter fashion list is Nick Cannon, who is the fashion forward host of America’s Got Talent. He is seen here in a 3 piece suit with the candy-like colors of a salmon pink jacket, tonal printed tie, robin’s egg blue trousers, and light blue vest. What color shoes do you wear with these pastel items?  A pair of light grey oxfords, of course!


Next, the First family is out for a stroll on Easter Day and looking good. President Obama is looking sharp in his light grey, window pane plaid suit with his baby blue dress shirt and medium blue tie. The President’s younger daughter Sasha is looking cute in her black dress with bright coral, scalloped accent piece. The matching check cardigan just pulls it all together. Mrs. Obama looks very elegant in her Prabal Gurung dress that is done in a satiny ivory fabric with soft, pleated layers, a duster-length overcoat with elbow sleeves and a grey floral design on the right midsection. Daughter Malia is rocking a tie dye-looking striped dress in black and white fabric and a purple cardigan for a nice pop of color.

Steve Harvey with Marjorie

Last, but not least, is daytime talk show host Steve Harvey and his wife Majorie. Steve wins the contest for best Easter colored clothing with his lilac purple, silk-looking sports jacket, black and lilac plaid tie, and ivory trousers. His wife Marjorie also hopped on the purple train with her frilly black and purple striped dress. Both of them are sporting the perfect jelly bean colors.

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Three Awesome of Wedding Engagement Tips

Believe it or not, the wedding season approacheth! And from popping the question to picking out the ring to donning your groomly attired, the soon-to-be-betrothed proposer needs more than just a checklist for help. Thankfully, the wedding expert and founder of recently released a quick triplet of tips to help get through one of the hardest parts to planning of a matrimonial proposal: picking the engagement ring. Jess Levin’s three simple rules are:

ring-tips-min (1)

Cost is based on the 4 C’S: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat

It goes without saying that one of the most important costs to pay mind when on the path to marriage is that of the rings (yes, plural). And just because the engagement ring isn’t The Ring, doesn’t mean the accessory first foray isn’t an investment. For instance, the cost of the engagement ring can vary vastly on four components: cut, color, clarity and carat. Consider how rare cuts, like circular, can drive up the price. and color matters since colorless diamonds are the most coveted and expensive. The clarity, and therefore price, of a diamond is measured on a spectrum from flawless to imperfect. Finally, Carat comes down to weight, in this case, the heavier the better.

Insure the ring

Now, seeing how someone can easily spend up to three months of hard earned coin on a piece of jewelry, it is extremely important to insure the ring. Imagine dropping it down sewer accidentally before you even present it – yikes!! You will need to get an appraisal from your jeweler, which you can often get before you pick up the ring! without coverage. Subtip: If you own a home, consider adding the ring to your current policy.

Decide if you want to have an over the top reveal or a simple heartfelt proposal

There are two types of proposals: the fireworks-champagne-rented-limo type and the simple/ straightforward option. And in all honesty, one doesn’t necessarily trump other – just ask yourself what would make the experience authentic and menaingful for your companion. Keep in mind that if you go the extravagant route, you might need to enlist some friends for help or even hire a proposal consultant (a very recent occupation development).


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Short Sleeve Polo Shirts: A Spring-Summer Essential

When you are thinking about what you need in your wardrobe for Spring and Summer, the Polo shirt should be near the top of your list. After this winter, everyone is dying to shed the coats and sweaters for something lighter in fabric weight and in colors that are uplifting to the spirit. The Polo shirt is a great transition piece if worn under spring jackets or cardigan sweaters, until it is warm enough to be worn on its own.

Polo shirts are essentials in your closets because there are situation of dressing where a plain, crew neck t-shirt is just too casual. The Polo shirt gives you the option to still enjoy the comfort of a casual shirt, but is dressed up with the point collar and the button placket. You can put a Polo with a pair of pleated shorts and flip-flops, or pair it with crisp linen trousers and a great pair of leather oxfords for two different looks.

us polo shirt

Some fantastic Polo shirts can be found at Sears. For those of us who are old enough to remember “Sears and Roebuck”, they have a Roebuck and Co. Young Men’s Polo Shirt that is constructed of the iconic “pique” cotton knit, has a fold-over collar with a two-button neck closure, and a fitted cut with a split hem for comfort. It comes in several different colors and the best part is that it is on sale right now for $14.99, instead of $30.00 through 3/28!

Another brand of Polo shirt that can be found at Sears is the Covington Men’s Polo Shirt that comes in a classic, relaxed fit and a myriad of energizing colors to brighten up your Spring and Summer. This one is in a cotton blend, but still has the pique finish, the classic collar and button neck. It is also on sale for an astounding $12.99, so it is a great time to stock up!

polos assorted sears

Lastly, is another popular brand of Polo is the U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s Interlock Polo Shirt. This particular one is cut a little slimmer in the body and has more of a shorter cap-like sleeve, but still has the traditional styling of the Polo. It would be a great pop of color alone, or under a neutral jacket. Get your for $14.99 through March 28th also!

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Win a Vierra watch!

It’s time again for another contest, ladies and gents! This time we’re giving away a watch of your choice from Vierra Watches. Here are some examples from their awesome unisex collection:

blue-steel-main-300x230 black-yellow-2-300x230

Entering this time is wicked easy: Use the Rafflecopter widget below to follow @Vierra on Twitter and that’s that! Open to US and Canada, one entry per person. Best of luck, everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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And the winner is…..


@liebersohn! Who gets to pick out his very own blazer from KnotStandard. Congrats on winning the contest, Jack! And good luck next time, folks!

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5 Luxury Items We Can’t Help But Covet

What’s something we fashion-obsessed yet not loaded types are all guilty of? Envy, of course.  “Why does so-and-so get to rock those Louis sneakers and flawless plastic surgery while I’m stuck here with my PF Flyers, doomed to remove pimples naturally?!” Our only solace is the occasion sale or giveaway. And while we’re sure our cult fashion favorites won’t lose their hefty price tags completely, these are the uber-luxury items that we’ll be on the look out for in retailers’ Sale aisle or section:

Burberry Sandringham Slim Fit Trench Coat

The Burberry Sandringham Slim Fit Trench Coat: regularly $1,795

Why we love it:  This iconic coat has a rich military history which is reflected in the epaulettes on the shoulder, the gun flap fastens at the chest and a storm shield cover on the upper back. Made of tightly woven yet lightweight breathable cloth, the coat is protective against wind and rain. And, believe it or not, this coat was originally designed by Thomas Burberry back in 1879! The Sandringham takes this classic coat and updates it slightly with a slimmer fit that nips in at the waist. The details and tradition of the coat, paired with the famous Burberry check, have landed this item on our must have list.

A blended Burberry scarf: regularly $395

Why we love it:  This lightweight scarf looks great paired with a classic trench. Try the Check Wool Silk Scarf in Trench Check or the Check Wool Silk Gauze Scarf in Stone Check. No matter which material feels better to you (or which you can find a better deal for) you can’t lose!

Céline Leather Mini Luggage Tote

Céline Leather Mini Luggage Tote: regularly $2,900 and up

Why we love it:  It’s hard to go wrong with such a beautiful roomy structured tote bag. It looks great in almost every style and color from black pebbled leather to a pop of burgundy. Be wary though, Céline still doesn’t sell bags online and only certain stores sell them. (Call Barney’s or Nordstrom to see if the store near you carrie.s Céline or if you’re lucky enough to live in a big city, check there website. They have a few boutiques in Manhattan and other major cities as well as the Céline salon at Bergdorf Goodman in NY.)


Louboutin Stilettos: regularly $795- $845

Why we love them:  They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts but when it comes to shoes it’s the bottom!  There’s nothing more fashionable and recognizable then those red soles. For a great nude peep toe try Flo, which features a petite platform and comes in a range of “nudes” from light Lea to the darker Ada. Or opt for a classic pump such as the New Simple Pump which is sure to be your next go-to shoe.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag: regularly $4,900

Why we love it:  Chanel is the epitome of fashion. It’s classic, timeless and only gets better with age. Some people literally purchase Chanel purses as investment pieces. With its quilted design, double C closure, and chain link handle, this Chanel bag goes with everything.

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